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Davies Mwila urges PF members to help garner more votes in party strongholds

Feature Politics Davies Mwila urges PF members to help garner more votes in party...

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has implored its members to go flat out and ensure that the party garners more votes in its strongholds in the forthcoming general elections set for August 12, 2021.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila cited Lusaka and Copperbelt as two provinces where the PF should maximize on garnering presidential votes for President Edgar Lungu.

He was speaking during the campaign meeting held in Mandevu constituency and streamed live on Facebook via the Smart Eagles page.

Mr. Mwila revealed that President Lungu has granted him permission to visit all the seven constituencies in Lusaka ahead of the August 12 general elections.

He has since urged PF members to work together and ensure that President Lungu is re-elected for office.

The PF Secretary General further called for harmony and unity within party structures.

He explained that the party will easily win once unity and peace prevail in the party.

Mr. Mwila expressed happiness after learning that all aspiring candidates who contended for the Mandevu seat but were not adopted have rallied behind the elected party officials.

“We need unity in the party and I am happy to learn that all those that applied to be adopted on the PF ticket are working with the elected officials,” he said.

The PF Secretary General also appealed to the electorate to support PF aspiring councilors, Members of Parliament and President Lungu.

At the same meeting, Mr. Mwila advised party structures to ensure that party properties are safeguarded at all times.

“Let us protect our property, our office must not be left alone. We should be having people looking after the offices,” he said.

And Mr. Mwila has predicted that the PF will scoop more seats in Western and North Western provinces in next month’s general elections.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwila has challenged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the Commonwealth to condemn the opposition political parties that have allegedly abrogated the peace agreement.

The PF and UPND recently signed a peace accord, signaling commitment to ending the electoral violence that had engulfed the two political parties ahead of the August 12, 2021 general election.

Mr. Mwila wondered why some organization such as the Commonwealth, NGOs and ECZ have decided to remain mute after some parties allegedly abrogated the peace accord.


  1. Ati twali wina kale! Why the reinforced campaigns if you’re sure of victory due to ” unprecedented infrastructure development”. Fact is the people of zambia are unsettled with the status quo.

  2. PF Leaders’ heads are buried in the sand like Ostriches and they can’t read the mood of the Voters. The majority of Voters of Mandevu,Kanyama, Chawama, Kafue etc are suffering due to the Hard Economy, PF Cadre Violence, PF Corruption,PF Gassing etc. Its the Minority of Voters that are benefitting from PF Corruption and Patronage. Hunger and Anger knows no Tribe,Region and Colour. Even in PF Strongholds People are crying out for a change of Govt. No right thinking Zambian would vote for Corrupt, Tribalistic, Incompetent and Visionless ECL. Voting for ECL is as good as committing economic and Financial suicide for Zambians. On August 12 ECL kuyabele.

  3. “Mr. Mwila expressed happiness after learning that all aspiring candidates who contended for the Mandevu seat but were not adopted have rallied behind the elected party officials.”

    Its not a question them rallying behind party officials but a question of how much you bribed them with taxpayer’s money.

  4. It is too late. Better to focus on gathering missing receipts because the out going President want to go with cleaner conscious.
    We thank you Ba Davis Chama for your disarming PF thanks, go well out of government.

  5. Edgar China Lungu is preparing the presidential plane for his fleeing out of the country on August 13. Good move Edgar China Lungu! With your track record in CORRUPTION, and THEFT BY SERVANT you are surely going to be convicted to life in prison! Better go and hide in that hide-out in Eswatini! And you can keep the plane! By the way, please take that stup!d troll from the UK with you, we don’t want KZ no more!

  6. My brother mwila we are on the ground. I am not even sleeping at home any more until elections. I am all over the country going flat out. I have won elections in past by my prowess in strategizing. I will do that again and again. No one can stop a great man like me or ECL. Alebwelelapo

  7. Our numbers are dwindling by the day, please bane poseniko amano or else we toast.I like your enthusiasm KZ, keep the morale high , we can win if we galvanize the masses.

  8. SG Mwila should spell out the Campaign message Members should use to persuade Voters in our Strongholds to Vote for ECL and our MP and Councillor Candidates. Its not enough to say “Elebwelapo” or vote “Pabwato”. Voters are Hungry and suffering becoz of high cost of living, low incomes, no jobs,lawlessness etc. What should we promise those Voters who are not benefitting from our Empowerment Programmes? Thats what voters want to hear. What will I benefit by voting for ECL for the Third Time? How do we answer this question?

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