Monday, February 26, 2024

President Lungu cannot stop carrying out his duties as head of State just because it is the campaign period


Democracy and Motherland Defenders Coalition DMDC says President Edgar Chagwa Lungu cannot stop carrying out his duties as head of State just because it is the campaign period.

Spokesperson Andrew Ntewewe says President Lungu remains the Head of State and still has the executive authority.

Mr Ntewewe was reacting to a statement attributed to US Charge Dr Affairs David Young suggesting that the electoral playing field is not leveled.

Mr Young alleged that President makes movements around the country but other political parties are not given the same latitude.

Mr Ntewewe said such sentiments undermine the Democratic election environment that the country enjoys.

He explained that President Lungu cannot stop working because there is an election as he also has to check on Government projects.

“President Lungu should not be compared to opposition political party leaders. President Lungu has a duty to the nation because he is the head of state,” he said.

He said President Lungu is Zambia’s legitimate leader with the mandate of the Zambian people.

He said the US Diplomat should not undermine the credibility of Zambia’s forth coming general election.

Meanwhile, Mr Ntewewe has called on the electoral commission of Zambia ECZ to discipline the UPND leaders who are conducting road shows the way Dr Chishimba Kambwili was disciplined.


  1. Let others also campaign, what are you scared of? Anyway, with or without campaigns, most of us have already made up our minds.

  2. Nomba do they want their f00Iish fathers to run the country or their tribal demigod haka2uvi hakachlcolour (HH)

  3. Anonymous – Because they have vested interest …I can name 450 million dollar reason when you think of Lusaka sanitation project and the 25 years of supplying you with free condoms and antiviral drugs …do you want me to continue?

  4. Coward Lungu and his PF thugs hiding behind their proxy organisations …surely you think acting US Ambassador doesn’t know that Andrew Ntewewe is your stooge? Really laughable

  5. Let the Opposition Campaign and deliver their Message to the Zambian people.
    What Lungu and his Criminal Enterprise of a Government are is Totally Unacceptable.
    This is Political Trickery & Shenanigans at work and they know exactly what they’re doing.
    There needs to be a Level Playing Field.for all Parties.The Opposition need to declare a WEEK of RAGE.
    We all saw the USA conduct an Election during Covid and this What PF & Lungu are doing.

  6. Yes when they need help with foreign debt they go crawling but when the USA talks about democracy then its a problem

  7. Does Ntewewe think that the US diplomat lives on some other planet .. NO, the diplomats live in Zambia and witness these things firsthand on the ground. What are these lunatics afraid kanshi….allow opposition to campaign freely.

  8. Ubu ebupuba these guys know their time is up and hope that they convince a few undecided voters. This is a show of desperation because they know that when HH and UPND alliance takes over government, all tuma fake deals and corruption will end. Bally will fix it…. Vote for the Change you Want. Vote HH.

  9. LT for once let my comment through. When parliament is dissolved there is no government in place and time for inspection of projects is all but gone.
    It’s time for campaigns full stop. Parliamentary terms of office have a life span which also fits in with the presidential term of office. A project manager employed on specified contract term can not go on project inspections when his contract time is over. It’s time to prepare hand over reports for the project contractor. Going around inspecting projects whose reports are sitting on your desk is a reflection of being a very poor manager. How do spend more money on project inspections than the value of the total projects you are inspecting all by yourself without contractors and project consultants who inmost cases have not been paid…

  10. Stop lying inbwa Ntewewe. Lungu SHOULD NOT carry on his official duties with PF party regalia and campaign team also in sight .

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