Mambwe receives 860 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine


The District Health Office in Mambwe District has received 860 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

ZANIS reports that Mambwe District Health Director George Mshanga confirmed receiving 860 vaccine of the AstraZeneca, which will be administered to people who already received the first dose.

Dr Mshanga disclosed that health workers in the district will commence administering the vaccines on July 1, 2021 when those who received the first injection for AstraZeneca will be due for their second shot.

The District Health Director said other people who did not receive the vaccine in the first instance will get vaccinated in due course after those who got the first AstraZeneca shot finish getting the second dose.

And Dr. Mshanga expressed concern on the increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases in the district.

“As at 22nd June, 2021, we had 75 tests and 40 came out positive. The cumulative number of positive cases now stands at 1032 with 30 health workers among that number,” he said.

Dr Mshanga also explained that with the rising number of positive cases, there is a high demand on health facilities and oxygen masks which unfortunately are not sufficient.

Dr Mshanga appealed for assistance from provincial and national level to have an oxygen delivery system that will help in filling up the oxygen tanks.


  1. Astrazeneca has been rejected in south Africa because it does not work against the SA variant. Why are we using it? For experiments?

  2. Astrazeneca has been rejected in South Africa because it does not work against the SA variant. That variant is in the neighborhood. So Why are we using it? For experiment?

  3. Any protection is better than none as it reduces the severity and impact of a COVID 19 attack. If you dont want to be vacinated no one is forcing anyone as kicking the bucket is the other option under the circumstances , after all its one right.

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