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Kanganja warns against political violence


Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja has expressed his displeasure over the continued violent conduct by political cadres.

Describing the violence by the political Carders as a manifestation of total disregard for human dignity, Mr. Kanganja has called on police officers to ensure that all culprits are brought to book.

He cited the recent wounding of Lusaka’s Chalala resident named Richard Sinkala, aged 38 years old, as a source of concern.

The attack on Mr Sinkala happened along ring road in Lusaka on 28th June, 2021 when he was wounded using a machete by suspected political cadres for wearing a T- Shirt of an opposing political party and sustained a deep cut at the back of the head and two deep cuts on both legs.

Mr. Kanganja has called on all Police Officers to follow up and conclude all matters of political violence without undue delay and has reminded them of their constitutional mandate to protect every person living within the boundaries of Zambia.

He has further called on Police Officers to use the provisions of the law in determining action to be taken against offenders and not looking at their faces or political affiliation.

Mr. Kanganja has appealed to the general public with information about criminals behind political violence experienced in some parts of the country to report to the police in confidence so that perpetrators of crime are brought to answer to charges.

He has warned political party leaders at various levels to desist from shielding criminals committing offences under the guise of politicking and has directed officers to conduct thorough investigations and arrest all those that have a tendency of shielding thugs.

Mr. Kanganja reiterated the need for political party leaders to guide their cadres on how they should conduct campaigns as opposed to the politics of intimidation, harassment and thuggery which he said is slowly becoming a common feature during campaigns period.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS by Police Spokesperson Esther Katakwe in Lusaka today.


  1. Indeed Desperado. This is a government of warning and warning. They only act when the alleged offender is a UPND member.

  2. You have become a joke! How can cadres intimidate police?! Cadres have made sure citizens can not move freely or assemble and you are still warning them. Pathetic!

    “The attack on Mr Sinkala happened along ring road in Lusaka on 28th June, 2021 when he was wounded using a machete by “PF” cadres for wearing a T- Shirt of “UPND” and sustained a deep cut at the back of the head and two deep cuts on both legs.”
    Not those misrepresentations by the IG or Lusaka times.

  4. This buffoon also, everyone know who is engineering and farting violence everywhere but it pretends it’s the only proverbial Stranger in Jerusalem! After August 6, we must amputate it’s castrated manhood, it has no use for it!

  5. Lord have mercy! There is surely a limit to which talking can make sense. Each time it’s the ruling party involved, it’s warning but when it’s the other way, all mighty comes upon them!
    To those that are doubting insincerely so, about the human report issues, nearly all cases that the opposition have been arrested for involving illegal assembly have ended up in acquittal. We are yet to hear arrests of illegal assembly when it comes to cadres of a named political party

  6. It’s the police inciting violence. Police officers shot and killed innocent citizens. Those officers are STILL walking free. And you call that upholding the law? Go arrest Edgar China Lungu for his disregard of the law!

  7. The victim is a well known UPND Alliance Supporter and was wearing a UPND T Shirt. The Hackers are known PF Cadres. There is no word from ECZ and ECL the PF President and Head of State. Violence should be condemned at the highest level. All the Political Violence we are seeing is being perpetrated by PF Cadres. PF has a Military/Security Wing manned by PF Cadres, Militias, Commanders and Generals. The PF Security Wing is there to harm supporters of Opposition Parties. U have the PF Security Wing committing these crimes against humanity on one hand and CK another PF Cadre Preaching Hate Speeches against the Tongas. There is no word by the Head of State to condemn Violence and Hate Speeches. The fish rots from the Head downwards. At this rate Zambia will soon become another Rwanda…

  8. The disappointment I feel at this man’s incompetence!
    And he has the audacity to continue issuing warnings?
    Sir, go out guns blazing, take action! Lets see you beging by taking Ck for questioning his tribal speech, take Kennedy Kamba for threatening Sangwa.
    Arrest a bunch of cadres for carrying weapons, do something please!

  9. These PF Cadres, Militias, Commanders and Generals will run riot should ECL retain Power after August 12. The only way to disband the PF Military Wing is to remove its Commander in Chief thru the Ballot Box on August 12. Another 5 years of ECL and PF Rule will mean total anarchy in Zambia and all our Rights and Freedoms will be taken away by these PF marauding Cadres, Commanders and Generals. Zambia will become a Police-PF Cadre State where Rule of Law and Constitutionalism will be suspended. On August 12 Zambians must vote out this Violent, Corrupt, Incompetent and Visionless ECL. We need to elect a Sober, Principled, intelligent and Prayerful HH under a UPND Alliance Govt. That way we will restore Peace and Stability in our Country.

    THEY HAVE TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. To IG Kanganja just call a spade a spade. You know the perpetrators you don’t need to beat about the bush so to speak. Go and make arrests. Be patriotic as you claim to be but be firm and fair.

  12. Benson moono try me you ugly tribal prlck. I will beat you so hard that all those dem0ns will leave your ugly body.

  13. Ba Soda now you are having tough time in your career dealing with political affairs where the leaders say good things on the platform but do the opposite on the ground.

  14. For future reference, the inspector general of police need not be a police officer. That way you can restore dignity to the police.

  15. After so much money was allocated to public safety in the 2021 budget and a national centre for public safety equipped with state of art gadgets to monitor the streets with cameras BIG BROTHER style, how can police still be appealing to the public for information, are telling us those cameras are still not working?

  16. Enough of warning!!! We demand the arrest of those goons that are found violating the peace of Zambia!

  17. Only UPND cadres are involved in this! They are seen roaming around, beating people, they are not even wearing masks.

  18. UPND leader HH is the mastermind behind all the violence that is happing in Zambia. Half of the party youths are in jail suffering because of him! #ArrestHH

  19. No doubt our Zambia police are doing a great job in controlling the violence… But, it is high time they need to be more strict in taking action against UPND goons!

  20. Warning is just not enough!!!!! HH and his team never learn from their mistakes. They keep repeating it again and again. Several times they all landed in jail for violent acts but still, they are keep repeating it again and again

  21. The ECZ has declared that the ban on all political campaign activities is still there! But still, UPND has resumed its campaign activities! Arrest them all!

  22. We want to see our men and women in uniform in action! Nothing is above the lives and peace of the country! Show them the power of law!!

  23. Why HH’s mouth is shut? Why he is not controlling his party cadres??? Is he provoking them to beat people????

  24. There are new young faces in UPND, why??? Instead of adopting experienced, knowledgeable people, why HH has adopted so many youths? I think his intention is clear, he wanted to destroy Zambia benefiting his mafia friends.

  25. Benson Moono – don’t be annoyed by an Internet keyboard jockey masquerading as someone it is not.

  26. #22 to #31. You must be a knuckle head to keep supporting the nonsense of PF. You need to get a life and probably go to Mars. Zambia don’t need people like YOU and the entire PF to ever rule Zambia again.

  27. Those who are living good want PF n those who are suffering n in poverty crave for HH. Take your pick bane n vote wisely based on your life.

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