Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Second consignment of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine containing 228,000 doses arrives in Zambia


The second consignment of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine containing 228,000 doses under the COVAX Facility has arrived in the country.

The consignment which was donated to the COVAX Facility by the Government of France was received by Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Technical Services Dr. Kennedy Malama, United Nations Resident coordinator Dr. Cuomba Mar Gadio, World Health Organisation country Director Dr. Nathan Bakyaita and UNICEF country Director Nola Skinner among other dignatories at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport yesterday.

And PS Malama has reiterated that the vaccines would cater for both Citizens that need the second dose and those that are yet to receive the first dose.
“There is no need to panic, we are still mobilising more vaccines through the COVAX facility.” He said.

He also warned health workers to desist from engaging in unlawful activities such as charging for vaccination as the vaccine being administered is free of charge.

He also urged members of the public not to be duped into paying for the vaccine as they could put themselves in problems.

“We are not going to allow any misconduct as these vaccines come, our goal is to ensure that they are free of charge, no person in this country should pay for the COVID-19, when you pay for this vaccine, you are an accomplice to corruption and you will be arrested,” Dr. Malama warned.

And United Nations Resident Coordinator Dr. Cuomba Mar Gadio thanked the French government for responding to the call by donating the vaccines.

She also said that the World Health Organisation and UNICEF have been instrumental to reaching out to the COVAX facility and providing support for Zambia.



  2. We highly appreciate your support.
    Where is the vaccination being contacted.
    We don’t know?
    Thank you.

  3. Dr. Malamal there is no smoke without fire. Asians of Emmasdale and Makeni have been buying vaccines from underpaid corrupt health officials. I personally know one Asian woman from Makeni who bought 10 doses from a ministry of health worker. Do inventory taking and the unaccounted shortage will come out. I am scared that some of the nurses might be injecting water to the literate masses to makeup the sold vaccines.

  4. Evil upnd diasporans are foaming at their mouths from this news. They want zambians to die because they think death will win upnd the election. That is what their sangoma seer 1 told them

  5. SEER 1 is a fake and a known trash bad prophet kikiki
    only pf ministers will take note of his nonsense
    REMEMBER THE RINGS ???????????????

  6. SEER 1 is a fake and a known t.r.a.s.h bag prophet kikiki
    only pf ministers will take note of his nonsense
    REMEMBER THE RINGS ???????????????

  7. These characters at MOH are all jokers. Pushing the covid19 vaccine narrative and then doing quite the opposite. Whatelse can one say when these jokers are not found at the vaccination centers because today is a holiday? Why in the first place give me a date for my second jab on a holiday knowing quite well that you dont fuc.king work on holidays? I am sure poor PS Malama thinks all is well. No! Your id.iots are sleeping on duty.

  8. People don’t praise the government all the time just for fun! It deserves all the love and respect because of its incredible work.

  9. We must appreciate the fact that President Lungu and his government are committed to safeguarding the lives of Zambians. The country is in the safest hands.

  10. Long live President Edgar Lungu! He is one of the great and kind leaders of all time. He is handling the pandemic situation very well!!!

  11. HH and his party cadres busy spreading the virus through rallies, roadshows, and roaming around for no reason. While PF is busy controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

  12. Our health facilities are continuously monitoring the status of the Covid-19 and taking action accordingly. Hence, Zambia needs an experienced, strong, and qualified administration. Not a newcomer like UPND!

  13. The timely arrival of the vaccine, I must say! We needed the covid-19 vaccine because it is the only option if we have to win the fight against the deadly disease.

  14. Haters are ever ready to criticize the government but, have they ever wondered why other countries are standing strong, supporting, distributing funds, etc. to Zambia? Only because of good relations with President Edgar Lungu and they find a huge potential for business in Zambia due to endless platforms created by our President.

  15. Strictly following the Covid-19 prevention guidelines and taking the vaccine shots are the only way to defeat coronavirus. Glad that our government is strongly focused on them. #MaskUpZambia

  16. Iwe @Kaizer ninshi lyonse fye ulotafye upnd? Grow up. Your age is ahead of your brain. Every post ninshi you want to politicize about it.

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