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Endorsement: Hakainde Hichilema for President

Columns Endorsement: Hakainde Hichilema for President

HHBy Field Ruwe EdD

In the media, endorsements are the responsibility of editorial boards. In this year’s presidential election, I am breaking tradition by endorsing Hakainde Hichilema for President of Zambia. I firmly believe Hichilema has garnered enough political experience, purpose, and vision to unlock Zambia’s potential.

I must emphasize that I have no formal or informal connections to either UPND or its president. However, this year, the election is a matter of urgency. The past six years have been desperate and frightening for Zambia; load shedding, gassing, killings, police brutality, tribalism, corruption, unemployment, colossal national debt, and Covid-19.

Without a doubt, Zambia is a fatigued nation urgently needing political experience, creativity, civil discourse, and common sense. Zambians of all walks of life and political affiliation are responsible for understanding what is at stake in the next five years. If Zambians do not vote as a referendum on Edgar Changwa Lungu, we shall not break the glass ceiling and reach the most significant potential. Instead, we shall remain mired in the same chaotic condition, if not worse.

The Elephant in the Room

In laying out this endorsement, it is imperative I first address the elephant in the room. Over the years, the Patriotic Front has portrayed Hakainde Hichilema as a criminal who stole from state assets thirty years ago. The claim hit the headlines again in August last year when former Finance Minister Edith Nawakwi accused Hichilema of theft and later cautioned he “should not be allowed anywhere near the corridors of power because he may turn the country into an Armageddon.”

Nawakwi’s allegation drew enormous public interest because she was the right person to produce compelling and admissible evidence and provide competent testimony to authenticate PF’s claims and send Hichilema to prison. After all, as a minister, she was the custodian of the funds realized from the sale of state-owned enterprises.

The nation waited in great expectation. Ten months have elapsed since the allegation, and no convincing circumstance or documents have been presented to the police or courts to incriminate Hichilema. On the contrary, Nawakwi’s failure serves to indicate the most natural inference that she and the PF are peddling a headwind of misinformation and deceit for political gain.

A tribute to all Zambians

Having dispensed with the innuendo let me begin my endorsement by first and foremost paying tribute to all Zambians for exercising patience the past six years. It is not the first time Zambians have faced economic turmoil. It is not the first time Zambians have faced poverty. It is not the first time Zambians have suffered death on a massive scale caused by a lethal pandemic. It is not the first Zambians have buried their beloved en masse. And it is not the first time a president has failed them.

Zambians are habitually taken advantage of in each election year. Yet all they want is happiness; that’s their chief end. They each have dreams regardless of their abilities and class. To realize their dreams, they relinquish their natural rights to the custodian of state law—the republican president. They expect the president to have a robust governing vision to take them to higher heights.
Kenneth Kaunda did that. At independence, his vision was to educate every Zambian child. He desired to make Zambians educationally empowered so “they can help me develop the country,” he said. To achieve this, he made education free up to UNZA and provided all students with books and meals, and realized the dreams of many, including Edgar Lungu. Like Mandela, Kaunda knew that education was the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world.

What about Edgar Changwa Lungu? What has been his key ingredient in making Zambians realize their dreams?

On the day of his inauguration, January 25, 2015, Lungu promised to dedicate his presidency to the alleviation of poverty, stating, “I am fully aware of the depths of poverty that continue to afflict the great majority of our people. The fabulous wealth living side by side with abject poverty is a moral outrage and a slur on our collective conscience.”

For a moment, it looked like Zambia had made the right choice. Lungu gave the impression he would close the rich-poor gap. At the time of the speech, Zambia’s poverty level was 60 percent, with 42 percent living in abject poverty. Six years later, instead of going down, the numbers have gone up by 2%, with 82% of rural dwellers affected the most.

“One way to reduce poverty is to create jobs,” Lungu told the crowd at Independence Stadium. “I am aware of the many youths who are without jobs because the ‘economy is not big enough to absorb them.'”

At the time of his speech unemployment rate was 9.34 percent. Six years later, it stands at 11.43%, with many university graduates without jobs.

I have applied inverted commas to the quote “economy is not big enough to absorb them” because Lungu implied he would fix the economy. Yet, six years later, Lungu has lived down to Zambia’s lowest expectations and saddled Zambia’s economy with a crippling $12 billion. Consequently, he has triggered a worse economy than before he assumed power.

The following year, in the inauguration speech of September 13, 2016, Lungu promised to commit himself to the eradication of corruption, describing it as detrimental to society, adding; “engaging in corruption cannot be a substitute to the pride that comes from personal effort and determination to achieve prosperity.” Be that as it may, five years later, Zambia faces the worst corruption challenges in history, with government officials as the main culprits.

It is proper at this juncture to categorically state that President Edgar Changwa Lungu, who campaigned on numerous promises, has failed to answer the call of service. Instead, he has sought refuge in authoritarianism and reigns over the most violent ruling party in democratic Zambia.

Who can forget gassing—the spraying of people with chemicals, an act that claimed the lives of 43 people. Chemical weaponry classified as a weapon of mass destruction under the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is a human rights violation under the Hague Convention. President Lungu, who has failed to appoint a commission of inquiry, owns the crime.

Amnesty International is aware of the killings and other human rights violations. “There has been such a rise in the levels of impunity that it now seems like a bottomless pit,” said one human rights defender. “There does not seem to be any bounds in terms of impunity and violations.” He was referring to the police killing, in cold blood, of State Prosecutor Nsama Nsama and UPND supporter Joseph Kaunda.

Another added: “What we have seen in Zambia, especially in the past five years, is an increasingly brutal crackdown on human rights, characterized by brazen attacks on any form of dissent…opposition leaders, journalists, media houses, and activists have been targeted, and speaking out against allegations of government corruption or abuse has become more dangerous.”

Give Hakainde Hichilema the critical vote of your life

Before I proceed to Hakainde Hichilema, I want to pause and ask questions only you in your heart of hearts can answer: Has Lungu lifted Zambians out of poverty? How do you feel when you drive through a shanty compound? Is there a way life can be better for them as well? Has Lungu changed the University of Zambia and the education system in general for the better? Has Lungu curbed corruption? Are you and members of your extended family able to afford the daily needs of life? Do you and your aging parents in the village have access to proper health care?

If not, then why are you going to walk into the voting booth and cast a vote for the same person who has caused an economic meltdown and taken away your happiness? Why not try another leader? Why not try Hakainde Hichilema? In the last election, he came close to winning; why not give him the benefit of the doubt? It is not a matter of political party allegiance; it is the stuff your dreams are made on.
As of now, your dreams are windswept by a leader who, for the past six years, had an opportunity to afford you the privilege of living a meaningful, happy life.

Hakainde Hichilema may not be the president of your choice, but he has the skills and experience to provide you with a better life. An economist and a successful businessman, Hichilema is well suited to the challenge. Unlike Edgar Lungu, Hichilema, who in the past has contested five times (2006, 2008, 2011, 2015, and 2016), has enough political experience to recognize the magnitude of what the next president is being called upon to do. Building this country sits squarely within his skill and expertise.

A review of Hichilema’s speeches and interviews shows that he is a visionary man who believes Zambia has enough intelligent and skilled people who can band together to get the basics right and turn the country into an astonishingly successful modern nation.

Hichilema believes he can steer the nation out of the current recession by stopping reckless, unplanned, and excessive borrowing and strengthen the legal and regulatory framework for debt procurement and management. He believes this will create a stable currency, low inflation, good jobs, substantial foreign investment, and augment a much-needed middle class.

Hichilema has continually discussed the urgent need for an affordable educational system to spur invention and innovation in his various media appearances. So often, he has, with a sense of purpose, sounded like Kaunda, saying, “we will also be able to pay students descent meal allowances and help them buy books.”

Zambian lives matter

Take a moment to think about what Hichilema is offering. On Election Day, you will be left with two choices; to vote for Hakainde Hichilema, a conscientious individual who has laid out a comprehensive vision for your wellbeing; or the incumbent Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who has failed to deliver his promises. It is not about politics. It is about casting the right vote to avoid chronic suffering. Re-electing Lungu for another five years is a metastasizing threat to your survival.


  1. Talking about tribalism, your candidate conveniently kept quiet when one Sejani said that “Only a Tonga should be President of UPND”, Your preferred candidate told Panji Kaunda that “ a lot of people have approached and persuaded me to be Mr, Sata’s Vice just because they don’t want a Tonga to be Republican President “. Refer to article in the Post newspaper entitled “Panji reveals his dealings with HH” dated March 27, 2011

  2. How can you entrust power to someone who played a key role in mass killings of the Zambians through asset stripping mocks their poverty, prays for calamity as a vehicle to ascend to power and pretends to be a saviour without being remorseful for the atrocities committed in the past. Listen ba Ruwe we’re at peace with one ECL and he’s steering this ship called Zambia in the right direction. Over gassing and other violent acts you’ve mentioned, what makes you think your UPND has no hand in them knowing their insatiable appetite for power ?

  3. Change in Zambia is badly needed , just anybody but corrupt PF and incompetent Lungu will do.Even a dog running on Kachasu Party ticket.

  4. Malabish, HH is tough to sell because he lacks charisma and humility. A good product sells itself. Why do you have to write page after page if HH is as good as you portray him? All we see is a self centred power hungry chap who will try anything to get to state house. HH has set a bad precedence of opposition politics by undermining the presidency. He brands himself as a parallel government rather than an opposition leader. Now imagine what he would do if he became president and the opposition started behaving like him. If you can imagine that scenario then you will know not to vote for this man.

  5. The fact is ECL was given 7 years to Govern Zambia and has lamentably failed. ECL has proved to be Corrupt, Tribalistic,Wasteful,Violent and Visionless. ECL has no respect for Constitutionalism,Rule of Law, Good Governance and Human Rights . During his 7 year Reign there has been many extrajudicial killings and his PF Cadres have harassed, hacked and killed citizens at Bus Stops,Markets and other Public Places. Another 5 years with ECL at the Helm will be suicidal for Zambians. If Zambians want to stop suffering they must try HH as President of Zambia under a UPND Alliance Govt on August 12. HH and UPND Alliance will stop PF Cadre Violence in Public Places and restore Peace, Order and Progress. HH aka Bally will fix it. The writing is on the wall.

  6. Let remind ourselves what HH accused this government:
    1. Zambia is a dictatorship and the government wants to kill him(Has dictatorship ended?)
    2. Accused President Lungu of presiding over a collapsed economy, Zambia had defaulted and was about to go bankrupt
    3. The Kwacha is on a nose dive but if voted into office it would appreciate in value during his swearing in ceremony
    4. Accused President Lungu of high corruption(I agree with him here but HH is also working with the same people he calls corrupt)

  7. Your have always been his vuvuzela so there could be a connection. You are the same people who dumped Sata on us and now you want the I know it all to choke us again? Aikona man. Your choice is wrong in a milion ways

  8. This is a nice piece of an article that has demonstrated that PF have bitter message on HH and they can do anything possible to remove him out but its like they have failed all their evil plans on HH.

    The more they speak evil on him the more God is confusing them in their minds. HH has more followers on the ground than PF.

  9. The writer is extremely biased against the incumbent president. He has not mentioned any good side of Lungu. He has deliberately ignored some very good developments that Lungu has scored such the massive infrastructure development, alleviation of the poor people by the introduction of monthly cash transfer to the most vulnerable people in the society, introduction of youth empowerment as a direct job creation for the youths etc. The list of good things of what the pf has done is almost endless. It’s in Lungu’s government where I have witnessed a cabinet minister being prosecuted for corruption. Bwana your endorsement has no significant muscle to warrant the so called change of yours.

  10. And so the truth is revealed, all the expert objective views provided by the author were just a smoke screen to hide a UPND supporter. Some in the diaspora are desperate to find a door that will bring them home at a level they feel they deserve. Regardless their accomplishments abroad no one there celebrates their lives accomplishments and contribution. So they think supporting the opposition will get them a seat at the table and possibly a slice of cake because these are always taken in the ruling government and party of the day. Armchair critics at best with a self serving agenda in mind.

  11. Luwe, its good you were forced to come out like this. We knew it when you were writing in parables after your so called presidential candidate. But for your information, we have now stopped responding to writings like yours. All we are doing is waiting for 12th to vote back ECL. Alebwelelapo!

  12. Field Ruwe can endorse all he likes but he is not a factor. Come 14 August he will be posting rubbish here again.

  13. Field Ruwe thinks very high of himself and too much self praise and yet no shishi in the pocket…kusabaila and attention seeking…..you’re an old man Mr Ruwe just leave the internet for the young generation…did HH promise you a Job since you’ve been unemployed for more than 15 years

  14. Jealous people will burst after 12 August, I am waiting to see that day 12 August how the HH, haters will be when they will be told that HH is the 7th President and how CK, GB, Nawakwi, Antonio Mwanza and others will do. Time is ticking and 17 days to go now waiting for HH to be in State house.

    Ubukopo bwa bantu is that we see them saying HH is power hungry, Yes if someone

  15. HH is surrounded by many poor people including his relatives. You are telling me that he will only assist them IF he becomes president? I personally judge him by his attitude to matters of national interest including peace. I don’t see him seeking peace but power. He seems desperate for power. At the end of the day Zambians will decide who they want. Will the UPND accept results that don’t favor them? HH becoming president would be sad day for Zambia. He is a tribal person without power. Manje IF he gets it?

  16. If I was voting on August 12, I would vote for Hakainde Hichilema for President. Unfortunately, those of us in the diaspora have to fork out $2,000 (air fares), endure nose probing Covid tests and 2 weeks of quarantine, and several hundreds of dollars for presents to our relatives in Zambia just to travel to register to vote and then back again to actually vote. So, here we are disenfranchised. Meanwhile, Zambians appointed by Lungu and serving in diplomatic missions abroad have the taxpayer to thank for paying for them to travel to and from missions to vote for their employer. There is no doubt whatsoever that any unbiased person would see HH as a better alternative to Lungu. After all Lungu wanted to ‘legally’ murder HH by changing a traffic offence to treason.

  17. True to form!, no clout. I’m afraid your opinion can never count.
    Hakainde is losing Hagain!!

  18. Field Ruwe says that HH has gained political experience from losing elections five times. Really? I thought you gain political experience by serving in government which HH has never done. He talks about load shedding without knowing that the last time there was any investment in power generation was in 1977. He fails to acknowledge the massive investment of the PF government the last ten years in massive power generation plants, the upgrading of already existing small power generation plants and the addition of solar power to the energy mix to mitigate climate change through PPP that has seen the PF increase power generation capacity from 1,600 Megawatts (MW) in 2011 to 2, 800 MW in 2021. Add to that another 120 MW to the national grid through the recent opening of Itezhi Tezhi hydro…

  19. Ba field… you not even registered as a voter… you were better when you performed at the Ridgeway with dry jokes… with zero ngwee in the pocket…go lay down…come home you will shut up

  20. …power station, we are talking of 3,020 MW of hydropower generation capacity that has ended load shedding something which even the MMD government under Levy Mwanawasa could not achieve. This is beside the so many district hospitals, mini-hospitals, and health posts, schools, bridges and roads the PF has done under 10 years. I have been privileged to go round the country and appreciate this. It is unprecedented. Ruwe is writing from a distance and does not know that some of the problems he is talking about like that of limited power generation capacity are a thing of the past. Nokwikalisha kwanabene!

  21. @One Zambian. That is the very mentality that brings Zambia down. You people always think that relatives must financially benefit from an individual. Where is self reliance? ‘I have my uncle in America.’ ‘My auntie is a minister.’ ‘My brother is an MP.’ So what? What are YOU? Why are you boasting about another person’s progress? The country needs leaders who can so level the field that EVERYONE has a fair chance at prosperity and not because her name Is Tasila.

  22. One of the things HH like saying when you sit down with him behind closed doors on business and investment meetings is:

    “Our people in Zambia are too lazy to think. Zambians expect too much from politicians when they should be tapping into our natural resources. They just talk and critique, usually boasting about their academic qualifications and have nothing to show and contribute to National Development. They pretend to know all the answers

    The author is the typical example of Educated Zambians that HH talks about behind closed doors.

  23. Kulibonesha…endorsement as if he someone very important….some people are sick in their heads and Field Ruwe is one of them….he is makaka

  24. Talk is cheap. I will keep banging about this over and over.

    ” Asian Indians came to Zambia just as Doctors, Teachers, Accountants, Engineers etc, just earning salaries. The same Indians started small and ended up setting up Banks, Retail Outlets, Manufacturing Industries, Import Exports Business, Medical Centres etc. ”

    Why cant Zambians do the same. HH will not perform miracles, if Zambians themselves are not will to step up. The bedrock of all powerful developed nations does not come from a sitting president and the government. It comes from private citizens who start small scale business which in the end become big corporations providing employment on mass level.


  26. Technical knock out- HH is bitter, hateful, greedy, tribal, stingy, he can not be President of Zambia. He can only be the President of Opposition UPnd chapwa! Haigain HH ni Ku Wire!!!

  27. #[email protected] Charles
    Yes thats the leader we want and by adding 750mega watts to the national grid, ECL is not just doing it for Tasila but for any Zambia with vision, focus and determination.

  28. @ Kaizar. Come out of that rigging bunker you fat nose. You are the reason I have left PF. I can’t stand you, ugly monster. You go around instulting people and calling them ugly. Take time to look in the mirror. Look at your clown-shaped nose and your oval head. Kikikikiki. If you rig the election we will smoke your bottoms out.

  29. Definition of endorsement -: an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something. Any one can endorse a candidate of their choice. Dr. Ruwe has “endorsed” Hichilema within his right. You too can indorse yours. The fact that you are reacting to his endorsement means their are more. Which is a good thing for him.

  30. Iwe Field Ruwe leka ukunya ubufi Mbuya; education was never free under KK. It was paid for by GRZ. One wonders what your definition of “free education” is. For your own information, even when education was made available at government expense to you and me, UNIP did not invest in the expansion of education infrastructure. Consequently, by the late 70s the population increased whilst the infrastructure remained the same. Universities and colleges experienced increased enrollments of students, but lacked the requisite bed spaces, laboratory equipment, lecture rooms and enough lecturers to teach them. This is what led to a drop in the quality of education and the ranking of our universities in Africa. Today, as we talk, PF has gone beyond UNZA , CBU and Mulungushi universities to build…

  31. … Robert Makasa and Paul Mushindo in Chinsali as new public universities in Chinsali. It has also converted the new Levy Mwanawasa into a teaching hospital that is offering medical degree programmes. Not to forget the newly built CBU medical school in Ndola. It has upgraded Nkurumah, Chalimbana and Copperbelt (now Mukuba) Teacher’s Colleges into public universities that are offering degree programmes. New colleges and trades schools have also been built countrywide. Government is still faced with the challenge of providing enough and well trained human resource to these institutions. But, as can be seen, this is the only massive infrastructure development we have seen after UNIP. The UPND manifesto does not tell us what it will do to complement what the PF has been able to do so far…

  32. … if it were to come into power. UPND is just full of spite for people from other regions other than Southern Province. Out of envy for what the PF has been able to do, its members have now taken to threatening people from other regions in public service with termination of employment if UPND wins. I was in Mbala Northern Province where I witnessed UPND cadres in their regalia insulting public service workers knocking off from work at the ZAF base with job losses once UPND wins on suspicion that they were PF. We are seeing increasing levels of desperation from UPND cadres who have now started beating anyone wearing PF regalia merely for being PF. The UPND cadres want to force all Zambians to be UPND. Do you expect such tactics being used by the UPND in their so-called campaigns to…

  33. …to endear majority Zambians to them? I doubt. No wonder I do not see HH and UPND winning. The levels of division that UPND is engendering in their so-called campaigns are putting off many right thinking Zambians.

  34. As bad as this sounds, I think it would be necessary to build the character of the country with another 5 years of PF. I am not voting PF, but really, I know how to survive, I’d like to see the orange traders and call boys test their mettle.

  35. Finally Field had come-out in the open to support his preferred candidate. There was no need to beat about the bush when the writing was on the wall. Is this the second part that field talked about? There was no need to blind fold readers into believing that you are impartial in your writing when you actually have vested interest, which is ok it is your democratic right to support who ever you want. Zambians will choose their best candidate. Those of us that are economic refugees can talk as much as we want.

  36. Clear. If indeed HH ‘sold the mines’ as the illiterates…(mwebashasamibilila olo ukukana ishiba ukubelenga) why have you not arrested and jailed him over it? HH, Valentine Chitalu, late Francis Kaunda, late Ronald Penza, et al should have been arraigned before a court of law for the said act. Now ubukopo mu PF bwingi aba mano ebanono. Zezelina Nawakwi cant fool all the people only a few and gullible ones. She was the Minister in charge where is the evidence.

    ECL we know is an incompetent solicitor, who actually stole from a grieving widow (records are there at the Law Society) and got disbarred for it. Only an uninformed person or a non caring individual can vote such to ANY public office. I cant.

    This election indeed for me is not about which party or tribal inclination, its…

  37. Field Ruwe writes “It is not the first time Zambians have suffered death on a massive scale caused by a lethal pandemic. It is not the first Zambians have buried their beloved en masse.” Figures do not lie. Let us see where people have been buried enmasse. Is it in the US where Ruwe lives on in Zambia. We use the worldometer to get the most recent statistics on this.
    35,201, 647 192,071
    610,000 3,272

  38. “It is not the first time Zambians have suffered death on a massive scale caused by a lethal pandemic. It is not the first Zambians have buried their beloved en masse,” writes Field Ruwe. Figures do not lie. Let us see where people have been buried enmasse. Is it in the US where Ruwe lives on in Zambia. We use the worldometer to get the most recent statistics on this.
    35,201, 647 ; 192,071
    610,000 ; 3,272

  39. @Insider
    Actually the information as best presented is that the US has had over 610,000 deaths from 35,201,647 Covid-19 cases. This is against 3,272 deaths from the 192,071 recorded cases in Zambia. From this, it is clear that even per 1,000 people, more Americans have died of Covid-19 than Zambians. So, one wonders where Ruwe gets his statistics when he says, Zambians have buried their loved ones enmasse.

  40. Ba The Saint, don’t spread lies. It is not true that diplomats use taxpayers’ money to come and vote. I have been a diplomat so I know what I am talking about. If you are a diplomat and you want to come and vote, you will be required to fork out your own money. This is why very few diplomats come home to vote, especially if they live in far off places. The only way to help these diplomats and other nationals is to introduce voting at missions abroad. So let’s be factual when commenting on issues.

  41. Sichula at Comment # 13: Infrastructure development and the cash transfer funds are all provided for by Zambia’s multilateral and bilateral cooperating partners including the African Development Bank, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, the IMF, Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, and The World Bank. Lungu has merely been acting as a link through which funds are channeled to Zambia. Any one, including you, could have performed that role. Nothing to brag about, really! And Kaizar Zulu at Comment # 17: No one is interested in someone else’s health. Discuss issues, not individuals. No one has perfect mental, physical and spiritual health. You, for example, are mentally retarded, and perhaps you have more issues. It is even…

  42. … possible that you could have contracted STDs from the women you used to cohabit with in Zambia. British spy assigned to work at State House before you were fired by ECL?

  43. Number 31: Independent Observer — Indian Doctors, Teachers, Accountants, Engineers, etc. at least have had expatriate-based salaries. Only 900,000 Zambians out of over 18 million work in the formal sector on locally based meager conditions of service. Where do you expect the 900,000 low-paid citizens and the unemployed get money for investment?


  45. Zambians shouldn’t give HH power. It will be the biggest mistake of our life time. He maybe wealthy but he is worthy.

    Zambians know that HH became UPND leader via tribal succession, something never seen before in the political history of our country.

    Dr Ruwe if you have nothing to write please concentrate on writing fiction books. HH takapite

  46. How can you not say a good work about all the infrastructure that President Lungu has built? He is building roads, bridges and hospitals while HH incites.

  47. You mention that the facts against HH have not been mentioned, but you fail to mention that HH has never given a good answer to questions about his wealth accumulation in 20 years. Why?

  48. HH has been in the public eye for many years and has not proven where he got his money from, and you complain about a minister who took a few months?

  49. Shame on you if a tribalist, violent and corrupt man wins more votes because of your endorsement. The painful years ahead if HH wins will be a witness to your error and sin.

  50. Does it reality matter if and when Filede Luwe endorses Hakainde? Is he an influencer? Which group of people is he targeting. A cadre masquerading as an educationist. He has never said anything positive about Edgar Lungu.
    Filede Luwe started campaigning way back for the UPND culminating into the Who’s Who In 2021 Zambia Presidential Elections. This article is his crescendo.
    Good luck.

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