Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Ndola Teaching Hospital receives gas


Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe says there is need for increased stakeholders’ participation in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic the region.

Mr Nundwe explains that as most hospitals in the province are filled to capacity with COVID -19 patients and in need of the oxygen therapy, there is need for more stakeholders to join in fighting the global pandemic.

ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary said this at the official handover of 50 Medical oxygen cylinders worth over K21,000 to Ndola Teaching Hospital to help in fight against COVID -19.

Mr Nundwe has commended the Ndola based company firm , Garry Rutherford Company, for supplementing government efforts by providing the Medical Oxygen Cylinders to the health facility.

“On behalf of government I am grateful that there are people in society trying to help fight the pandemic by donating various medical equipment”, he said.

And the Company’s Managing Director Garry Rutherford says the fight to end COVID – 19 needs concerted efforts from all members of the community and not by government alone.

Mr. Rutherford said he was touched to see the former Minister Emmanuel Mulenga and his wife stepping forward and donating medical cylinders which encouraged him to do the same.

“Let us all work together and help combat the spread of COVID 19 by providing COVID 19 materials where need be”, he mentioned.

As the COVID-19 admissions is on the upswing , most hospitals are faced with limited supply of life saving gas for many admitted patients.


  1. Nundwe stop stealing the money and there will be enough oxygen. You misappropriate funds, your priorities are screwed and you talk about stakeholder involvement??? There is money for all manner of nonsense but critical things like hospital supplies, medicines, salaries for health workers. Shameful, no kudos from me. Kamuleya mwe nkumba mwe

  2. Covid19 is real, and so is the third wave. It is good to know that government is alert and ready to do anything to save people’s lives.

  3. This is the pandemic, and we need to do everything possible to fight it. Government is doing everything possible. It is our responsibility also, to help the government. It is the time to show solidarity and that we care.

  4. This is the glaring example of how irresponsibly Hakainde Hichilema and his goons behave. HH has spread the deadly virus in the country through his road shows and campaign rallies. He is responsible for the third wave of Covid in the country.

  5. This is how the government and administration should work. We can combat the virus if we are united. It is the time when we all should contribute whatever we can.

  6. If HH stopped spreading the virus, defying Covid protocol, we won’t need oxygen at all! He has different priorities. He wants to kill people for his personal gains. He is ready to walk over dead bodies to win elections.

  7. Actually, all HH should be made to pay for every medical facility for Covid. He is responsible for the spread of the virus. Why should people suffer for his greed?

  8. It is time to stand with the country. It is time to do our bit for motherland. No matter, what the reckless opposition is doing. We must not forget our duty. Hakainde Hichilema is filthy rich, he can flee the country with his family if needed. But we have only one place we call home. Let’s protect it.

  9. Who was saying there is shortage of oxygen? Go and see the hospitals anywhere in the country. Don’t spread lies here. This is the befitting reply to all those.

  10. In such testing times, we need to stand with the government that is not leaving any stone unturned to protect us. It is striking when the opposition is busy spreading death in the country.

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