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GBM advises Zambians to give President Lungu another mandate

Feature Politics GBM advises Zambians to give President Lungu another mandate

With 16 days to go before 12 August polls , Patriotic Front (PF) Northern Province Presidential Campaign Manager, Geoffrey Mwamba, says Zambians should consider giving President Edgar Lungu another mandate as he has shown true leadership by delivering equal development across the country.

Mr Mwamba popularly known as GBM says President Lungu is a selfless man and has proven this to the people of Zambia and therefore needs another term to rule the country

“I can point at a lot of things that our President has done for his people across the country,” he said.

Mr Mwamba, who is also PF Deputy National Chairperson for Mobilization, said there is a need for people to give President Lungu another mandate for him to govern the country for another five years.

“Let us give him another chance to transform the country with vast development in all sectors of the economy,” he said.

Pointing out that President has taken infrastructural development in all sectors such as roads, trading places among others across the country,Mr Mwamba said this when he visited Tazara, Chiba, Chambeshi, Chikumanino and New Town markets in Kasama district to check on traders.

And PF Mayoral aspiring candidate for Kasama Municipality, Theresa Kolala, has commended the party for choosing females to stand on the Mayoral and Parliamentary tickets in Kasama in the coming elections.

“The PF has shown beyond reasonable doubt that they are promoting inclusiveness by appointing women at various leadership positions,” said Ms Kolala.

She has appealed to Kasama residents to give her an opportunity to be the mayor of the town and to also support the PF party by voting for their candidates.

The Mayoral aspirant has therefore pledged to work closely with residents of Kasama once elected as mayor.

Meanwhile, the socialist party says campaigns are going on well.

A Socialist Party official in Kasama, Pastor Fred Chanda, has also expressed confidence of winning in election


  1. “Mr Mwamba popularly known as GBM says President Lungu is a selfless man and has proven this to the people of Zambia and therefore needs another term to rule the country”

    A Third term right hmm because to you guys its unfair the first term was not 5 years regardless what the law says.

  2. GBM is inconsistent in his words . When he was with HH he disagreed everything about EL. I would suggest such men as GBM to retire from politics as they are leading the Zambian people astray

  3. President Edgar has had the chance to govern and prove the people of Zambia that he is capable of steering the country forward, but his excellence has failed and not performed to the expectations of the people of Zambia. Commodity prices have been skyrocketing under his leadership and never during his presidency has he ever come out to openly discuss these issue and assure the people of Zambia that he is working and things will be back to normal. All we hear is the PF has built hospitals, clinics and structure here and there, the PF has acquired fire trucks which cost the nation $40 million. Everything under the PF govt is inflated and there is no accountability. The list of things that have gone wrong in the country under the leadership of President Lungu is endless, surely PF and GBM…

  4. “….Let us give him another chance to loot and steal with us , the PF in the name of transforming the country with vast development in all sectors of the economy,” he said.

  5. GBM is a Hypocrite. When he was with UPND he used to say: “If u want to continue suffering continue with Edgar Lungu “. He repeated this Statement 3 times. He also said that if Zambians want the Economy to be turned around the only person who can do this is HH. GBM is praising ECL becoz he is benefiting from PF Corruption and Patronage. No right thinking Zambian will vote for Lungu unless if he is eating. “Ubomba Mwibala Alya ifya Mwibala Alya ” PF Team will vote for ECL and PF. The Majority of Zambians are suffering and are not benefitting from ECL Rule. The writing is on the wall.

  6. Aren’t we tired of hearing the same names GBM,Kambwili,Lungu,Nevers,Never, Mmembe,Nalumango, Luo etc….can we come up with a fresh team of young leaders….for God’s sake

  7. Edgar China Lungu a selfless man? After looting the country’s coffers, enriching his entire family (especially his son who now has bought NINE farms in Kanakantapa with taxpayers money, etc.etc. Is there really one Zambian left who believes even ONE word out of GBM’s mouth?

  8. So says the over weight fat Albert who is thinking with his huge Tammy… pathetic Foools for real

  9. Imwe ba reporter babula ma qualifications where was GBM speaking? Answer the Who What Where When Why and How questions before publishing your story!

  10. He is inconsistent as his weight …you dont know whether he is squatting or his back facing you in the photo

  11. Very wise words. Brother GBM do not worry, I can assure you that zambians have already decided to re elect our father ECL. It is only tribal upnd gorillaz like the diasporans above who are in denial. They are all motherfcukers

  12. The majority of Zambians don’t want lungu.

    If lungu was wanted by the majority, he would not be blocking the opposition from campaigns……..

  13. This chap never diversified his business portfolio hence the reason he was squeezed by PF to the point he parked his trucks in the yard ..really laughable …now he is big to eating again look at how his stomach has ballooned like a bullfrog.

  14. Sorry Mr Mwamba , just to look on you, you are “sorry” fat you have been living on PF and Lungu´s corruption. You are finished, step down you are false just like Lungu

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