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ZESCO Explains Current Power Outages in Lusaka, It’s not Load Shedding

Headlines ZESCO Explains Current Power Outages in Lusaka, It's not Load Shedding

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has revealed that works on the construction of sub-stations under the Lusaka Transmission Distribution Rehabilitation Project have reached 90 percent.

ZESCO Senior Manager Corporate Affairs Officer John Kunda disclosed that work on most of the substations are complete and that the Corporation has been re-aligning the lines to complete the works fully.

Dr Kunda stated that once the sub-stations are completed, citizens will have a consistent and stable supply of power.

Dr. Kunda was speaking on the Hot FM breakfast show where he stated that the project has been funded by the World Bank and the European Investment Bank at a cost of 246 million United States dollars.

Dr Kunda noted the current power outages the city has been experiencing are partly from the project underway as well as maintenance works being implemented.

He said the country is no longer experiencing load shedding as power generation is currently at full capacity.

“There is no longer load shedding in the country. What you see is power interruptions due to scheduled maintenance works. There are certain areas that have experienced consistent maintenance works such as Avondale, Chalala, Thorn Park, Ibex, First Street, and Roma among others because there are serious works,” he said.

He has however warned citizens to stop vandalizing power distribution line as that will disrupt power supply to the citizens

Dr Kunda further stated that President Edgar Lungu is today expected to commission the Kafue Lower Hydro power station which will increase power supply.

“We are very grateful that that President Edgar Lungu will fire the first 150 megawatts of power at the Kafue Gorge Lower hydro power station. This is a flagship project for ZESCO and we are very proud. It is a 2.3 billion with 2 measure components, 5 generating units each generating 150 watts and we are firing one,” he explained.

And President Lungu also revealed on his Facebook page that he is today set to commission the Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro Power Station.

The President wrote that the project cost 2.3 billion United States dollars and has employed 4,000 Zambians who have worked alongside 578 Chinese expatriates.

The Head of State said the high level of expertise exhibited at the project, has empowered the local workers with new technical skills.

President Lungu also added that among beneficiaries of the skills transfer during the project are students from the local institutions of higher learning.

President Lungu further said the cluster of human resource will benefit the nation in future projects.

“Another cluster of beneficiaries of the project are the local suppliers and contractors who were engaged to provide various materials and services. Among these were vendors around the project site and other daily essentials to the workers,” he wrote.


  1. Yah!, its not load shedding but load management.
    Zesco has a calender of excuses for power outages:
    In october its due to the water levels,
    December to February, its due to excessive rain and lightening,
    In April to August, its mentainance,

    We are used and our minds are made up. PF kuyabebele.

  2. If you look at the ZAMBEZIRA.ORG website you can see that the water level at Kariba is already going down dramatically. You can bet your bottom $$$ that by October we will be confronted with……… LOADSHEDDING! The additional 150MW that Edgar China Lungu is switching on today won’t make one iota difference!

  3. “….Dr. Kunda was speaking on the Hot FM breakfast show where he stated that the project has been funded by the World Bank and the European Investment Bank at a cost of 246 million United States dollars…”

    Very sad days to be Zambian, lungu and his gang just put the country in the red to $20 billion that he cant pay back and still zambia needs borrowing……

  4. I bet you 100% that after elections loadshedding will resume. As i speak, there has been no power in the heavy industrial area since 8.00hrs. This is happening 3 times a week. This is where most of the industries which are employing people are. This has been happening since 2011 and this is the main reason the industries are dead and you are still killing whatever is remaining.

  5. Call it what you may whether maintenance or whatever we the people know that it’s simply loadshedding.

  6. LTDRP is ending in December. The World Bank project has rehabilitated and upgraded most Lusaka sub stations to improve the energy sector.
    There are power outages and not load shedding in affected areas.

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