Chissano heads back home


Visiting former

Given Lubinda and guy Scott at the Funeral Service
Given Lubinda and guy Scott at the Funeral Service

has left the country.

Mr Chissano departed Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 16:02 hours this afternoon aboard a chartered plane enroute to Mozambique.

Mr Chissano arrived in the country this morning to attend the funeral service of the late former republican president Kenneth Kaunda which was held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross as well as burial which took place at Embassy Park.

Mr Chissano was seen off by State House members of staff.

Zambia and Mozambique have enjoyed strong bilateral relations with both counties having extended cooperation in key economic sectors.


  1. Thank you for blessing us with visit sir. It was a pleasure to meet you as a fellow pan Africanist

  2. In just one month, Edgar will be same level as Chissano. You see its not bad to be a former president.

  3. @Kaizar Zulu been trying blogging like he is someone recognized and respected whilst he just a nobody. Just because ba Sata took him under his wing for sometime. You’re nothing but a big mouth.

  4. Lets hope former President Chissano gave some useful advice to ECL if Zambia is to have free,fair and credible Elections on August 12. As it is Zambia is heading to a violent,rigged and disputed Elections. All Political Parties need to tame their Cadres. Given the mood of the Nation any attempt to rig the 2021 Election will be met with force. People are Angry and will not allow their votes to be stolen like in 2016. Once bitten twice shy. The writing is on the wall.

  5. Please don’t be lied by this gentleman called Kaizar Zule. He is not a true one. I am an IT Guy and they is no way someone being in Zambia with UK Flag on his profile. Not meant to be disrespectful but this is my Opinion. No offense.

  6. Chissano was one of Zambia’s greatest friends. Together with Joshua Nkomo and Sam Nujoma. I was in secondary school in the 80s when I met these men and admired their resolve. Imagine small little Nujoma fighting the giant machinery of apartheid only supported by Kaunda.

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