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FAZ Sack Zambia National Football Team Coach Milutin Micho


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has parted ways with Chipolopolo Head Coach Milutin ‘Michó’ Sredojevic.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala announced the development in a press statement issued by Communications Manager Sydney Mungala to the media in Lusaka on Saturday.

Kashala said FAZ and Micho had agreed to mutually separate after a meeting held on Saturday at Football House.

“FAZ can confirm that it has reached a mutual separation agreement with its senior Men’s National Team coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic. After a meeting between FAZ and the coach, it was agreed that in the interest of progress for both parties they had to separate,” says FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala.

Kashala said FAZ has thanked Micho for having trained and managed Chipolopolo from February 3, 2020, when he was hired and wished him well in his next assignment.

Micho also thanked FAZ and the people of Zambia for having supported him during his stay.

“I am grateful to the Zambian people, the players, coaches, officials and the fans who supported me in various ways during my stay. All the positive experience with Chipolopolo Zambia I will use in my career ahead and would like to wish all the best to Zambia,” said Micho.

Kashala said FAZ will in the next few days announce the way forward on who succeeds Micho.

The Serbian recently endured a torrid time at the helm of Chipolopolo after overseeing the team’s dismal performance at the 2021 Cosafa Cup where Zambia was thrashed and humiliated by football minnows Lesotho and Eswatini, before registering a win and draw against Botswana and South Africa, despite being on a $25,000.00 monthly pay.

Zambia begins her campaign for qualification to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, in September in group B alongside Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea and Mauritania.


  1. Long overdue, not even sure what this mutual seperation is all about. Coaches are sascked for non perfomance period. Not sure what motivated FAZ to appoint a person who failed to perfom just next door in South Africa. He has been facing sexual assult charges in South Africa. He coached a club that never performed well. Not sure what motivated the FAZ to appoint a person like that. Do we not have a coach in form of previous soccer players in Zambia? Why do we always feel that Zambians cannot do it unless what comes from outside thae country?

  2. As long as Andrew Ndanga Kamanga remains at FAZ we don’t expect any improvement. The problem isn’t the team or the coach but Andrew Ndanga Kamanga. Soon he’ll find it difficult to watch football because supporters won’t allow him. Being stubborn won’t take you anywhere

  3. Completely nothing wrong with this coach. The problem is that Zambia has no local players worthy to be played at international level. Zambia is expecting too much from a very low calibre of players and mistakenly blames a coach who tried his best to do great with what he had. At the moment, Zambians must accept that chances of winning any trophy, let alone qualify for the world cup are zero. In fact it is better to keep away from World cup or we shall embarass ourselves.

  4. You can bring in pep or even machini but nothing can change ….Zambia has no grassroots no system no infrastructure no culture to succeed ….and this is after almost 60 years of independence … players have no boots pitched are rotten players are not paid on time etc etc…..the list goes on

  5. The truth is the current football players have no passion for what they do. Players of old days played for the love of the game. Coming from cabins of their parents home but performing greatly. What excuse do players from Zanaco, Power, Red Arrows, Green Buffaloes, Napsa etc have for not playing good football? They are paid on time so why are they poor performers at club and national level?

  6. Messi, Aguero, Cavani, Suarez, Mata, Di maria and most players who have been prominent in soccer in the passed 15 years played at the under 20 world cup which was in Canada in 2007. Our players who shined their the likes of Clifford Mulenga, Sebastian Mwansa, Fwayo Tembo etc what became of them. That’s the issue that needs attention.

  7. Its difficult nowadays in Zambia to find a player like Kalusha Bwalya, Charles Musonda, Wisdom Chansa, Eston Mulenga, John Soko etc who live for soccer like the likes of Messi and Ronaldo do. It’s a blessing to have Fashion, Enock and Patson doing well but look at their colleagues from the same under 20 which won the Africa cup. Some are in Europe but just enjoying life their.

  8. $25000 monthly payments to your slave master who doesn’t know anything about soccer ….just because of his skin color

  9. The problem is at the top and when we say running a corporation successfully is different from running politically eclined organisations ( drawn from communities) people accuse us of hating their political leader. The complexities are different and these types of organisations require a set of leadership skills beyond the capabilities of a business manager or executive. Kalu excelled as FAZ President and transformed soccer in Zambia. He developed grassroots soccer and the testimony is the crop of players that won Afcon under 20 and went on to compete at the world cup. There was no way a good leader would fail to meet minimum qualification to the Africa cup three times in a roll with the reservoir of players kalu left. Kamanga has just failed to run FAZ.

  10. When patriotism is shaky so is everything else! It is the standing norm to lay all blame on the game administration (FAZ) and the coach but through it all no critical look into the players psyche and devotedness to the game! The upstarts eSwatini and Lesotho are better placed both mentally and in patriotism when representing their countries! The rot in governance has infiltrated the soccer game in Zambia affecting both the players and administrators! Zambians need to face truth that loss of the social responsibility that the mines once provided also has contributed to the death of a once vibrant local soccer sport!

  11. Micho and HH are Siameese twins,they both have failed to make us happy by constantly losing when it matters most.There is no way I can be watching soccer with a panadol by my side and on the other hand going to vote with a bp machine in my bag.Ine nakaana,Every time excuses,no bandibida ma vote,no the referee was biased,NOO….HH also must go he has failed to win us elections five times why keep him!.Enough is enough.Uwa fitala akaimwena says HH.

  12. $25000 a month is too much, should have been on a bonus system not a flat rate , besides sacking him they should sack most of the players who are useless

  13. My wife says He will easily find another job. I think FAZ will easily find another coach, a substandard one like numerous times before. I just don’t think FAZ will easily find another coach of the same calibre

  14. The solution to the National team problem is to maintain a coach long term despite the results. Chopping and changing coaches will sink us deeper into negative results. Get wada and give him a lucrative contract and assure him that you will give him at least 5 years to work on the team.

  15. We always respects white people and at the end we are dispointed not only that if our FAZ executive can only go for what is cheep then I dought cause it is said cheep is expensive and we go nowhere
    So to my advise to the FAZ is seat down find what is good for all Zambian supporters

  16. While other sectors of the Zambia social-economic did away with expertriates its only sport (Bola) which is still hiring mercenaries. Look at Defence and security apparatuses they now fully manned and run by our local people who can handle all sorts of complicated technical things. We have highly qualified professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers surveyors mention them the list is endless. Its high time we started believing in our own boys and girls. Lets give them chance to build themselves. But FAZ no consistency since kaya how many year. All they want is to add color to the technical bench. This recently fired coach has been the worst one. His performance can’t be compared to Aggrey Chiyangi, Wedson Nyirenda or wuyu banapisha ku Napsa ati Mohommad Fayula fimo fimo. Andy…

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