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Fred M’membe on the Wrong Diagnosis for Tribalism and Regionalism in Zambia

Videos and Audios Fred M'membe on the Wrong Diagnosis for Tribalism and Regionalism...



  1. Do you quakes know that Zambia girls are playing good soccer at olympics? You are busy discussing tribe has bigger d!cks.

  2. Everyone knows that the only tribal people in Zambia are the upnd supporters and diasporans like that wanker above called nostra

  3. This is why Mmembe is wrong; When Hakainde was quoted by Mwebantu News saying ” If I wasn’t Tong, no one would want to bring out privatisation issue” This tells volumes about him. He was also quoted as saying ” is it because I am Tonga that is why I cant be a a president of the alliance” this was in reference to the negotiations that was mediated by our late founding father of our great nation KK between our late MCS (Sata) and HH (UPND president). These and many others incidences tell you the kind of a person you are dealing with. For Mmembe to say that HH (his brother in-law) is not tribalistic is being economica with the truth. The statement by HH is consistent with what all his former leutenants (vice) have said about him. The way HH ascended to the throne is no secrete to…

  4. When I saw him claiming to be representing the poor on TV and yet having expensive bill board all over then it dawned that it is the same disease that we are having with the others which is also with him.

  5. The guy even says on Diamond know your candidate that tukamona abakawina between abapina naba kankala, we are not interested in that. We are interested in having somebody who has the capacity and both the competence and the intellect to come and give Zambia a fresh breath of air. Tell us your plans and not tukamona ukawina, and that is very un presidential

  6. On August 13, after he has lost the election, Fred should restart The Post, and forget about any party politics

  7. @4 Kelvin D Mulenga, full story is in Post Newspaper 27 March 2011. Panji reveals his dealings with HH. Hichilema revealed to him that many people have approached him and persuaded him to be Sata’s Vice because they don’t want a Tonga to be Republican President

  8. Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao etc must be laughing from their graves. After the collapse of USSR Fred M’membe is dreaming about Socialism in this Day and Age. Ironically Fred M’membe was Running the Post Newspaper as a Business. So what Socialism is he talking about? Zambians shouldn’t be naive to take this hypocrite seriously.

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