Thursday, February 22, 2024

Sunday Chanda Promises to to dedicate the next 5 years working rural women cooperatives to bring development


Patriotic Front Parliamentary Candidate for Kanchibiya Constituency Sunday Chilufya Chanda has promised to dedicate the next 5 years to working with the women cooperatives in the district in order to fast track rural development, increase food production and eradicate poverty through income-generating activities at community and household levels.

Speaking when he addressed residents of Chakopo, Chanda observed that gender inequality and limited access to credit, healthcare, and education have posed a number of challenges for rural women.

He also observed that the Patriotic Front under the 2021-2026 manifesto, has committed to fast-tracking the pace at which women get out of the poverty cycle.

He said while the COVID-19 pandemic had negatively impacted the country’s economy, there is also an opportunity for Kanchibiya District to work with the cooperative movement in responding to demands for agricultural products within Zambia and beyond.

“I believe that women are strong contributors to the economy, and form a large proportion of the agricultural workforce nationally and globally.

He said women, especially through the cooperative model, can do much more given equal resources and made a commitment to the women of Kanchibiya to see this through.
“We are committing to give our women the same access as men to agricultural resources. Once this happens, Kanchibiya will see an increase in production on women’s farms, reduce hunger at community and household levels and lift many out of the vicious poverty cycle”, He stated.

Mr. Chanda has stated that the agenda to empower women is central to the PF’s 2021-2026 manifesto. He said the empowerment of rural women in areas like Kanchibiya was crucial for ending hunger and poverty.

” When we deny or give a blind eye to women’s rights and opportunities, we are denying their children and Kanchibiya at large a better future,” he said.

“So we are serious about strengthening the women cooperative movement in the District through economic integration, agriculture and food security initiatives in order to end hunger, help lift them out of poverty and bolster food security at household and community levels.” Mr. Chanda added.

Mr. Chanda who has been on the ground for years implementing various projects in educational support, infrastructure in sectors such as health and agriculture in his personal capacity intends to upscale these activities in line with the PF 2021-2026 manifesto to help women, youth, and all the citizens of Kanchibiya.


  1. Hogwash !
    Observing the issue now during campaign, what were you doing before, as this is not an issue that has just popped-up now?
    Stop lying the vulnerable women

  2. PF has been in power for many years and you didn’t do anything. Now with four weeks before the election, you make empty promises. Zambians know enough, and will send you packing on August 12! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  3. And thank the mighty Lord: four more weeks of total bullsh!t from the UK based troll KZ, and he will be shut forever! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  4. After winning he will be back in Lusaka chewing free meals at parliament motel staying and living the plush life in the suburbs of the capital city only to be seen again after 5 years.

  5. And thats why I can’t politicians. ,,,,,they take advantage of the poor and lie to them for votes,,, and as soon as they get the votes they vanish in their expensive huge SUVs

  6. Mwafulako nefisote and those tinted things you covering your eyes. Treat us with respect please. We know you are crooks who repents only once in 5years.

  7. KZ good to see you back. I haven’t seen you commenting of late.

    So the reason why Sunday Chanda stopped being PF Media Director was to enable himself to stand as MP?

    There is more money to being an MP than to be a Media Director?

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