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RTSA to intensify patrols till December

General News RTSA to intensify patrols till December

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says it will intensify operations until December to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads.

RTSA Chief Executive Officer Gladwell Banda says road accidents have increased from 24 percent last year in the first half to 35 percent this year during the same period.

Mr. Banda attributed the increase of accidents to human error and disregard to traffic rules compounded by limitations by Law enforcement agencies to scale up enforcement due to the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Banda called for a collective approach by all road safety stakeholders and the public to report all traffic violation to the RTSA national Call Center for action.


  1. It has to be done because as we all know the upnd dogs become overly aggressive and excited when they lose elections.

  2. Indeed KZ it has to be done, as we all know that PF cadres never pay any traffic fines, with those hypocritical CORRUPT police officers of yours!

  3. So in relation to human error, how will operation intensification curb this? Like, will your officers begin to help drive motorists around … like .. what? Gladwell ..?

  4. Gladwell Banda has nothing to tell motorists, saying that most accidents are caused by human error and would like to intensify patrols until December. How do the 2 relate. If most accidents are being caused due to human error then there is something wrong with issuance of driving licenses. The best would have to tell all road users to be observe road rules at all times, avoid drunk driving and over speeding and being patience on the road especially among those between 18 and 35 years. The RTSA should continue with its routine patrols and recruit more honorary mature persons on part time basis . What I have observed is that the patrol fleet has dwindled over the years and they should apply to the treasury for more funding to increase the patrol fleet. Not those talks even when they…

  5. Obviuosly government cant pay the pf workers and civil servants
    so make your salaries from LUNCH MONEY
    Tell me any mororist that hasnt been subjected to this vice

  6. Road traffic accidents have increased since last year. The question is, ‘What has changed?’ The roads are the same, the drivers are the same, the vehicles are the same. The CEO of RTSA has changed! Re-instate Zindaba Soko and you will have low incidents again. Sadwell bye.


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