Monday, March 4, 2024

Political Campaign Rallies still remain banned- Zambia Police


Zambia Police Service Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo says that the recent suspension of Political Parties from not holding political rallies and road shows by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is still in effect.

Ms Katongo warned that Political parties found wanting will face the law accordingly.

She appealed to officers that have been deployed countrywide to be alert and ensure that no political party holds rallies and road shows.

Ms Katongo told ZANIS that political parties should adhere until a time when the suspension is lifted.

“Officers deployed to police elections should be alert and ensure that no political party holds rallies until such a time when the suspension shall be lifted,” Mr Katongo said.

She appealed to all Political parties to comply and stop the further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

‘’Those found going contrary to the guidelines spelt out by ECZ should be dealt with sternly,” Ms Katongo noted.

Recently ECZ suspended campaign rallies and road shows, as they are supers readers of COVID 19 pandemic.

Zambia goes to the polls on August,12 ,2021 with 16 Presidential candidates participating from different political parties in the general election.


  1. There you go, hardly a day passing when you experienced some peace while mourning KK, you are back to the same sh!t !!!
    The public service people are at it again, Police Issuing warnings !!! Katongo hitting the Top !!!
    You are back to square one. How I wish the mourning was extended for a year, atleast there was some form of peace, without warnings. And ECL & HH had an opportunity to look into each other`s face.

  2. This overweight officer should be retired in national interest to her farm…she is one useless officer

  3. Police keep it up do not allow them to hold noisy roadshows, this are source of violence. We experienced peace for 21 days when this political activities road shows, rally where stopped. This should continue until 12th August. In future elections we should do away with roadshows it onlt disturbs innocent people.

  4. So a two hour socalled “interactive forum” from PF on ZNBC is not political campaigning???

  5. And the socalled “shopping trip” from CK to East Park Mall was also not campaigning??? With more than a dozen heavily armed police officers in attendance??? And at least 200 criminal PF cadres???? At least Shoprite didn’t cooperate, they didn’t let Obese Brother 2 into the store!!!

  6. Its OK. We shall just VOTE WISELY ON August 12…As long as PF does not campaign also. If they do we shall OROSO

  7. ECL was seen today in Bauleni engaging in a Road Show. Are these Rallies and Road Shows banned by ECZ only for HH and UPND Alliance? ECZ is not an impartial Referee in this Election.

  8. Why is there not even one reporter – from whatever media house – that is going back to this police officer and asks for comment on why ECL wasn’t arrested for campaigning…???

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