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Rev. Sumaili’s CB Meaningless Campaign Among 700 Bikini Bottom Pastors

Columns Rev. Sumaili’s CB Meaningless Campaign Among 700 Bikini Bottom Pastors

By Kapya Kaoma.

Since President F.T.J. Chiluba introduced the culture of brown envelopes to “Bikini Bottom’ pastors, I stopped taking some religious leaders seriously. So when I read about over 700 pastors on the Copperbelt selling their unconscionable souls to the God fearing President Edgar Lungu, it was like watching SpongeBob selling Bibles at Krusty Krabs in Bikini Bottom. And who could miss it? “A God fearing,” and the only man who would secure “the nation’s Christian Nation heritage and a continued covenant with God,” is President Lungu. One would expect these words to come from Patrick and not even SpongeBob. Shockingly, the honorable Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee, the Rev. Godfridah Sumaili uttered these meaningless words at the campaign event on the Copperbelt. They are just what they are, simply meaningless.

Whereas the Rev. Sumaili’s role is to gunner religious leader’s support for President Lungu, the PF administration has always appealed to Churches to be apolitical. If 700 pastors spoke in favor of HH, PF cadres and Madam Sumaili would be condemning their actions. But since these pastors are supporting the Big man, Madam Sumaili is happy with it. The PF should not have it both ways–the ECZ should not allow the PF to politicize certain institutions just because it is in power, while limiting other parties. The playing field must be fair. Neither should Madam Sumaili use Churches for political gains, while stopping other church leaders from doing the same. She is a politician and must campaign as a politician as opposed to a pastor. The clerical attire should not make her immune from political attacks–she is not different from GBM, Kambwili or Lungu.

Madam Sumaili claimed that President Lungu is God fearing. Yet, the Lungu administration has been characterized with extreme corruption, violence and insults. From the K2.2 billion recently reported as missing by the Financial Intelligence Report to houses without owners to Fire Engines to expired drugs, the Lungu administration is rotten with mismanagement and corruption–something that has led Zambia to being blacklisted by donors. Unless she is deaf, she hears the insults that her fellow cadres have employed to advance the Lungu agenda. She wouldn’t turn a blind eye to innocent lives that have been destroyed amidst her shouts of “let us pray” and “amen”. Neither would putting on the clerical collar absolve her of the blood on the PF hands–she is just as guilty as Mwila, GMB and Kambwili. If she was principled, she would have left this administration long ago. She is not campaigning for Lungu because he fears God, but rather to get her job back. If anything, she acts as the false prophet to Old Testament Kings–telling the King what he wants to hear.

Clergy from districts on the copperblt gathered in Kitwe to declare their commitment to see President Lungu back in power .
Clergy from districts on the copperblt gathered in Kitwe to declare their commitment to see President Lungu back in power .

The claim to “the Christian heritage” (whatever it means) is just a lie she wants to employ to blind people from holding the Regime accountable. I am a Christian but I won’t subscribe to the PF Christian heritage of thieves. A Christian heritage that permits thugs to gallivant the streets with pride, while mothers give birth on the floors, kids die from curable diseases, degree holders are unemployed, and families cannot afford painkillers. Praise be to Rev. Sumaili’s Christian heritage! We reward politicians and cadres with oversized cars, big salaries, and unwarranted allowances, but masses cannot even afford a meal! Hail to Rev. Sumaili’s Christian heritage! Only politicians and cadres count! The rest of us live as beggars. A taste of hell in Rev. Sumaili’s Christian nation you find! Steal a packet of chocolate in Shoprite, in jail you rot for years. Steal millions, kiss the God fearing president’s boots! You are free. Alleluia! A just Zambia built on equality or love-justice is the heritage we need.

The PF wants to advance the fib of the covenant with God. But central to the Biblical Covenant is love-justice; love for God and for the neighbor. Yahweh demands that we look out for each other’s interests–we are each other’s keepers. The violence and the lawlessness that characterize the PF campaign are indictments of Lungu’s and Madam Sumaili’s failure to respect the dignity of fellow human beings. As a religious leader, Madam Sumaili must be ashamed to even open her mouth–for five years she failed to speak truth to power. She watched corruption explode while cadres amassed millions. She never spoke out when opposition leaders were persecuted. When will she tell GBM, Kambwili, and Mwila to learn a little decency? When will she tell PF cadres to stop brutalizing UPND cadres? The truth is, she won’t! She is a politician bluffing to those Bikini Bottom pastors, who like Patrick are foolish enough to believe Spongebob Squarepants has the mental acuity to operate the boat. Sadly, there are enough votes to elect such a gruesome, Machiavellian, soulless and visionless leader–the end is predictable–a very big disaster awaits us; more and more money in their pockets, and an overwhelming economic crisis.

And with countless Bikini Bottom pastors like Rev. Sumaili around, they will dine like saints, say grace on golden tables, while masses die from hunger and curable diseases as pastors sing “Kumbaya,” in the name of a “Christian Heritage” and “covenant with God”.


  1. The more you insult and accuse the pastors and those in Government by your bitterness the more you send people from you

  2. chibuye these are bakandile not pastors ,so you cannot see the truth that this man has made since you are ignorant ,be wise lets call the truth as it is

  3. Well put sir,
    Though, the question is, will the “Christian Heritage”, $1million-a-fire-tender gang listen to your message and warning ????

  4. My one cent contribution is all politicians, pastors and majority of civil servants, including the ones in power and the ones vying for power are merciless thugs, religious bigots, out to enrich themselves at the cost blind bible thumping masses.Halleluia.

  5. Kettle calling pot black. All of them , including opposition politicians and pastors alike are out there to squeeze the last drop of blood from the masses. Christian heritage in Zambia , look at what FJT Chiluba’s crocodile shoes, littany of concubines, bank balance, jackets look like, one will be ashamed of being called a Christian and declaration of Zambia a christian nation by FJT Chikana.
    Go out and vote for another politician to live in a palace called Statehouse, drink and sleep in a bed, be taken in a car, fly in a plane, that is equivalent to annual expense of whole of Southern Province. Christian nation, my small foot.

  6. There is nothing like Christian nation and I definitely agree with Arcgbishop Mpundu on this one, salvation is very personal. Please lets live by biblical principles and not through declarations but by practical personal effort. The Christian nation principle will save nobody, please don’t be misled

  7. I think that heterodoxa (another doctrine) is prevailing in Zambia due to the mushrooming of pseudopentecostal churches and their material prosperity preachers. Lungu, a winebibber has found comfort in churches that will not demand holiness and integrity, churches like the ones Mrs Sumaili hails from. These churches will rant at a person wearing a miniskirt, but do nothing about the f0rnication that goes on among their choir members and junior pastors. They rant at g4y people but praise the gods of gold and silver who enrich their corrupt cadres. Sumaili is not an elected official. She was an appointed MP and her job ended when Parliament was dissolved. She should now go back to preaching Christ and not Lungu, IF she is a genuine Christian and rverend.

  8. When the bikini bottom support under 5 it’s ok… when they support anyone else they are time wasters… you remember their vote…. Mukose

  9. A Christian Nation (by mere declaration) is different from a Nation of Christians by desire to serve and uphold kingdom values.

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