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Chavuma sub-chiefs pledge to support President Lungu, PF


Sub-chiefs in Chavuma district in Northwestern Province have pledged to fully support President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) ahead of next month’s general elections.

Speaking on behalf of nine others, sub-chief Lingoji said the traditional leaders are happy with many developmental projects which government has implemented in the district and the country as a whole hence their support to President Lungu and the party in this year’s polls.

The traditional leader said this in Chavuma today when President Lungu met them during his visit to the district.

“As traditional leaders here in Chavuma, we are so happy with the development you are implementing in our district such as the construction of a nursing school and the boarding secondary among others. This is great achievement to us and we will ensure you get back into power after August 12 general elections,” he said.

Meanwhile, the traditional leader has appealed to President Lungu to look into their plight of lack of transport and decent accommodation.

Sub-chief Lingoji said traditional leaders and government are partners in development adding that the former were eager to promote the latter’s developmental agenda.

He said the traditional leaders can only effectively do that when they have reliable transport.

He further appealed to the President for the construction of a bridge on Zambezi river so as to open up the west bank for social and economic development.

“We want you to look into our plight of the road network in our area especially putting up a bridge on the Zambezi river to connect to the west bank so that the area can open up for economic activities,” he said.

And President Lungu said he is ready to work with traditional leaders as partners in development.

President Lungu said linking the east and west banks through constructing a bridge on the Zambezi river will integrate trade between the two areas.

“We believe once there is a bridge on the Zambezi river, people between the two areas will be able to trade with ease and therefore the economy can improve very quickly,” he said.

President Lungu has since disclosed that it is part of government’s plan to construct a bridge on the Zambezi river.

He added that the ministry responsible has already commissioned some people to do some designs and costs for the bridge project.

He said Patriotic Front government has done a lot in terms of delivering meaningful development to all parts of the country.

The Head of State has urged traditional leaders to therefore reflect on many developmental programmes and projects which government has implemented in the district and the country as a whole in the last 10 years and compare with the 27 years of United Nation Independent Party (UNIP).

President Lungu earlier toured Chavuma main market and later held a meeting with party officials.


  1. Exactly how do chiefs pledge political support in a ” 2 day working visit” ??? These visits are shameless disguises while opposition campaigns are stopped by ECZ and police.

  2. Strange democracy this one, others are campaigning others are being stopped and he will end up in some compromised church on Sunday as if all is well

  3. I think PF is stifling democracy clearly looking at the evident waned fortunes, all economic stats are in negative even before covid came, so which right thinking person can support continuity of such jokes


  5. How much “empowerment” was given to these chiefs? I trust those chiefs remember the watermelon trick……… PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  6. God is watching. ‘The LORD hates for people to use double standards to cheat others.’ (Proverbs 20 verses 10 and 23). they may think it is an advantage to them to campaign while they stop others, but YHWH is watching. If Lungu wins in August, Zambians should know assuredly that God is giving us what we deserve- another long 5 years of agony. There will be an IMF deal that will strangle us just like it did before 1991. By the 2026, Zambia will be worse than Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe has been resilient because the fundamentals were strong- high literacy and skilled people). If God smiles on us, we will have a different government in August.

  7. With all fairness HH and Micho are siameese twins, when you are watching soccer you watch with a panadol by your side,on the other hand when you vote you keep your bp machine and panadol by your side.My suggestion is BOTH of them must GO! Enough is enough.Uwa fitala aka imwena says hh.

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