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Zambia is Lucky to have a PEACE-loving and God-fearing leader like President Lungu-Sumaili


Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee, Rev. Mrs. Godfridah Sumaili says Zambia is Lucky to have a PEACE-loving and God-fearing leader like President Lungu.

Speaking in Solwezi NORTHWESTERN Province at the Pastors’ fellowship, Rev. Sumaili delivered a message of goodwill from President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency Dr. Edgar Lungu who she said was grateful for their continued prayers and guidance to the nation and the political leaders.

Hon. Sumaili said the Church had a huge role to provide wise counsel to the political players ahead of the elections in August.

She said the Church also had a responsibility to pray and guard against political violence in the nation ahead of the polls on August 12.

She said Zambia has enjoyed peace for the past 58 years and would continue to do so because it is a covenant-keeping nation whose President, His Excellency Dr. Edgar Lungu has continued to honour God.

She said the next 6 years of President Lungu and the PF would see the partnership between the Church and government reach even greater heights.

And the Chairperson of the Solwezi Pastors fellowship thanked President Lungu for his great regard for the Church and for declaring October 18 as a Day of Prayer, fasting repentance and reconciliation and for the Covid fund that the Government has provided for the Church stating that it would go a long way in helping the Church at this time when the effects of Covid 19 on the economy were quite harsh.

Rev. Sumaili is on a tour of duty, promoting peace and the preservation of the Christian heritage in the nation.


  1. Another CORRUPT church leader, shamelessly bought by PF “empowerment”, and now LYING to cover her backside. This is a person of God? Well I have some news for you: the way you behave, you will be turned away from the Pearly Gates, and sent to HELL! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  2. Yes, Zambians are really lucky that August 12 is around the corner, and they can and will boot out this useless and dishonest government! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  3. How low can some people go like this Sumaili …she knows that when Lazy Lungu loses the gravy train stops!!

  4. Only God must be referred to as Reverend or Father according to the Scriptures. All those following and calling themselves Reverands are lost and should repent.

    Christians in this country are lost, the truth is no longer up for discussion in our churches. Remember not to use the name of God in vain as you do during your campaigns.

  5. Using Christianity to manipulate the Zambians. By the way madam I only have two questions for you;
    1. Who was gassing the innocent Zambians last year?
    2. Why is your party using tribalism to divide the country and sow a seed of hatred?
    Please I need an honest answer as a concerned citizen of this Republic.

  6. Aba nabo no nensoni awe bushe chinshi twacita fwebena Zambia kanshi…? All the time governed by fake christians and shortsighted politicians. Insoni ebuntu. It’s HH time to rule Zambia.

  7. God Fearing or not, Lungu and PF have been stealing from us for the last five years. one example is the creation of your useless and pointless ministry..
    What exactly does “God Fearing” mean anyway?

  8. @uncleTembo….I like your thinking. Are these PF party cadres for REAL..? In the 21st century..? Useless ministry and fake humility. Kabili mukesampya.

  9. God fearing values don’t allow for manipulative politics,engineering more poverty and misusing poor taxpayers money.

  10. Rev Godfridah Sumailli ,The Shameless Shameless Pastor to the Corrupt Criminal Enterprise of a Government.
    She holds the Holy Bible to Bless all the Corrupt dealings that have gone on in State House.
    $20 Billion in Debt with no clear Economic Policy Of how it will be repaid .Blessing a Government that has effectively Sold the country to the Chinese.
    A Rotten Government we’re the emerging Millions are GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.
    Best start praying for hold the Euro Bonds will be paid for
    Shameless Shameless Shameless

  11. God Fearing my Foot.Shameless Woman,She waves the Holy Bible over Scandal After Scandal Sumailli stays Silent when Zambia Police Murders innocent Citizens

  12. If anyone supports PF, he is bought out and if someone supports UPND he is honest! How much do you charge for such $hit posting?

  13. August 12 will be replay of last five elections. People of Zambia will never support a person who is known thief, who is known corrupt and who has violence in his DNA. Most importantly, the one who doesn’t know who his father was!

  14. Those supporting HH and UPND should be the last people to talk on morality. Before criticising others, show some guts to call out lies of your master. I would comment Mubita Nawa for openly confessing that HH has lied to the nation and is not capable of doing anything he claimed to do in 200 days of coming to power. In other words, Nawa has sealed the fate of the corrupt and murderer leader.

  15. The answers to your questions are quite simple. 1. If you have proof of gassing, why not put it out? 2. If you want to know who is dividing the country on tribes, see what HH did to Paul Moonga at Peace Conference. Got your answers? Now, get lost.

  16. The UPND motor mouths commenting on this news are only exposing their leader. Every comments is a glaring evidence of how violent the leader is.

  17. If you are really worried about stealing, then I would request you to find out details about companies called Tiyende Consortium Ltd, African Life Assurance Company Ltd, Saturnia Regna Pension Fund and AngloGold Pension fund. You will be shocked to know that these companies are involved in massive corruption and looting the national assets. Hakainde Hichilema is closely connected with these companies. He is the mastermind of stealing our assets and selling them to foreigners.

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