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Youths Welcome decision to give them 30% of shares in Black Mountain

Economy Youths Welcome decision to give them 30% of shares in Black Mountain

Youths on the Copperbelt have welcomed the decision by the PF government to give them 30 percent shares in the Black Mountain.

Some youths talked to, say government’s decision to give them the shares is long overdue and will go a long way in helping them contribute effectively to the country’s socio-economic development.

One of the youth identified as Stephen Nyirondo told this reporter that government has through this decision demonstrated its commitment to uplifting the standards of living among the young people.

Another youth, Rhoda Nankamba, said she looked forward to this day, and can only thank God that the PF government has heard the cry of the youth on the Copperbelt.

Festo Mwiinga, a wusakile youth hoped the move by government is the beginning of better things to come and thanked President Edgar Lungu for caring about young Zambians.

According to Ministry of Mines Permanent Secretary, Barnaby Mulenga, Government is considering giving out its 30 per cent shares in the black mountain to the youth in Kitwe following the High Court Judgement that allowed it to pull out of its partnership with Nkana Alloy and Smelting Company Limited, Ministry of Mines.

Following the court judgement last week, Government remained with 30 percent share in the black mountain after it gave out its 10 percent to youths three years ago.

Mulenga said the ministry would next week issue a statement on how it would manage the 30 percent shares


  1. You are welcome ba youth. Just make sure you operate maturely and use profits sensibly and responsibly to better your lives. Look at me, I started from nothing but built a business empire through hard work. At one point I was sleeping for only 3 hours a day

  2. Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding.

  3. More money for them to drink away….only a reckless shortsighted govt would think this is job creation when these chaps do not pay taxes, pensions or even have bank accounts or registered businesses with PACRA.

  4. Kikikikiki kwena ekupena . I wonder if anyone can take pf promises seriously.
    I need to listen to that song done by ,IMPI

  5. Tarino we know you and your tribal upnd party pray for accidents to happen. It is your freemasonlc way of life

  6. I Love Zambia- PF every 5 years the revisit Cashew Nuts Projects in WP and Black Mountain in Kitwe…really laughable

  7. Shares or jobs? Nadabwa ka!? So assuming these are shares, who exactly are the beneficiaries of the dividend? Kwaila ma Guys, siyani vaupuwa

  8. Even Zambian youths are aware of the fact that if they want to improve their lifestyle, earn well in a respected manner then voting for #ECL is the only option.

  9. Tall talks and fake promises never make an empty stomach full, but hard work and dedication toward work will definitely give you benefits. HH can never win against President Lungu when it comes to working to uplift the people of this nation.

  10. President Edgar Lungu’s administration is committed to uplift each and every Zambian! In the period of the pandemic several fund distribution programs have initiated by the government and thousands of people especially youths and women have been benefited through it!

  11. This is our President who is the father of this nation, taking care of Zambians! And, HH who never work for others, never won any elections, and hold a criminal record is challenging the Presidential seat in the August elections and even dreaming about winning it.

  12. The PF government’s decisions are always benefiting its people! None of its projects or development schemes has failed so far.

  13. President Lungu emphasizing youths to be work-oriented so that it will help the socio-economic development of this nation. He never wanted our youths to get involved in any political dirty game plans as it may damage their career.

  14. The Covid-19 pandemic is continuously affecting the mining sector was affected a lot in this pandemic. Glad that our government is looking out for other alternatives to help the people.

  15. The move by government is welcome if its not a fake promise.and we youth would want to manage our 30% not to be managed by a 60 years old person.

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