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Bring Mama BETTY KAUNDA to Embassy Park– KK Won’t Rest in Loneliness!


By Kapya Kaoma.

After 21 days of mourning, KK finally took his rest alone at Embassy Park. Whereas the government’s will prevailed, the solemn ceremony left KK’s family heartbroken and aggrieved. He wished to be buried next to his beloved and lifelong wife, Mama Betty Kaunda. Is he going to roam in loneliness forever?

It is so saddening to watch the fight between the government and KK’s family over his body. This is yet another indication of political ineptitude–we don’t have protocols in place. We are reactive; we act as situations avail themselves. There is no standing protocol as to what is involved in high profile funerals at all– everything depends on the President. It shouldn’t be; we should do better.

President Lungu was surely aware of the state of KK’s health long before his demise, and had enough time to speak to him about his wishes and the government’s policy. Similarly, his children had many opportunities to share their father’s wishes with President Lungu. Moreover, one wonders how they could fail to settle their differences in three weeks to an extent that the family and the government have to face-off in public.

The major issue of contestation was whether KK’s body naturally appertained to his family or to the Republic of Zambia, and whose will should be upheld. As President, the government claimed KK as a national trophy–thus his body belonged to the State. As the State trophy, the family didn’t bear any costs related to his upkeep, medicals, and burial. Whereas the State could consult with the family, the family could not necessarily determine where KK should be buried. Since Embassy Park was established as a burial place for heads of State, KK was to be buried there. (This is in line with the burials of chiefs, bishops etc. personal wills are superseded by the office one holds.) The question is, could one opt out? The case of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe may be informative. It is not by law, but by declaration that one is buried at the National Heroes Acre. In that case, Mugabe was declared a National hero. Long before his death, however, Mugabe made it clear he didn’t want to be buried there. Upon his demise, he was buried at his village. Is Embassy Park set in stone for Zambian Presidents?

But there is a KK, the family man–the family trophy. He is a father, grandfather, great grandfather and an ancestor whose personal wishes should be honored. How could he rest aside from his wife and how could his family visit with him in loneliness? From a family perspective, this feeling is surely nobel. After all, the big man wanted to be buried next to his wife for this very reason–the two were always together in life and should be in death. It is on this basis that his family sought an injunction to stop his burial at Embassy Park–which unfortunately was denied. Mr. Tilyenji Kaunda reportedly said his father will be buried twice–first at Embassy Park, and then at State Lodge. This is highly unlikely.

But I think there is a middle way which we should consider. Why not bring Mama Betty Kaunda to Embassy Park out of respect to Dr. Kaunda? Mama Betty Kaunda is the unsung angel of the KK story. She deserves a special place in the history of Zambia. She was with KK in good and hard times. I believe Betty is the mother who made KK give up power in 1991, retire from politics and dedicate the rest of his life to serve humanity. And when KK went on hunger strike in prison during the Chiluba regime, Mama Betty forced him to eat when she told him she would stop taking her diabetes medication. Betty was KK’s life. At her funeral, KK collapsed and he was never the same again. With due respect to all First Ladies, Betty Kaunda is the most irreproachable, traditional, humble, compassionate and apolitical mother of the nation Zambia has ever seen, whose honor nobody could hardly dispute.

President Lungu, please bring Mama BETTY KAUNDA to Embassy Park. KK is missing his Betty. He won’t rest in loneliness. Embassy Park needs a mother too!


  1. Another useless an wasted human being decides writea stupid article. whether you just hate President Lungu as a person or not this article has just justified how ignorant you are with regard to governemnt protocals. But any ways what can we put into a blank sinking brain?

  2. This ping pong going on between KK’s family and the Government is painful to watch.

    You can now understand why Jesus Christ said: “Let The Dead Bury The Dead”

  3. Please let Betty Kaunda rest in peace.

    It is very f00lish for the author to even think of such. Why should her body be exhumed. Please sort out your mind. You are sick.

  4. We all will die and in the end become top soil from which plants will feed from.

    Its the cycle of life. But please let’s not abuse and disrespect KK’s Death and Betty Kaunda who went before the husband.

  5. Individuals like Kapya are the ones bringing unnecessary tensiobs and hate. Everyone knows the decision of government when a Head of state or former head of state dies. So kapya please for once lets start looking at things in the right perspective. Lyonse lubuli…..awe mwe.


  7. Edgar China Lungu and the shameless PF government completely ignored the wishes of KK, Mama Betty and the Kaunda family. Only for their own campaign purposes. I trust the Zambian people will PUNISH them accordingly on August 12!

  8. Bringing mama Betty to the Presidential burial place will be setting a bad precedent. It would mean every president who dies in future will be accompanied by their spouses including those who arealready dead and whose spouses are still alive. Let us not complicate things for the hardworking government and that of the future governments.

  9. Are you going to recommend Mrs Chiluba be buried with her husband also? Soon you will be asking for the children and great grandchildren to join their parents.

  10. Kansi na Regina must also be moved there even Vera when she dies. Kaseba , and the other Mrs Sata need space. Not forgetting ba Maureen.

  11. These kinds of article beg a deeper question: KK was christian, UCZ denomination ,so do UCZ believe in resurrection? If one goes to heaven when they die, what is meant by ‘ MHSRIP’? Does it matter where you are buried if you go to heaven anyway?

  12. For arguments sake, say one day we have a practicing Hindu as president or an individual whose wish/will would be to be cremated, what powers do the courts or government have to force burial of remains at embassy park?
    The coming govt shouldn’t even think about enacting a law to go against the wish/will of an individual pertaining to burial.

  13. I am cooling down my emotions and did not kindly to some suggestions that KK remains be buried twice. At least govt had to finalize putting KK to rest in a very honourable manner. Suggesting to rebury the remains of mama Betty Kaunda next to her husband KK well that is up to the family and govt to agree but the way I look at it Betty Kaunda remain where she is resting. As much as we appreciate her contribution she was not head of state. How can one suggest that KK will rest in loneliness, that is yoyo thinking. Once one aspires for political office, and happen to be elected Head of state his status changes automatically because Presidents hear what we don’t hear, see what we don’t, sign what don’t know and so many things. The Presidential Burial site was declared a National Monument…

  14. Why does the political party gets too emotional when suggesting and making decisions during mourning. It’s over now and time to move on. WE’ve all lost great Zambia prominent family members, the dead are dead and we give last respect, move on.

    Next thing you will say is exhume Vera Chiluba and Regina Mwanzas remains so that they are buried next to FTJ at that embassy park graveyard.

  16. Betty Kaunda is the greatest hero of Zambia. There has not been a first lady like her ever since. This woman like Winnie in South Africa kept the family together when KK was out campaigning and in prison. She would have walked away from the marriage but she remained strong and made KK what he became. Let us learn to honour MOTHERS as well. Betty Kaunda was Zambia’s ‘President’ too. She was a faithful partner to our President. A true lady who was seen but never heard. She also understood that HE, KK was the President and she was his wife and not an unelected user of taxpayer’s money. She is an example that should be emulated.

  17. KK was a national asset. It would have set a very bad precedent if Zambia’s founding father was buried at State Lodge. What the government did was the correct thing, let’s not create controversy where there’s none.

  18. If Kapya Kaoma was PF all UPND sympathisers would be screaming: PF are dull, uneducated, naive and luck civility!
    I only hope this is a satire; if so, then he and his grouping is forgiven. I bet he will return the favour too.

  19. If wishes were horses, by now all poor beggars would be ridding (on horsebacks). Kaunda’s wishes went with him. But we are here with Kapya Kaoma’s wishes, wishing for clearly untenable bygones days.

  20. Ba LT, Editor
    You don’t have to publish every piece of vacuous drivel from this self-confessed Kaunda-hater with the unfortunate acronym of KK (Kapya Kaoma). He is spewing unbelievable sewage these days and you are indulging him. You can surely do better than this from your contributers

  21. The more I read Kapya’s articles the more I lose confidence in his mental status. There is no loneliness when you are dead and Betty was not President of Zambia. Since the Kaunda Family has been living on government money they lost the power decide. No one objected GRZ paying for KK’s well being until his death. The problem with people from across the fence their reasoning has been overtaken by bitterness and the hate for Lungu. If KK was the first Zambian president to be buried at memorial park may be it could have been strange. Whatever GRZ does to all former presidents eg building them house, paying gratuity etc should be applicable all the former president.

  22. That’s why it’s important to make a will even stating what will happen to your remains whether buried, cremated etc and if so where. As for moving mama Betty, that is not possible since embassy park is only for the head of state.

  23. When someone dies, they are no more. Dust/ashes to dust/ashes. No feeling, no wishes. The wish evaporates with the spirit. When the these two corpses are made to sleep side by side, no feelings will be shared between them. No emotions whatsoever. When you die as a president, it’s gonna be Embassy park whether your soul or body likes it or not. I think you need lessons about the dead. They are as emotionless as a stone. Non living dead and left alone in that one closet. It is therefore double standard to think that even in their death sentiments and emotions matter. From now on y’all characters vying for presidency, folks, it’s gonna be Embassy park otherwise write a WILL and we will make a LAW to counter that.

  24. Wives of heroes are not the heroes so be careful what you intellectualise about. Kenneth Kaunda is the state recognised hero not his entire family. The State has no say over other family members and where they want to rest but over Kaunda even the family should know they have no say

  25. Kaunda and Betty are dead. They cannot experience loneliness. Yes KK was lonely when the wife died. Now they are both gone. Whether they are buried together or not. They will not feel it.

  26. Bwezani Banda’s health is already on the skids, he is destined to die soon. If I were him, I would make my burial wishes known now, otherwise Lungu will parade & bury & exhume you once in every one of the 9 provinces before burying you at Embassy Park! Kupusa ba PF over over, vote them out!

  27. Bwezani Banda’s health is already on the skids, he is destined to die soon. If I were him, I would make my burial wishes known now, otherwise Lungu will parade & bury & exhume you once in every one of the 9 provinces before burying you at Embassy Park! Kupusa ba PF over over, vote them out!!!!

  28. The best honor the living can do is to honor the wishes of a man once they are departed.

    It is a great sign of dignity.

    For me I see no loss of honor for Kk to have been rested as he wished. The accolades and dignity would never have been diminished.

    Refusing to honor him is a sign that he may not have been apt because he cant speak for himself.

    One of the greatest virtues mortals can ever do is to not only honor their word, but honor the wishes of their neighbour

  29. Limo learnt to shut up your dirty and uncircumcised philistine nature in your being. Why do you want to politicise everything and anything.
    This should be a lesson to all as a reminder that when you choose to serve the nation and ascend to the highest office, you become a national property.
    Take a leaf and reflect what would be the feeling of The Mwanawasa family if the govt went the way of the article author?
    For the sake of peace of our Jerusalem, Zambia shall we please strive to spend more energy on consoling the Kaunda family and the nation at large for the loss of Dr. Kaunda.
    Stop your politicking and concentrate on finding lasting solution to the covid 19 vaccines from our African medicine.
    Who told you that the dead rotates in the grave, that there is peace in the grave,…

  30. Listen to “This is Thorn in The Flesh”. He is talking ” Probate & Wills Law”. Outside the Common Law, Equity may mitigate the harshness the Common Law. Mama Betty can be transferred to Embasy Park as Kaoma suggests. The law of precident only applies to judge – made law. Statute can accommodate Mama Betty as an exception and only applicable to a Founding First Family. Please leave partisan politics out of this matter.

  31. Stupid article, silly author, waste of thought. Please apply energy in the right direction. Had Mnangagwa not overthrown Mugabe, the man would have not insisted that he be taken to the village. Check your facts before you waste your little but foolish and stupid thoughts.

  32. This is how generational strife begins and this is how tyrants begin to be written into the history books. The macabre is definitely a promising plot in most historical and generational contentions. In going for pointless exercises whose reason is hitherto unknown some lines have been drawn in the sand and soon someone is bound to take it personal. Watch the space.

  33. @Dokowe during Chiluba’s reign there was a minister who died but wasn’t a Christian. The government still went ahead and forced a Christian funeral on the bereaved family

  34. State funerals are just that , state funerals, not Christian funerals or whatever religion. The state cannot hv a religion except in less happy parts of the world where they believe in a
    sky dad. Solomon Kalulu was a diplomat at his death. He served as minister in Kaunda’s govt in the 1960s and 1970s. He was actually one of the founding fathers and was in the very first cabinet.

  35. The dead know nothing, that is what the Bible says. There is no way you can say that KK will be lonely.

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