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Ignore illogical claims about debt swap from HH and his colleagues who wrecked the economy by selling national assets-Kamba


Patriotic Front Lusaka Province Chairperson Kennedy Kamba has urged Zambians to ignore what he described as illogical claims about the dent swap from the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema.

In a statement released to the media, Mr Kamba said that Mr Hichilema does not make sense and only speaks volumes of a visionless politician who wants to get government power by whatever means possible.

“It is actually Hakainde Hichilema and his selfish colleagues that caused the suffering of civil servants and the nation in general when they wreaked havoc in the economy by selling national assets in the late 90s and early 2000 for personal benefit,” he noted.

Mr. Kamba said Mr Hichilema cannot even tell Zambians how he became rich. Whenever he is asked about his wealth, he gets agitated and visibly annoyed.

“It is a fact that Hakainde Hichilema participated in a very destructive privatization of national assets including the mines in the Second Republic,” he noted.

“They sold the country’s assets and shared resources among themselves instead of improving the economy. And today he is condemning the government strives to improve the living standards of the people. What a shame,”!

Mr. Kamba stated that the very debt burden civil servants are grappling with, is the very debt burden President Lungu and the PF are trying to sort out to lessen financial pressures on the citizenry was caused by Hakainde Hichilema and his selfish friends when they underpriced national assets and heavily benefited from the very transactions.

“These are the people who want to look smart today and claim the PF caused the suffering of the people when they pocketed monies that belonged to the very poor they want to lead,” he said.

Mr Kamba further said Hakainde Hichilema has no moral right to even talk about the struggles of Zambians because he and his friends caused the problems that President Lungu is trying to sort out day in day out.

“We are comforted by the fact that President Lungu is winning in terms of addressing the pertinent issues that affect Zambians daily, among them, household poverty that is being alleviated,” he said.

“Our message to Zambians is that ignore Hakainde Hichilema and his hollow promises. Someone who participated in creating a very miserably economy in the late 90s and early 2000 when they sold national assets, cannot today claim to be a saviour of this country,”.

He said President Lungu is winning this years elections because he has sorted out the very mess that HH and his colleagues created and the pain they inflicted on Zambians when they dubiously privatized national assets for their own benefit.

Mr Kamba further said that one thing the PF in Lusaka Province is proud of is that Zambians have seen through the destructive messages of the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, adding that this is the more reason they have rejected him five times and he is heading into political retirement after August 12 when he loses for the sixth time.

“Listening to Hakainde Hichilema’s message to Zambians, you can easily sense that the levels of bitterness are beyond measure and it could be highly suicidal for the future of this country if given space,” he said.

Mr Kamba added that a normal politician with stable reasoning and good leadership qualities cannot rubbish the good deeds of the PF in protecting the interests of Zambians regarding the Debt Swap Strategy that has been put in place to lessen the burden of debt on civil servants.

He said the civil servants in Zambia, including the Trade Unions and related Labour Movements, know very well where they are coming from in terms of improving the living conditions and general well-being of civil servants.

“Today as we speak, many teachers, nurses, medical doctors, and others, can afford to create wealth for their families which was not the case before the PF came into power,” said Mr Kamba.

“A little survey will tell you that teachers today are able to import vehicles, do a side business and also build houses for their families. This is not magic, this is because the government has put up an enabling environment for personal wealth creation for citizens including those in civil service,”.

He explained that a good government creates wealth for its people and provides opportunities equitably.

“The debt swap strategy is one of those incentives the government has put in place to relieve financial pressures on civil servants. The people working in government are happy about this but Hakainde Hichilema is fuming with bitterness and putting up weird claims that government caused the debt burden on civil servants,” he stated.


  1. If you have failed, you’ve FAILED!! I don’t recall Mwanawasa complain about privatisation like these chaps. He got to work and turned things around quickly but PF had 10yrs and nothing to show for it.

  2. Civil servants debt swap with what? With a promissory note? Who’s to say what the debt will be swapped with?

  3. Explain where pf government will get to swap the debts, my only player is that they will not borrow like they did for kcm employees.


  5. Has the loss of life of the PF cadre in Chilanga been investigated, because some names were mentioned.

  6. Ba kolwe imwe.bushe HH Waz a minister or in government to sell assets.which means Zambian government time I will come and sell all game parks pantu mulifi wele wele.

  7. Small boy calling a big person that illogical, PF requires new top leadership to come and instill some discipline, politeness and decency in its rank and file, for now its a complete lost cause

  8. We all know the role hichilema played during privatization it will be foolishness to return a behind eye to that.. No wonder he can’t explain his wealth.

  9. Chill Kamba don’t talk too much just know we won’t make the same mistake we made in 1991. We are now wiser and we don’t make serious decisions based on emotions just because we’re going through a rough moment

  10. Even Your Edgar Lungu was part of privatization, The problem he used the benifit to buy Jemason and kachasu while HH invested wisely.

  11. This statement doesn’t even make sense in the slightest, why is the economy worse now than it was in the early 2000s after the mines were sold? Shouldn’t you have fixed it by now?

  12. 99% of the state own businesses were losing money that is why they were sold off, as for the loss of jobs for public servants, most of them got jobs in the private sector and the ones that didn’t were too lazy to work so who needs them. Take sun hotel , the 2 old hotels were old and losing money then Sun came along built 2 new ones and hired twice as many staff and makes a profit and pays tax to ZRA. The tax payer of Zambia can’t keep paying to keep lazy public servants in jobs of businesses that loose money.

  13. Not worth commenting on. Umwine wa kasushi. This is truly desperation Lord please may we be redeemed from this mediocre leadership.

  14. PF are a Chipante Pante Political Party. Who is Kennedy Kamba to speak on the Proposed Civil Servants Debt Swap? Kamba can’t explain what is a Debt/Swap. How does it arose? Were the Civil Servants borrowers not servicing their loans and repaying their Debts? What happened to the Money deducted from Civil Servants Salaries? Why didn’t Govt remit the Money to the Lenders? We hear ZK 400 million is involved. Does Govt have this Money? Why not use that Money to buy Oxygen for Covid 19 Patients, Medicines for Hospitals, pay Retirees their Pensions etc? Priorities for this Govt are upside down.

  15. Each time Kennedy Kamba opens his loud mouth to react to HH’s statements, he talks of the same thing ” PRIVATIZATION” nothing else. He does not even have a simple idea how this whole process came into being. SMALL AND EMPTY TIN MAKING NOISE JUST TO IMPRESS HIS MASTERS. The debt burden being faced by civil servants has been created by PF govt who allowed civil to go rampage borrowing from more than one financial institution without verification to determine if one has over borrowed and secondly the Ministry of Finance stopped remitting deducted dues to various lender financial institutions since the treasury has been squeezed to the bone hence creating a debt burden and strain on the sustained operations of the financial institutions. As a result of mismanagement of the payroll process…

  16. One of most stupid person I have ever seen in the entire pee ye fool. No logic at all. Employees obtain loans. The employer, government in this case deducts the repayments at source for onward transmission to the lender. The pee ye fool does not remit the employee repayments but instead gives the same to its cadres and then you blame HH?

    If you are the smartest in the PF then we are not surprised how the Zambian economy has turned out to be

  17. This is a very dull narrative. The economy completely recovered from the privatisation process by the time Levy was elected for the second time. Zambia was on its way to being a middle income country by 2030 and was beginning to have forex reserves. Then came the members of the Crocuta crocuta family who ransacked the field. It looks like the PF are not willing to take responsibility for tanking the economy.

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