Friday, February 23, 2024

HH Owes CIVIL Servants an Apology over the Debt Swap


Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe says President Lungu has ashamed the opposition who thought the debt swap was just a mere hoax.

And Mr. Mbewe wants the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to apologize to the civil servants for attempting to deceive them that the debt swap was a hoax during his press briefing earlier this week.

This comes few days after the government announced the actualization of the initiative aimed at reducing the debt burden for public service workers.

Mr. Mbewe who was reacting to Mr. Hichilema’s sentiments said what Mr. Hichilema said was a clear indication that he doesn’t love civil servants who are actually the key drivers of any government.
He says what President Lungu has done was a clear demonstration of leadership and love to the civil servants.

Mr. Mbewe who is also President Edgar Lungu’s Southern Province Deputy Campaign Coordinator says president Lungu deserves to be thanked for by all especially the affected civil servants and their families.

Mr. Hichilema is quoted of having said the debt swap was a hoax and must be ignored.


  1. But PF hasn’t told the nation how the nation is going to finance the debt create by this scheme. The PF indirectly using public resources to rig the elections. It is sad the citizens are deceive by people who want to win at all cost.

  2. Every Zambian is now heavily indebted. Cost of living is un affordable. Private schools and bars are badly affected but no one even mentions it.

  3. The debt swap is hoax aimed at cheating indebted civil servants to vote for the PF.
    How can a broke government which has failed to pay Doctors, Nurses,Teachers their salaries on time now take on individual personal debt?
    Pure lies and desperation at its best.

  4. Useless, increase their salaries not postponing their debt problems. They won’t owe the financial institutions they will owe the government so how is that initiative beneficial to civil servants?

  5. Hh owes the entire nation billions after selling government assets for peanuts during privatisation

  6. This fellow citizen Kebby Mbewe has just gotten excited with his new role as MCC and Presidential Campaign Deputy Coordinator for Southern Province has just gotten his thinking upside down. Whatever plans which the once Mighty PF is coming with to gain lost popularity won’t deliver enough votes to retain power. Do the likes of Kebby Mbewe know that they are dealing with mature people who run their own affairs. Those who aspire for public should not expect the people they promised to lead to thank them. They make personal decisions to serve others before self and its ECL and his team who should thank Zambians for giving them the mandate to lead this country from 2011 to date. This is the reason ECL and team are going round for another mandate to rule for the next 5 years. Why should…

  7. Number 7: Kaizar Zulu — You keep repeating the same rehearsed line and lie about HH and his role in the privatization of State assests. Find time to educate yourself about the Privatization Act as explained in the following document: Fundanga, Caleb M. and Mwaba, Andrew, “Privatisation of Public Enterprises in Zambia: An Evaluation of the Policies, Procedures and Experiences,” African Development Bank: Economic Research Papers No. 35, 1997.

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