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Political parties advised to lessen pressure on ECZ


The Shiwang`andu district conflict management committee has advised political parties in the area to help reduce tension and pressure on the electoral process by embracing peaceful campaigns.

Committee chairperson, Grandwell Chipampe, said political parties and their aspiring candidates are expected to maintain peace, unity and mutual understanding as they carry out campaigns in the district.

“We want to ensure that there is peace before, during and after the election,” Mr. Chipampe said during a conflict management meeting which was held to re-arrange the campaign timetable for political parties in Shiwang`andu district.

Speaking at the same meeting, Shiwang`andu District Electoral Officer Alex Zulu, implored the political parties to strictly adhere to Covid-19 guidelines as they carry out their campaigns.

Mr. Zulu has since called on aspiring candidates of various political parties to take time to sensitise electorates on Covid-19 pandemic during campaigns.

“We should continue to fight Covid-19 so that we do not lose the lives of many people or put the forthcoming August election at stake,” he said.

He said the fight against Covid-19 is not just for the Ministry of Health alone but calls for combined efforts among all stakeholders.

The four aspiring candidates for the parliamentary seat in Shiwang`andu constituency have agreed to carry out their campaigns in a peaceful manner.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front aspiring candidate for Serenje central constituency Maxwell Kabanda has called on his fellow politician to be peaceful before, during and after the August 12, 2021 elections.

Mr. Kabanda observed that peace is important if the country is to have free and fair elections.

The immediate past Serenje central Member of Parliament said this in an interview with ZANIS in Serenje.

He has also called on youths to avoid being used by politicians as tools of violence.

Mr. Kabanda said the ruling PF is a mature party that wants to lead by example hence it would not want to see youths entangled in any forms of violence.

“Youths are targets of electoral violence, we want to see that our youths stay away from all forms of violence,” he said.

He further called on other politicians to inculcate in people the need to observe the Covid-19 health guidelines to help stop the spread of the pandemic.

And a Chipata based athlete Katalala Banda has appealed to political parties in the country to promote peace and unity during their door to door campaigns ahead of the August 12, general elections.

Mr. Banda said the political parties contesting this year’s elections must effectively use the ‘One Zambia One Nation’ motto on which the unity of the country has been built.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS after his arrival in Chipata aboard a Proflight plane, Mr. Banda also urged the youths not to be used as tools of perpetuating political violence.

Mr Banda decided to uniquely mourn the late first republican president Kenneth Kaunda through a marathon run from Chipata to Zambia’s capital city Lusaka for ten days.

He thanked everyone that supported him during the marathon up to the time he reached Lusaka.

Chipata District Commissioner (DC) Kalunga Zulu has commended Mr. Banda for being a patriotic Zambian that decided to honour the late Dr. Kaunda by running a marathon.

Mr. Zulu said the late Dr. Kaunda was a lover of peace and always encouraged everyone to love their neighbour as they loved themselves.

He said the late former president always preached peace and unity.

Mr Zulu also urged Mr Banda to be an ambassador of peace in Chipata district and also help in the fight against the Coronavirus.


  1. The ECZ should not be allowed to have peace cuz they allow Lungu to flout campaign rules under the guise of “two day working visits”

  2. This is a joke a big one for that matter calling for political players to give ECZ space ? Given space so that they don’t perform according to set electoral rules. In fact I urge the opposition to be on red alert because the current ECZ management is seen to be favoring the ruling once Mighty PF. Keep up the pressure on ECZ so that they can deliver credible election otherwise left to chance it will worse than what we experienced in 2016.

  3. Stop putting pressure on us by throwing that ECZ sxey woman on us everyday!!
    I miss my incarcerated friend Ndobo

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