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Privatization wiped out the industrial base of Zambia-Nakacinda


Former Minister of Water Development Sanitation and Environmental protection Hon Raphael Nakacinda says privatization wiped out the industrial base of the country.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s Let the people talk program, Hon Nakacinda said the direction the PF government is taking in revamping the industries will help the country in generating the desired income from local products.

Hon Nakacinda has also noted that the infrastructure development that the PF government has embarked on across the country has positively improved the equity of the nation.

“Infrastructure improves the equity of a nation, today Zambia is a fertile ground for investment both local and foreign due to market leakages,” he said.
He further said the investments that the PF government has put in place will stand the test of time.

“Fault founders have existed from way back, even in the time of Jesus, they would question Jesus why he had to heal people on the Sabbath,” he said.

He added that the PF government has also invested huge amounts of money in water projects.

“80 percent of people in Zambia have coverage, be it in Rural or Urban, so much has been achieved,” Hon Nakacinda said.

And speaking during the same programme former UPND Vice-president Dr Canicius Banda said the PF government has put in mechanisms and policies to ensure the country produces enough for export citing initiatives such as Farmers Input Support Program ( FISP).



  2. 80 to 90% of things in shops are imported they built toads with unsustainable debt , expecting foreign investors to come tripping over themselves to build an industrial base as one PF rat resident on LT put it ………

    This has not happened…..

    The case of PF and lungu borrowing recklessly to build roads is like a story of a farmer who gets a loan from the bank and instead of fixing a leaking roof for rain water destroying his machinery, he goes and use the loan to plant long term harvesting plants leaving his machinery to eventuality get destroyed

  3. I think this is dishonesty.
    The mines were losing $1million per day.Many companies were just shells, companies like UBZ, it took 2 or 3 days to get to far places.
    Zambia Airways made loses all it’s years save for 1 year.
    Mistakes were made in the process,but there was no industry to write home about.
    With PF going to nationalise and it’s lack of fiscal discipline assuming they win suffer beyond our imagination.

  4. We have seen it all. Those of us who have life from the Kanda time through to the current government we able to see differences.
    Yes we had good industries planned and functioned in kaunda but chiluba’s government sold everything which left the country to depend on imports.
    We have now seen industries coming back with an involvement of locals, which is a good thing

  5. Says the chap who still claims the party (MMD) that was at the fore front of Privatization … kwena fwebena Zambia even if we are taken for fools this has reached another new level. Let us reject such shameless People, it is up to us to put a stop to such Politics

  6. @ Deey What industries owned by Zambians have come back????? Let us be honest as a people even when our GDP is shrinking we still want to make claims …. even trade Kings has not entirely invested its manufacturing plants in Zambia it has spread its risk and invested in RSA, ZIM and Botswana

  7. Privatisation was government policy and not that of any individual. The Privatisation Act is still on our statute books even as Nakacinda is saying these things. Dunlop, Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt& Coleman, Rover Zambia Lyons Brooke Bond etc were all private companies once based in Ndola. Let Nakacinda explain wht happened to them. They were private companies and no-one privatised them.

  8. The coming of HH will be disaster. Zambia will be privatized. He is determined to inherit a country which is already on its developmental path.

  9. Another hee-haw, indirectly and intentionally trying to sneek in the Privatisation sh!T, i thought Raphael Nakacinda was in MMD when that was happening and……….

  10. We are seeing infrastructure construction coming up in our country, meaning that investors are confident that the economy of this great nation is set for a reasonable percentage growth.

    No one has ever appreciated the foundation of a building not until the house is complete.

  11. @Nemwine, You are right, Most Ndola Companies were actually private owned except a few which were owned by UNIP under National Holdings and ROP sold back to Liver Brothers who were the original owners? Policy shift to support manufacturing can actually make Zambia and producer again. And when poeple talk about Privatisation, do they understand how nationalisation was done? Kaunda was powerful guys…

  12. This privatization rhetoric is null and void. It doesn’t make sense anymore. Like one has said, privatization was MMD government policy and not HH’s. Nakacinda is looking for a job period. This time is for HH and UPND alliance to govern Zambia.

  13. ““Infrastructure improves the equity of a nation, today Zambia is a fertile ground for investment both local and foreign due to market leakages,” he said.”

    ‘Market leakages’ means Market Failures. The lies that ‘the market’ would develop the country or lead to a booming economy, or would solve unemployment were pie in the sky. Neoliberalism has failed. Even the capitalists want gvt bailouts now. Low to no interest rates, no minimum wage, were not enough for them. State must own the shares of the mines, and there has to be close policing of what is being exported and at what price.

  14. And one f00Iish boy made billions out of the misery of poor Zambians. God have mercy on his evil soul

  15. Privatization was a government program, if there is anything that went wrong, though this is just political and fear of HH, the then government of Nawakwi and others must be asked

  16. This quarrelsome guy seeking recognition and relevance from PF again, Very surely passed shelf life after being ejected from the MMD


  18. These guys are trying too hard to avoid explaining why they have run the country into the ground with unsustainable debt. Ndimwe vima saka maningi a mambala. We will not live on history. Tell us how you will pay back the present debt. Vima fontini imwe! A kelenka.

  19. It is interesting to note wrong information that most bloggers have on privatisation. Most companies just had liquidity challenges and a number of them were cash cows that just needed restructuring. I have in mind Chilanga cement, Zambia Sugar Kafironda explosives. The privatisation saga was spearheaded by the IMF to destroy the industrial base and make Zambia a dumping ground for finished goods under the structural adjustment program. The Govt together with the advisors embarked on unbridled sale of of established manufacturing companies. What happened was simply asset stripping and no amount of laundering will absorb those that participated in sendibg some of the highly trained Zambians to an early grave and condemned the future generation into poverty. If you lived in the Copperbelt in…

  20. I hope Kaizar Zulu is aware that there was Senior Citizen who defended the MMD and Rupiah Banda online every which way. Now it is his turn to defend PF and ECL online every which way. Senior Citizen, however was much more well informed and did not target any particular individual in the opposition.

  21. you will attest to how vibrant the mines where. Its suicidal to repeat the same mistake we made in 1991.

  22. Raphael Nakacinda was a government Minister in the PF administration? A man who is not ashamed of uttering an ill-informed opinion in public? No wonder there is such conspicuous ineptitude in government!

  23. Stop telling lies! Parastatal companies failed completely. Zambians in charge of those companies mismanaged them as the companies did not make any profit at all. They depended on the government for survival. Yet the government also depended on borrowed money to finance these companies. had no money to sustain them.
    In short, the economy of Zambia had collapsed because of the so called parastatal companies. Thus private companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Dunlop, Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt& Coleman, Rover Zambia, Lyons Brooke Bond, Bonar Colwyn, etc. were also adversely affected by the events.

  24. Just last week the CEO of Mopami reported how production has been increased from 5000 to 9000 tonnes and reduced operating costs from US 60million to 35million after transitioning from Glecore to ZCCM HI. All we need as Zambians is to ensure that strong corporate culture is instituted in these public run enterprises. Its also worth noting that a number of enterprises under IDC are now declaring dividend to Govt a sign of a shift in corporate culture. We should not allow the vultures to come back and destroy further what this nation owns in the guise of 2nd round of privatisation. We ought to believe in ourselves that we’re able to transform our nation and where help is sort it must be with people who mean well for our nation.

  25. Fellow Citizens we need to put an end to this Silly Privatisation Debate .
    The Government of Day that was MMD headed by One Frederick Titus Chiluba had One top Policy.To Privatise Government ownership of industries .They passed the Privatisation Act,
    HH didn’t pass that Act.
    That Edith Nawakwi sat in that Cabinet.
    Zambia Privatisation Agency was formed,headed by one Valentine Chitalu.
    Valentine Chitalu is still bouncing around Lusaka today.
    He knows the FULL goings on,inside out.
    HH was just an Advisor to buyers.A small cog in the Privatisation exercise.
    So let’s not Behave like *****s ,get hold of Valentine Chitalu

  26. # 24 @ Lipkwa
    That is the propaganda they sold us then and we believed. You must understand that its one thing to be profitable and another to suffer credit crunch meaning that you make profit but your liquity is too tight to meet your obligations especially with your creditors and that was the issue with the mines. The mines were highly capitalised but lacked working capital and needed US1million a day. But again hindsight will also reveal a well organised cartel that ensured Govt was put in a tight corner and denied ZCCM credit facility to improve liquidity because the idea was to acquire Zambias jewel so that we remained undetermined as a nation economically.

  27. If you say most of these companies were shells how come companies like Kafironda explosives , National milling and Zamhot were sold for a song and the buyers shipped the sophisticated equipment and machinery to South Africa and in turn we ended up importing explosives and juice. Was that a better way of privitising national assets even if they were not making profits? We could have found a better way of making these companies viable but we were dupped and we fail for it and our own smart economic consultants saw an opportunity to cash in. That’s why in the period of privatisation only lawyers and accckunitanfs made money through conveyancing and liquidation and engineers were thrown into the streets.

  28. If you say most of these companies were shells how come companies like Kafironda explosives , National milling and Zamhot were sold for a song and the buyers shipped the sophisticated equipment and machinery to South Africa and in turn we ended up importing explosives and juice. Was that a better way of privitising national assets even if they were not making profits? We could have found a better way of making these companies viable but we were dupped and we fail for it and our own smart economic consultants saw an opportunity to cash in. That’s why in the period of privatisation only lawyers and accountants made money through conveyancing and liquidation and engineers were thrown into the streets.

  29. Some people think this happened a long time ago. Its said a people that don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it. Privatisation sent many to an early grave, some left the country to look for opportunities, marriages were shattered and the Copperbelt became a ghost province. Privatisation destroyed the social fabric of the nation. Do you for instance know the Jerabos and the cadres that have mushroomed are partly one of negative offshoots of privatisation? So please take time to reflect instead of glossing over something very significant in the history of our nation that has a huge bearing on what the nation is going through today.

  30. I can’t even talk about the horror of selling KCM to the Indian merchants Vendetta by one of the most acclaimed best President of Zambia one LPM after Anglo pulled out and the country retained 100% ownership. The company was soon sold for a quarter of that year’s cash sales and Vedanta didn’t even pay in full. At the initial sale they got 50% shares and Govt held 30% golden shares in trust and 20 was reserved for Zambians through ZCCM HI. A number of Zambians thought we had learnt a lesson only for the Zambian Govt to handover the other 30 to vendetta after 4 years. Had we not sold at least KCM, l don’t think we would be talking about the Kwacha losing value and this huge debt. But anyway that’s Zambia for us we seem never to learn.

  31. It’s criminal how our so-leaders have been going spreading lies about Zambia’s Privatisation of Parastatal Companies & the Mining Sector.
    The MMD Government headed by Frederick Titus Chiluba Privatised government owned companies & Mines .In that Cabinet was one Edith Nawakwi.
    The Government passed the Privatisation Act & created Zambia Privatisation Agency,Headed by one Valentine Chitalu.
    Valentine Chitalu is still bouncing around Lusaka today .
    HH was a mere Advisor to potential buyers,so was one Edigar Chagwa Lungu.He did NOT privatise Zambia.
    Edith Nawakwi & Valentine Chitalu are fully aware of exactly what went on.
    Nawakwi is telling lies & She ought to stop.
    Valentine Chitalu needs to come out & straighten out this debate

  32. We have a lot of procrastinating and nostalgia but lack commitment. If privatisation wiped out our industrial base then surely your manifesto should be easy, bring back the industrial base. The only question we should be asking is why now? why didn’t you do this when you had the time? What is stopping you as a government kick start these industries? In fact what would be your strategy to getting the country back to the good old days?

  33. From the comments above, upnd fanatics get nervous by the word privatisation and think they are referring to hh. It’s the process that was bad. Read comments from David and you will read the truth. The danger, just like when MMD agreed to the conditions of the IMF/WB by getting funds from certain sponsors before getting into power, hh/upnd is doing the same with Brenthurst/Anglo and will end up succumbing to harsh conditions. Beware and vote wisely.

  34. @DAVID Do you know that GRZ is indirectly financing Mopani by letting contractors and suppliers not charge VAT? If really what the CEO is saying about production is true, why cant they run like other private mining companies by paying the VAT on 18th of every month? By the way the issue of production does not necessarily mean from underground, it may mean from the smelter which is mostly copper ore from other mines in Zambia and DRC


  36. This is absolutely right. Zambia was the biggest loser in privatization and HH was the only one who gained in the entire process.

  37. HH wants the power to loot the country and people? He thinks we are dark about the underhand dealings of Hakainde Hichilema and the anti Zambia elements sitting in South Africa and USA.

  38. HH systematically killed the industries and those working in those industries. He was planted in the privatization process to sabotage it to benefit the foreign mafia.

  39. HH soled Zambian industries to foreigners and ECL reclaimed them. This is the difference between the two leaders. One is working for the mafia and the other is working for people of Zambia.

  40. @Shameless You claim to be a patriotic Zambian, worried for the people. Then why do you have SA flag as your DP and not Zambian flag? Do you think we can’t make out that you are South African stooge of HH? Stop lecturing us we will take care of our country.

  41. Zambians are now slowly getting back their assets. I am just waiting for the culprits to go to jail and every Kwacha they stole, recovered from them with interest.

  42. That is the reason Zambians have rejected the criminal five times in a row. He will meet the same fate in August.

  43. @Nemwine, agreed. But the one who presided over the process concealed many vital information from the government. He was playing at the hands of South African mafia that grabbed our national assets. If HH was really honest and had clean intentions, he should have declared his connections with South African citizens who are CIA agents. He should have declared that he and Chief Mukuni were directors of the company called Sun International, Zambia that took over Livingstone hotel.

  44. Privatization, Even in United Kingdom they are still doing privatization program it’s now over 80 years since they started and are at 20%, Here in Zambia within a short time all parastatal companies sold yaba…like fritters sure it’s sad. And the same people are talking of unemployment without shame. Already hichilema has said Mines will be sold to foreign firms it’s backwardness how st.upid meaning hichilema has no interest of the nation at heart.

  45. Commenter from #42 to #51 is the same shameless person. I didn’t study software engineering for nothing. What a clown!

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