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If you want empowerment through agriculture to vote for a fellow farmer, not President Lungu-Mwaliteta


THE United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka province chairperson, Obvious Mwaliteta, has challenged farmers who want empowerment through agriculture to vote for a fellow farmer.

Zambia goes to the polls on 12th August, 2021 – an election widely viewed as an opportunity for the opposition UPND to form government owing to the current economic challenges and deteriorating human rights and freedoms.

Speaking when he addressed villagers in Shampule village in Chinyanja ward of Chilanga constituency, the Lusaka province UPND chief cautioned farmers against voting for leaders who don’t have a farming background.

He said the challenges facing the agricultural sector are due to the fact that the current Republican president has no farming background.

“The kind of empowerment that you need here lies in agriculture. You need deep tanks here, you need cattle for ploughing and enough fertilizer and the only person who can empower you is president Hakainde Hichilema because he’s a farmer. Mwanawasa [the late Republican president] managed to empower you because he ran a farm called Teka Farm,” said Mwaliteta. “So baakuza ba PF, mukaabambile ati kuno ku Shampule tulibalimi, Kamutwaambila munda wa president [Lungu], ulikuli?”

And Mwaliteta has instructed the UPND Chilanga district aspiring council chairperson, Champion Tembo and Chinyanja ward aspiring councillor, Chipo Mulubisha to ensure that they drill solar powered boreholes in the area when elected in office.

He said the solar-powered boreholes will make it easy for women to draw water and improve the farming activities in the area.

Meanwhile, a PF chairlady in charge of women clubs for Chinyanja ward, Grace Munkasu has defected to UPND citing corruption in his former party.

She said the PF in the area has been stealing from the poor through clubs and land grabbing.

The UPND Lusaka provincial chief, who began by attending the burial of a former Shampule Primary School headteacher was in the area to drum up support for the UPND presidential candidate, Hakainde Hichilema, Chilanga aspiring MP (Sipho Hlazo), council chairperson candidate (Champion Tembo) and Chinyanja ward aspiring councillor, Chipo Mulubisha.

He was accompanied by Lusaka province chairlady, Rosa Zulu, UPND Chilanga district chairperson (Chisambwe Chinyama) and district deputy chairperson for strategy and mobilisation (Juda Sikamikami).

Others were district chairlady (Lizzie Chanda), district IPS – in charge of media (Chrispine Chambwa) and deputy district chairlady in charge of mobilisation (Ebony Chuuka) among others.


  1. How did these overgrown baby elephants manage to sell Sata to electorates if they’re failing to properly sell HH?
    Really that’s the good message this guy called these lost women for?
    The more reason ECL will not worry. Its already 56% to 41%.

  2. Tell farmers how fertiliser will be supplied to them and many bags. Tell them what new agricultural technologies that the current has failed to implement, Tell them how easy you will purchase their produce and at what ranging cost. Tell the farmer the kind of investors you will bring that will be helping in buying off their produce. Tell them of what farming educational programmes that your HH will give them and how frequent.
    And you are there bragging about ECLs farming background. You all are blank in opposition.
    The more reason ECL will rule till 2026.
    I swear if this appeared on 1xbet it would have been the easiest to predict and win.

  3. Obvious Summerton Mwaliteta should go back to HRH Chieftainess Chiawa and seek forgiveness because without her he would still be driving a Toyota Hiace minibus. She’s the one that convinced MCS to adopt him, but what did he do when he was elected? He’s completely forgotten where he came from. For as long as he doesn’t do what I have advised he won’t get anywhere in politics

  4. Those three year old chldren are listening to UPND message. Well done UPND. You have a farmer in new Kasama.

  5. The feedback from Copperbelt is that aspiring UPND MPs on the Copperbelt are not known on the ground apart from Frank Tayali in Ndola, it is also believed that the unknown aspirants are not even on the ground. So just work hard on this, people on the Copperbelt want to go with UPND this time

  6. @Elipha alaaa why are you forcing us on the tribal person if you are doubting me check the MPs names standing in Central province imported from Southern province out of 14, 12 of them speak the same language. Foolishly Zambians don’t learn.

  7. The best you can do is go to Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern province. You cannot continue singing to the same choir. Let others also here your message. I’m half lenje, tonga and bemba. Tell me what you want to tell my own family because charity begins at home.

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