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It’s not strange to find professional economic bodies like the EAZ in the midst politics-Lubinda Haabazoka


Lubinda Haabazoka
By Lubinda Haabazoka

Economics and politics are interconnected. Politics affect economics and economics influences politics. It is therefore not strange to find professional economic bodies like the EAZ amidst politics because the work of economic policy bodies can either help one win an election or lose an election.

The Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) was founded as the Lusaka Economics Club and converted into EAZ in 1985. The EAZ has been led by notable people in various capacities such as Former President Rupiah Banda, Dr Caleb Fundanga, Dr Bwalya Ng’andu, Mr Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika, Dr Denny Kalyalya, Late Arthur Wina and many others.

The role of EAZ is not to implement policies but to advocate for sound economic policies. EAZ is not an implementer of policies. It’s an advisor. EAZ is also an advocate for sound economic policies.

In order to advocate for policies, the EAZ creates platforms to bring various stakeholders together. That is why EAZ to perform its functions has to organize conferences, workshops, summits and other fora. Without these fora, advocacy is impossible.

The EAZ despite being non-partisan actually influences politics. If the EAZ advocates for a successful policy, then the ruling party benefits from that policy. That is why when a good policy is proposed by the EAZ, opposition political parties become upset because successful implementation of such a policy reduces the opposition’s chances of forming a government. This however should not be the case because the main aim of politics and economic policy advocacy is to improve the livelihoods of citizens.

On the other hand, when EAZ denounces a government policy, the ruling party becomes upset because that reduces their chances of retaining power.

There is nothing sinister in what EAZ does because all it does is push for its policies. A clever political party is one that will work closely with the EAZ in shaping its policies. Not only does it benefit from the network of economists the EAZ has, but it is less likely to receive a backlash from policies it proposes because EAZ members would have had an input.

When EAZ supports the government on so many occasions, praise should go to the economic wing of government because it means not only are those policies good, but chances are that the government is also implementing policies proposed by the EAZ membership. EAZ will never condemn its own peer-reviewed policies.

It should be noted that the EAZ together with LAZ, trade unions and other associations and chambers formed the MMD in 1991 when the government then could not listen to their cries. In fact, the first MMD secretariat was at the EAZ offices!!! Most of the policies implemented by MMD then were dictated by LAZ, EAZ, and other associations.

EAZ will not shy away from influencing economics which also has an influence on politics. The main aim is to improve the livelihoods of citizens.

On the record, the EAZ has very good working relationships with all stakeholders in Zambia including the chamber of mines.


  1. I enjoyed reading this ba doctor. Your knowledge on economic and political matters is very impressive. I am beginning to question if HH is even a real economist at all.

  2. Thanks Dr. Habazoka, you have clarified the role of EAZ and its true EAZ is key to the success of the country. You have done very well as EAZ president and thats how it should be.

  3. Sata was right when he said educated people in Zambia are cowards this man has hijacked this association and the best they can do is resign in silence from their own organisation. And these are our social scientist who have an answer for almost every thing.
    Can you imagine if this was the Bus Conductors Association of Zambia and their President was coming out like this Russian trained econometrician? They would give him a good spanking.
    Shame on you Zambian Economists…we know you care more about your cushy jobs and consultant fees to speak out!!

  4. Ideally, when an association or political Party gets its idea implemented it’s supposed to be happy and commend their colleagues in Government. But in the UPND it’s the opposite. When the ruling Party implements their idea they get very upset that their idea has been stolen. When it’s not done they say you don’t listen to us. When MCS increased civil servants’ salaries they called him CNP, but today they’re praising him have even to pay workers more. What kind of people are they? No wonder LPM said they’re buttocks that are always behind and will never ever be in front

  5. Ayatollah – You think Sata increasing salaries when GRZ is the biggest employer in the country was a good idea? This is the reason why you can’t balance the books at the moment.

  6. Well spoken and articulated. There shouldn’t be any sector of society that should be left out of politics. I don’t know H.H but Edith Nawakwi has made him known to me. With all the things she has said about him. I can’t help but think he’s a genius. He privatized the mines (while she was watching), He took people’s pensions (while everybody is watching). From what Nawakwi has said about H.H, I think he’s a genius otherwise he would be in prison because all those are criminal acts. I don’t know if I can let my brother go to jail for stealing from me. With all the stuff that Nawakwi has said about him, I think he’s got skills that are rare in the world. Contrary to what Nawakwi is advising the people of Zambia, not to vote for him, I think he needs to be the next president. He…

  7. EAZ has now completely lost credibility under this man. No one recognizes it anymore and no one takes it seriously anymore including the government.

  8. Ngombala I am with your f00lish mmother right now .Call her so that you hear me calling you a f00l in real time

  9. Lubinda Haabazoka ,just another PF Ass-Licker
    trying hard to position himself for a Job Aboard the Corrupt PF Gravy Train.
    Stop Ass Licking & start telling us how Zambia’s Economy can be Salvaged from this Chest Deep Economic Sewage Lungu has dropped us in.
    That’s the only way people will start Respecting you as a Leading Economist you purport to be.

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