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President Lungu has shown true leadership-GBM

Headlines President Lungu has shown true leadership-GBM

Patriotic Front (PF) Northern Province Presidential Campaign Manager, Geoffrey Mwamba says President Edgar Lungu has shown true leadership by delivering equal development across the country. Mr Mwamba said President Lungu is a selfless man and has proven this to the people of Zambia.

“I can point at a lot of things that our president has done for his people across the country” he said

Mr Mwamba who is also PF Deputy National Chairperson for Mobilization said there is need for people to give President Lungu another mandate for him to govern the country for another five years.

“Let us give him another chance to transform the country with vast development in all sectors of the economy ” he said

He explained that the president has taken infrastructure development in all sectors such as roads, trading places and other areas, adding that this has worked for many Zambians.

Mr Mwamba said this when he visited Tazara, Chiba, Chambeshi, Chikumanino and New Town markets in Kasama district to check on traders.

And PF Mayoral aspiring candidate for Kasama Theresa Kolala has commended the party for choosing females to stand on the mayoral and parliamentary tickets in Kasama in the coming elections.

“The PF has shown beyond reasonable doubt that they are promoting inclusiveness by appointing women at various leadership positions” said Ms. Kolala.

She has appealed to Kasama residents to give her an opportunity to be the mayor of the town and to also support the PF party by voting for their candidates.

Ms Kolala has pledged to work closely with residents of Kasama once elected as Mayor.

Meanwhile, Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has called on the opposition political parties to be partners in developing the country than just criticize every development by government.

President Lungu has also called on leaders to have the interest of Zambians at heart as they are in leadership positions.

“There is need to have opposition that are partners in development than those that just criticize everything done by government,” he said.

“We don’t need opposition that just make noise but have the interest of the Zambians at heart so that we can develop the country together.”

President Lungu however said the ruling Patriotic Front has performed extremely well and it is confident of winning the elections.


  1. Lungu doesn’t seem to understand plural politics. As for GBM, we love you; it’s only your political choice that we are not comfortable with. # we want change.

  2. GBM is the same person who told us:”If u want to continue suffering continue with Edgar Lungu”. GBM repeated this 3 times and its on tape. GBM also advised Zambians to elect HH as President of Zambia if they want the Economy to be revived. Well Zambians are suffering and they want their Economy and their lives turned around. So on August 12 we will vote for HH and UPND Alliance and protect that Vote. This is a matter for life and death for all Zambians. The writing is on the wall.

  3. How? He may not even have an idea that all economic indicators are in negative ever since the person he is praising took over. Of course two possibilities, tenderpreneurship or school things, which ever the case, it is not an offence, all we need to do is understand and forgive. Remember Dr Kaunda told us that ignorance was a disease

  4. You can have all the money in the world, but one thing it can never buy you is a brain. The case of GBM

  5. GBM does not seem to know what he is talking about. Everything these PF leaders are trying to come up with is just falling apart. What truth can GBM tell the voters than what he told them when he was in UPND. He was quick to desert UPND and will watch from the sidelines for the next five years. Its a missed opportunity and a blessing in disguise for HH and UPND Alliance to go into this election without the likes of GBM, Paul Moonga etc becuase they were going to cause confusion in the next govt.

  6. Fvcck off GBM, you chased Canicius Banda from HH.
    Real stuff:
    The way boy Fashion Sakala has started playing with Rangers is amazing. Did you watch Rangers vs Real Madrid??

  7. So much truth in this. Gbm is a successful man and so is best place to assess the success of a president. Who are you???

  8. Those of you who understand symbolism, does GMB’s fist symbolise anything? I have never seen a fist made like that in all my life. If it doesn’t, he can trademark it like Mo’s headlove symbol or Bolt’s rocket bolt symbol from sports. just saying.

  9. Fat prat GBM has got back his haulage contracts from FRA for trucks he is no longer fasting singing praises for his Lazy Lungu as a senior cadre …he is now a happy man what a life

  10. My opinion and genuine opinion is that PF made a big mistake to allow the guys campaign. They should have just told them to keep quiet. Any person would find it hard to change language from insults to praises. I feel sorry for them coz no matter what they, I doubt anyone takes them serious.

  11. Feeling sorry for Fat Alberto, including his other fat alberto from Luanshya who has completely lost compass and doing very tough piece work given to them by the PF for the attacks they hurled on PF when they were in opposition before hunger kicked in.

  12. That the PF has got in bed with one half of the Obese Brothers is just totally baffling: the guy really has got as many brains as the troll from the UK the imposter KZ – namely NO BRAINS at all. Edgar China Lungu didn’t bring any development to the Zambians, only to his family and especially his horrible son. August 12: PF out!

  13. Zambians ought to realize that their tolerance of foolishness and “being happy with simple little things” is what makes politicians take them for granted! The short memories and non interest in holding the leaders accountable to their utterances and daily dealings while occupying positions of running the country is what makes every politician think little of the average Zambians’ capacity to reason intelligently! Here we have GBM reduced to a sad self best if he retired from politics to a quiet businessman and employer. Lungu must note Chiluba said “power is sweet” but don’t by all means try self imposing self if times determine otherwise! GBM invite Kambwili that both you strengthen the private sector investments with your wealth!

  14. He had helped make HH popular; he deserves a cabinet appointment in HH’s government. Let’s see: president HH; VP Nalumango; finance Milupi; youth and sport Likando; economy GBM etc

  15. Leadership is measured in terms of socioeconomic outputs. What kind of leadership is there when ECL has presided over a country with extreme levels of poverty, corruption, external borrowing, etc.? He has certainly been “successful” in redistributing infrastructure development and cash transfer funds from donor countries, and in showering chieftains and other Zambians with gifts and donations, and in inspecting projects started by previous governments. That is what constitutes “leadership” according to GBM.

  16. Ba GBM mwabo kwi ukwina bakamba brain yenu too small to really think clearly. Who in the world is ever going to listen to these political scumbags who are only in it for the money in their pockets. It’s HH’s time NOW NI FORWARD CHABE….!! Viva UPND Alliance you have a very good chance to govern. Please do not disappoint the Zambian people ever again. I trust HH.

  17. “There is need to have opposition that are partners in development than those that just criticize everything done by government,”
    Ba Lungu bali blind. People do not criticise development, they welcome it. What they criticise are the INFLATED costs, the lack of transparency in how much is borrowed and the fraud. This is what we criticise. Ambulances, Fire trucks, tool gates, roads, schools, hospitals etc have all cost far much more than they cost anywhere in the civilised world. People do not hate the PF. They hate imisango.

  18. GBM Another Shameless SEBANA WA IKUTA Zambian Politician.
    Bwana What Party will you be supporting next year ???????

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