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ECZ will always endeavor to perform to the satisfaction of stakeholders Zambia-Simwinga

Feature Politics ECZ will always endeavor to perform to the satisfaction of stakeholders ...

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says it fully understands its mandate and will always endeavor to perform to the satisfaction of stakeholders in the country.

The Commission says it views the holding of elections as an important event in any civilized country and Zambia is no exception.

Briefing the Media on the progress of printing of election ballot papers, which has entered day number 14, ECZ Commissioner, Ambassador Ali Simwinga said in Dubai today, that elections are self-evident which legitimize public authority with a mandate to govern, and are a critical means of holding leaders accountable.

ZANIS reports that Ambassador Simwinga said the Commission is happy with its performance ever since the ECZ was set up and has always satisfied stakeholders.

He stated that it was important that contenders use the elections process to share their vision through presentation of manifestos to the public.

Ambassador Simwinga also pointed out that the investment and emotions which are attached to the process are no easy challenges of which the commission is alive to, and will always use its mandate to collaborate with stakeholders and other players to achieve a credible election.

The Commissioner expressed happiness at the progress of the printing of ballot papers by Al Ghurair Publishing and Printing Company, the firm engaged to print the election papers.

And ECZ Senior Corporate Affairs Officer, Sylvia Bwalya giving an update said the overall printing progression of the remaining three types of elections now stands at 91 percent with the presidential ballot papers having been already completed.

Ms Bwalya said the presidential papers were now undergoing pre-packaging processes on day number 14 of the printing of election ballot papers.

Ms Bwalya said the printing of Mayoral and Council Chairpersons’ ballot papers are now at 97 percent whilst those of National Assembly papers is at 90 percent.

As for the printing of local government ballot papers under which councilors fall, Ms Bwalya said these were now at 76 percent.

She noted that ballot paper templates for the fresh nominations which took place on July 12, 2021 had reached the company in Dubai printing.

Ms Bwalya also disclosed that the process of verifying all ballot papers by stakeholders in Lusaka was now complete so that the process of printing can now be completed.

Zambia will this year on August 12, 2021, hold general and presidential elections.


  1. ECZ is State Captured and is failing to impartially conduct these Elections. After the Peace and Non-violent Elections Pact was signed ECZ should have lifted the ban on Rallies and Road Shows and given Political Parties Guidelines on how to Campaign during the 24 days remaining b4 Elections on August 12. The Mask Distribution Tours will turnout to be more Covid-19 Super Spreaders than Rallies and Road Shows. There is no Leadership from ECZ on how Political Parties should Campaign. ZNBC and State Media have refused to Air Campaigns by Opposition Parties but ECZ has done nothing about lack of level playing field. How does ECZ expect these Elections to be declared Credible when Opposition Parties are not allowed to Campaign? ECZ is delivering a violent,rigged and disputed Election…

  2. How? The Law mandated you to maintain continuous voter registration but failed, you opt for me register and carry out a haphazard exercise that harvested fewer registered voters in some parts of Zambia, you chose to omit a long standing procedure for presidential candidates to declare their assets publicly, no voter roll verification and you have failed to sanction those carrying out vote buying. THIS IS FAILURE.

    None has faith in ECZ except PF because you dance to their music!

  3. All of ECZ was appointed by PF so we can’t expect non-partisan behaviour. Unless there is a huge majority voting the other way, Edgar China Lungu will prevail and the country will go to the dogs completely in the next term!

  4. Right now I am in Kitwe and we have just recieved 5000 people who have defected from PF to UPND.

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