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Muchinga chiefs resolve to support President Lungu, PF

General News Muchinga chiefs resolve to support President Lungu, PF

Traditional leaders in Muchinga province have resolved to support President Edgar Lungu and his Patriotic Front (PF) party because of their good performance in the last 10 years.

And the traditional leaders in the province have called for peaceful campaigns ahead of the August 12, 2021 polls.

Secretary of the Muchinga Provincial Chiefs Council, chief Lundu has told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) at his palace today that traditional leaders in the region have resolved to continue supporting President Lungu and the PF party.

Chief Lundu said the traditional leaders’ resolution to support Dr. Lungu was as a result of the good performance of the PF administration in the last 10 years.

He said chiefs in the province are confident that some development projects, which have not yet been completed, will be worked on in due course hence the need to support the ruling party and ensure that it is voted back into office during next month’s polls.

“We are happy with the extent of development in all the chiefdoms and where projects are still running, we know that they will be completed because even Rome was not built in a day,” said chief Lundu.

The traditional leader cited infrastructure development in the education and health sectors as some projects that have positively impacted the local people.

He added that every chiefdom now has a secondary school and a min hospital or a health post.

He observed that the maternal mortality rate has drastically reduced in rural communities because of the huge investments in the health sector through infrastructure development and employment of qualified staff.

“As chiefs in Muchinga Province, what we are saying is that we are rallying behind President Edgar Lungu in the August 12 general election because of the past performance,” said Chief Lundu.

He also said it is good that the contractor, China Jiangxi, who is working on the Lot 1 of the Chama-Matumbo road, will be moving back on site to complete the remaining 62 kilometres (km) of the road project.

And the traditional leaders in Muchinga have appealed to political parties taking part in the August general election to ensure they engage in peaceful campaigns.

Chief Lundu of the Senga people of Chama district said traditional leaders in the province want peace before, during and after the August polls.

He said it is important that the peace that the country is enjoying is safeguarded at all costs.

Meanwhile, Chief Lundu said traditional leaders in the province are also happy with President Lungu for choosing another female as his running mate.

He said traditional leaders in the province have confidence in President Lungu’s running mate Nkandu Luo because of her past achievements and performance in various positions she held in the government.

He said President Lungu’s decision to settle for another female as a running mate in the August general elections confirms the President’s commitment to support women by appointing them in various positions.


  1. I am sure the number of chiefs that will vote will make a difference. Maybe not as overwhelming a difference as their subjects who will be alone in that voting booth


  3. Another group of chiefs who have been wooed by “empowerment” from the corrupt PF, and who are completely out of touch with their own people. And they clearly have got no idea that cooking oil has quadrupled in price in the last six months!

  4. Useless corrupt chiefs…do they not realise the implications if Lazy Lungu were to lose. This is where traditional leadership is lacking!!

  5. The chief in a Khaki suit is wearing Gucci suit…power of brown envelopes…so Lungu wants to force himself into a third term even by any means necessary….am not happy with Lungu…now I don’t want him to win…..

  6. This guy is not speaking on behalf of chiefs bur himself after receiving a brown envelope. Chiefs have been turned to political prostitutes by this government and have completely lost all the respect they had before.

  7. Those in the north are as wise as those in the east. They know how to get the best out of a milk cow. Does anyone read between the two lips and the eyes. We use such tricks in the village when you want to capture a chicken for supper. Be aware. The biggest question is who is fooling who.

  8. What the chiefs are saying about Lungu and his outstanding performance is 100% correct. Lungu has done well despite his few mistakes that he has made. Therefore he is supposed to be given another chance to improve the country where he has not touched as yet. I haven’t benefitted from the Lungu good performance as an individual but generally he had done well.

  9. African Chiefs have been selling out their subjects for centuries. Think back to colonialism and the slave trade. Back then they sold us out for guns, mirrors and salt. Present day Zambian Chiefs are selling out their subjects for brown envelops, 4x4s and f**king green bicycles..

  10. Ba LT you must not carry such stories. These are chiefs breaking their ethical code. If Southern Province chiefs say they have resolved to support HH you will all cry foul. They will be called tribalists and so on.. On the contrary trhese chiefs must be reprimanded and told to shut up

  11. Our tradition is in danger. Are the chiefs to come in open and announce their endorsement, NO BANE, . chiefs can become bamwankole ba mushanina bwali !!? Nomba opposition ngayako bakaya mweba Shani? This is serious, chiefs are now become cadres bane.

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