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Army Commander assures Zambians of peace, security


President Edgar Lungu gives a recognition award to Zambia Army Commander ,LT.General William Sikazwe during the silver jubilee celebration and official launch of the new staff college and National Defence University in Lusaka.
President Edgar Lungu gives a recognition award to Zambia Army
Commander ,LT.General William Sikazwe during the silver jubilee
celebration and official launch of the new staff college and National
Defence University in Lusaka.

Zambia Army Commander, William Sikazwe, has assured the country of peace and security as the country holds the general elections on August 12, 2021.

Lieutenant General Sikazwe said Zambian citizens should not be worried as peace will continue prevailing in the country.

“Everyone should continue working normally, they should turn up to vote as there will be peace before, during and after the elections,” he stated when he paid a courtesy call on Senanga District Commissioner today.

He said the President has been clear on state security, which the Zambia Army and other security wings are providing.

“The Head of State is the commander in chief and I am implementing his directive of ensuring peace hence all citizens should not worry,” Lt. Gen. Sikazwe stated.

Gen. Sikazwe is in Western province to check on the operations of the army troops.

“I am passing through the troops to find out challenges being faced by the officers so that we can attend to them,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senanga District Commissioner Inonge Mubuyaeta commended the army operations in the district.

Ms. Mubuyaeta said the district administration has good working relations with the military officers in the area.

After touring Western province, the Army Commander will proceed to Southern province.


  1. But this Mwankole is not an Army Commander. He is bootlicking PF cadre, people pls dont listen to this “John solye ubwalyi” of a soldier. Real Army Commander is coming in on the 12th next month. Since when does the army comment on elections or let alone speak directly to a DC and assure of peace during elections? In what capacity was officially was he doing this?

  2. What has the army commander got to do with internal peace? Is he expecting a war with foreign combatants? There is a difference between Home Affairs and Defence. The military is called upon only under extreme circumstances if the police are overwhelmed. Soldiers are not trained to arrest but to shoot to kill. This is how you invite blood baths like Cyril Ramaphosa has just done in South Africa.


  4. The blogs above exposes the shallow partisan thinking of evil minds. Peace is peace with or without elections. People who cannot link peace and security to the elections in Zambia and many other parts of the world have either short memories or are complete pretenders. Elections in Zambia have hard people beaten, or even killed because of elections. The police and army are security forces whether internal or external. Many countries including America have involved soldiers to restore order. As of now South Africa has soldiers alongside the police in the streets to bring peace & restore order in some parts of the country. So why should you insult a man that is doing his job to protect your relatives while you clean toilets in other countries.

  5. The Zambia Army should be deployed to man the Elections security during the voting day up until the Results will be announced. The Zambia Police cannot be trusted as has been evidenced so far.

  6. Gen Sikazwe is now involving himself in Politics. The Army only knows how to shoot and kill. Soldiers are not trained to do Police work. Gen Sikazwe is traveling on a dangerous path. He is trying to get the Army to be on the side of ECL and PF and against the interests of the People. Zambia is heading for a violent,rigged and disputed Elections on August 12. We are quickly moving in the Ugandan scenario where the Army sides with a Lungu Dictatorship. The writing is on the wall.

  7. @ Kelvin D Mulenga, thank you for thinking beyond politics, some people they like uttering rubbish even if something is being done just to protect the lives of innocent people. The army protects people from internal and external threats. We need peace in our country, we don’t want chaos.

  8. It’s not that I don’t know the military’s role. I do but it’s not Lt-Gen William Sikazwe’s role to be saying such things. There’s no armed threat to Zambia’s elections. In the absence of that I don’t know why he should come out publicly like that.

  9. Peace is very cardinal to any country.All of our security wings whether in internal or external sector must be pro-active to nip in its bud any signs of danger to peace before any loss of life or damage to property anywhere occurs.It is also the duty of every Zambian to ensure that any disgruntled persons are reported before they put our highly cherished peace in disarray.We must be united in neighborhoods to ensure peace prevails at all times.

  10. Kelvin D. Mubanga, Ex-Maroon, and Charles – Thank you – forget the shallow-minded bu.ff.oo.ns. Maintenance of peace and security is the role of our defense and security system – and the citizenry. The Army Commander is very right to sound that upfront.

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