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We note with concern that Fr. Chikoya is trying to tarnish the image of President Lungu over the peace deal-PF


The Patriotic Front (PF) is saddened by some stakeholders who are alleging that President Lungu and the party is not committed to the peace pledge that was recently signed at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the party has noted with concern that Fr. Chikoya is trying to tarnish the image of President Lungu and present a distorted position that the PF is not committed to peace because the head of state was not physically present during the signing ceremony.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Mwanza explained that President Lungu had assigned the party Secretary General Hon. Davies Mwila who is the Chief Executive Officer of the party and had sufficient mandate to sign on behalf of the party.

“As everybody is aware that His Excellency is not only president of Patriotic Front but is the President of the Republic of Zambia and thus every day he has assignments that are sometimes beyond him in terms of being in two places at the same time,” Mr. Mwanza said.
“We know that the President during the same period that we were having the signing ceremony was swearing in Judges at State House, ” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwanza says the Patriotic Front is dismayed with the behavior of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema towards Mr. Paul Moonga who is a Member of the PF Central Committee.

Mr. Mwanza disclosed that Mr. Hichilema allegedly confronted Mr. Moonga for supporting PF when Hon Chishimba Kambwili was allegedly insulting Tonga’s.

The PF Media Director says it unfortunate that a leader who wants to rule Zambia can reduce political discourse to tribal differences.

“We don’t believe that Mr. Moonga should support PF based on his tribe or that Mr. Moonga should support UPND based on his tribe but we believe that according to Mr. Hakainde, his thinking is that every Tonga speaking person must belong to UPND,” Mr. Mwanza said.

The PF Media Director charged that it is regrettable that Mr. Hichilema is trying to force all Tonga speaking people to belong to UPND.
Mr. Mwanza stated that the PF believes that the people of Southern Province and any other Province in the country have the right to belong to a political party of their choice.

And Mr. Mwanza has reiterated that President Lungu has every right as head of state to visit each and every facility, constituency and district to get first hand information on how people are living.

Mr. Mwanza explained that President Lungu’s visits to markets are very clear as he want to check on the levels of compliance to the COVID-19 health guidelines.

He also added that President Lungu is also using these visits to encourage traders to adhere to the five COVID-19 golden rules and distribute free face masks and hand sanitizers.

“As Patriotic Front, we urge the President to visit all the markets, and we want the President to go to Comesa, we want the President to go to Soweto, we want the President to go to every market in this country so that he interacts with the people and the people would be given the opportunity to talk to him,” he said.

Mr. Mwanza stressed that President Lungu cannot be tied to State House saying his visits to markets are not for political purposes but purely for social and economic benefits of the Zambian people he has been meeting.


  1. Antonio Mwanza sit down and drink some coffee you have no brains. HH the way forward. From what I gather it can’t be news unless HH is mentioned along the sentence. AM you are lost and need redemption.

  2. Is it difficult for people to get along. We in pf are constantly attacked for no reason. Just this week chella photographer boy was arrested for defamation against our mother Dora

  3. If conducting free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections is a Priority to ECL then he should have attended the Ceremony and appended his signature to the Peace and Non-Violent Elections Pact. Instead of delegating the signing of the Accord to SG Mwila,ECL as the Incumbent President should have given Priority to the Pact. ECL snubbed the Peace Pact Conference becoz he is not committed to Peaceful and non-violent Elections on August 12. This is understandable becoz ECL is Commander in Chief of the PF Military Wing ,the Supporter and Sponsor of the PF Cadres,Militias,Commanders and Generals. These PF Cadres will rig the 2021 Elections for ECL. The writing is on the wall.

  4. Lets hope Tukuta will change for the better. Insults are bad, even children should not be insulted but corrected or rebuked in a right way.

  5. Did father Chikoya expect the President to come to that meaningless meeting? Who among the signatories is ready to follow the accord?

  6. Instead of tackling the issues raised he is attacking the individual…typical PF they only one bootlickers

  7. Zambian politics is still not up to thé standard because it is affected by poor reasoning of some politicians or political parties. The defense of Mr. Mwansa in this article is truly based on political inclination. It does not help zambians.

  8. “We don’t believe that Mr. Moonga should support PF based on his tribe or that Mr. Moonga should support UPND based on his tribe but we believe that according to Mr. Hakainde, his thinking is that every Tonga speaking person must belong to UPND,” Mr. Mwanza said.

    This is talk of tribe is just there to distract you from the main issues of the economy …mind you we waited almost 1 month talking about BUFFOON CK’s utterances. PF dont have anything to talk about or put across…they will allude to infrastructure development but will not tell you how they will pay for it. Its a shame the opposition are not savvy enough focus on real issues.

  9. Why can’t we have discussion based on issues and not a person.
    Simple explain why ECL failed to attend and why COVID-19 doesn’t affect the crowds that the president is attracting

  10. We all know you are HH obsessed, everything you do HH is on your mind. Anyways,Keep on making him more popular, it’s now 26 days remaining before you take a tumble.

  11. Edgar Lungu`s name is already turnished, the very day he stole money from a window. Ala nibamunshebwa!

  12. HH is powerful and most feared leader by corrupt PF. Whatever the topic is somehow these foolish PF bootlickers must find a way to bring in HH. Look at how Davies Mwila who was representing the president behaved at the conference. Very disgusting.

  13. We urge all opposition leaders to visit all the markets in Zambia and distribute face masks.

    Let us all support government in this cause.

    Lungu can not be in two places at once, so let us help him.

  14. Antonio Mwanza is defending the indefensible. ECL as incumbent President of Zambia should take a lead in promoting free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections. The Peace and Non-violent Pact Ceremony was more important than swearing Judges. Swearing Judges could have been done at another time. ECL snubbed the Peace Pact signing Ceremony becoz he is not committed to the Pact’s objectives. ECL is Commander in Chief of the PF Security Wing whose objective is to violently rig the 2021 Elections for ECL and PF to retain Power. ECL is the Supporter and Sponsor of violent PF Cadres, Militias,Commanders and Generals. These PF Cadres are harassing Citizens on the streets, markets, Townships and Govt Offices. To get rid of PF Cadre Violence and thuggery Zambians must vote out Corrupt,…

  15. Edgar China Lungu made a mistake by not attending, that was the message from Mwansa, just by holding this statement. And the whole process will prove to be meaningless on August 13! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  16. CCZ has lost direction. No wonder the UCZ Bishop resigned as CCZ chairperson. To make it worst, CCZ is biased towards some political party and it’s leadership.

  17. It’s the responsibility of ECZ to run the election credibly not ECL. It’s nice that the current Chief Electoral Officer ve from NGO background and he has stated that ECZ doesn’t rig election.

  18. The sponsors of violence is a known political party and it’s leadership.Rember how the same party declared that it was going to make the country ungovernable immediately the Mr.Sata was declared the winner of the election.As that was not enough, he declared amagedon again when Lungu beat him
    The same party fought MMD Mwanawasa and later Rupiah Banda.Whose is violent? Let’s be careful mwebantu, bakuluna, bakwesu

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