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Government transforming health sector-VEEP


Government has continued with its efforts of transforming the health sector through constructing and equipping health facilities, particularly in areas that are underserved.

Vice President Inonge Wina said from the time the Patriotic Front (PF) came into power, Western Province has had four district hospital, seven mini hospitals and 100 health centres and posts constructed.

Mrs. Wina said this yesterday when she commissioned Munkuye mini hospital in Nkeyema district of Western Province.

She said government will ensure that projects that are still under construction are complete and opened.

She cited Limulunga district hospital and four health posts as some of those that will be prioritised.

Mrs. Wina said the Munkuye mini hospital will be the main hub for the provision of primary health care services and first level referral services for Munkuye area and surrounding 18 health centres in the catchment areas of Nkeyema district.

The Vice President further said Munkuye mini hospital is well positioned to contribute significantly to reducing delays in emergency care of patients as the need for referral to Kaoma district for complicated conditions will be lessened.

She explained that the achievements scored in the health sector in Western province and the rest of the country clearly demonstrate the commitment by the PF government to deliver on the health targets outlined in the Seventh National Development Plan.

The Vice President added that government has continued to demonstrate the emphasis that has been placed on the health of the people of Zambia.

Mrs. Wina said the overall national aspiration for the health sector was ensuring ‘health for all’ in line with the global health agenda outlined in the sustainable development goals as well as in the PF manifesto that aspires for health lives and well-being for all without leaving anyone behind.

And the Vice President has thanked health workers alongside other frontline staff in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said government will continue ensuring that necessary support is given to the frontline workers for them to continue with the safe execution of their duties.

Speaking earlier, Acting Western Province Permanent Secretary Mukwambuyu Katungu said the importance of Munkuye mini hospital cannot be over emphasized as it will be serving an estimated population of about 50, 000 people who used to depend on Kaoma before and after Nkeyema was declared as a district.

Mr. Katungu said he was grateful to President Edgar Lungu for the kind gesture as the mini hospital would service maternity referrals and anyone that would be served at the facility.

And Dr. Jacob Sakala, who represented Western Province Health Director, said it was heartening that Munkuye mini hospital will help reduce referrals to Kaoma.


  1. Its unfortunate that the Veep Her Honor Mrs. Inonge Mutukwa Wina has stopped ticking like in the past. This is not the Inonge we knew who was full of integrity when used to head the NCC NGOs. Thee is nothing to boast about constructing a mini hospital to carter for 18 health centers in Nkeyema District. That is not enough given logistical challenges and manpower shortages. The ONCE MIGHTY PF should be very truthful when it talks about developmental issues because its running govt affairs hence mandated to deliver development agenda to all corners of the country. UNIP and MMD had their own contributions to Zambia’s development and they have continued to develop where others left even after them others will pick it fromm there and continue to deliver. In fact PF has created so many…

  2. No. 1, you can not associate yourself with PF and remain the same if you are not praise singer in PF you are considered useless. Ask ba Inonge, ck, GBM, Tayali. If you tell it has it is PF you are kicked out ask the lawyer Kelvin.

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