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Are Zambians ready for socialism?

Columns Are Zambians ready for socialism?

By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

The other day, we were greeted to news of a record 8 aspiring councilor candidates on the Socialist Party ticket on the Copperbelt ditching the party to join UPPZ. Consequently, this simply means there have to be fresh nominations for the affected wards in the said province.

What a waste of resources! What a mockery of our so called democracy! Of course there are so many folks taking our democracy for granted; we won’t waste time discussing these individuals for now due to limited space, but we shall instead focus on M’membe’s pet project – the Socialist Party.

In one constituency in Lusaka, there was one particular individual who stood out as a staunch socialist. He was quick to feature on every radio station and appear on any available TV channel to spread the good news about socialism. He was aspiring to be MP in the area. Somehow along the way, he abandoned the party and joined another opposition political party. He has since gone for greener pastures in the ruling party…….typical of Zambian politicians; flip-floppers!

In the Copperbelt province, another gentleman who has since been adopted to stand as MP in a certain constituency had previously contemplated contesting the elections on the main opposition political party ticket UPND. However once he realized that he didn’t stand a better chance of being adopted due to stiff competition, he became socialist overnight! There are of course many others!

What do we make of this?

Many of those masquerading as socialists either don’t clearly understand the concept or are yet to be fully rooted in the ideology, hence the reason why it’s practically easy for them to quickly switch to other political parties.

Looking at the billboards the Socialist Party has splashed on our highways around the country or T/shirts and vitenges that have been handed-out to citizens including those in remotest villages, one would be mistaken to think the party is enjoying increasing support.

Yes, the party is on the billboards but not really on the ground…….to put it more succinctly, it’s a fantasy idea that only exist in M’membe’s head. The sooner he appreciates this reality check, the earlier he’s going to protect himself from suffering from potential heart attack!

Oil money can continue pouring in from Socialist states to lubricate the bearings of the Socialist Party to clothe every woman and man in the street in a chitenge or T/shirt and of course adorn every street with billboards, but one thing is for sure though……..It will take another century for our citizens to fully embrace the concept of socialism.

By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst


  1. Useless article.Leave Mmembe alone he is advertising his party. upnd has a big problem they want to be the only RED around.

  2. Mmembe has a better chance of forming a government than HH.

    He is has a direction than upnd or dp.

    He is more learned and focused.


  4. Mmembe is a plagiarist. That is all. He has not a single socialism fibre in his flesh. Having said that, the Patriotic Front constitution states very clearly that the aim of the party is to dismantle capitalism. Do you Zambian voters know that? No. Because you do not read.

  5. 1}… Fred Mmembe does not understand Socialist Ideologies. He is a Hardcore Capitalist who has ruthlessly grabbed and stolen from the poor.

    Capitalism is a system of production for private profit. Products and Services that are produced in a capitalist economy needs to produce a profit for the individual or company that produces it.

  6. 2}… However, not all production is done by private enterprise. Hospitals and schools produce services, but they are produced by the government, as not everybody in society would be able to afford the cost of those services if they were produced by private companies for maximum profit.

    Therefore, we do not actually live in a pure capitalist economy. We live in a mixed economy – with a private sector and a public sector. And public sectors run on Socialist Ideologies to carter for the poor.

  7. 3}… The $27m in taxes that Mmembe that he stubbornly refused should have been monies gone to build public services, buy medicine for poor, pay wages to the civil services. Public Services on Capitalist Economies including USA, UK, German, Japan run on Socialist ideas because they provide free service to those that cannot afford such as Free Schools, Hospitals, etc….

    Give me HH and Mmembe on the ballot. And I will pick HH to be the next president without hesitation.

  8. TIKKI #3

    A}… Unless otherwise. Please do not be misguided and mislead people.

    Socialism is still in all western advanced nations but only through public services such as Free Schools, Free Hospitals, Free Housing and Free Social Services. That’s why all advanced nations have “Department of Social Services” or “Ministry of Social Services. These departments are run on socialist programs, by providing support structures and to help people get back on their feet.

  9. B} …. So, socialism still works as part of Mixed Economies in Western Developed Nations. There is no country in the world which 100% Pure Capitalist Nation. However, Fred Mmembe is telling people that he can run Zambia on pure Socialism, which is total B*S.

  10. Tikki @ 3

    Hahaha, The always angry UPND job seeker
    from HH has just been embarrassed and schooled
    on the meaning of socialism and capitalism

    kikiki kikiki. kikiki, kikiki, kikiki………

  11. M’membe is drilling the upnd real bad. I like it when we have Socialist and UPNDEAD get on the same forum of political debate.
    Socialist party is asking serious questions to the losing upndead and asking them how they have lost. They fill threatened always.
    Socialist party will be gunnering votes in both PF and hugely areas where the dead camp has got more votes.
    The idea of a third strong party scares the hell out’a upndead.


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