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Hakainde Hichilema is not fit to be President , he is unpatriotic-Canisius Banda

Headlines Hakainde Hichilema is not fit to be President , he is unpatriotic-Canisius...

Member of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Dr. Canisius Banda says leader of the opposition UPND Hakainde Hichilema is not fit to be President because he is unpatriotic.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Christian Voice “Zambia Decides” program yesterday, Dr. Banda said Mr. Hichilema proved that he is unpatriotic when he undervalued the mines during the privatization.

He said Mr Hichilema would privatize the entire country if voted into power.

“When MMD came into power the companies were sold, undervalued. HH was at the center of it. The process was badly done. He was part of the team, he should have done it based on patriotism…….He (Hichilema) doesn’t qualify to manage the state affairs because he mishandled vital national assets,” he said.

“I would advise my brother Hakainde to just focus on business and let those who are patriotic rule the country. He will flourish in business but he can’t rule the country.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Banda reiterated that there is no need to change the government because President Edgar Lungu is changing the face of the country through his developmental projects.

He mentioned that the Head of State has transformed the agriculture sector among others.

The former UPND Vice President reiterated Zambia is one of the leading grain exporters in Africa.

Dr. Banda maintained that the President has also transformed the lives of the youths and women through various empowerment programs.

He however argued that empowerment program is not only targeting a few individuals.

“There is no reason to change government. The empowerment program is not only targeting a few individuals. Sustainability is there and when they say it’s not targeting communities I don’t understand because these cooperatives are in communities. Over 100, 000 youths have benefited,” he said.

And Dr Banda mentioned that the country is no longer in electricity crisis following the launch of the Kafue Gorge Lower Hydropower Station.

He added that the President is focusing on developing the country without leaving anyone behind as proven by the development he has taken to Dundumwezi, the area that didn’t give the Head of State votes.


  1. Another PF bozo who can only criticize an opposition leader, but has got NOTHING to say about their own sh!try policies, their own CORRUPTION, their own violence. Zambians have got enough of all the LIES!


  3. Is it just me or do other people look at this photo and think about the hostages and political prisoners who are forced to speak for the camera while their captor stands just just out view with a gun at their head?

  4. Just say you are feeling the heat and pressure from HH. Tiye tiye HH faka pressure, faka. That’s why they keep frustrating your campaigns, that’s why they produced a flawed voters’ roll. It’s less than 2 weeks before we go to the polls and so far the playing field has been very rough for the main opposition

  5. Of course he is not patriotic. Everyone knows. How can a patriotic person undervalue and sell the resources of his own country for peanuts during privatisation and then walk around showing off that he is self made billionaire? The man is a preek

  6. This bawbag is still talking! Mwanawasa sold the mines to Indians for 5 million dollars. Nawakwi was finance minister in MMD at the height of privatisation. Did Edgar Lungu undervalue Cold Storage Board Ltd?
    This dude is truly a [email protected]!

  7. This man really sounds frustrated. His political career has clearly failed. I have never head anyone say something about this HH fella other than tribe and privatization. The question to debate is can he manage the national economy?

  8. 25 years later and still talking about privatisation and only before every election give up you s t u p i d bloggers

  9. Hh is this, hh did this, hh will do this, hh does this , hh is…., hh was….


    this HH must be a great man…….

    to preoccupy the whole PF and GRZ and the whole airwaves 24/7…..

  10. “25 years later and still talking about privatisation”. A crime once committed never rots. If you steal and expect that with the passing of time your theft will be legitimized then you are dead wrong.

  11. #13  Abena 
    July 30, 2021 At 10:40 am

    ” “25 years later and still talking about privatisation”. A crime once committed never rots. If you steal and expect that with the passing of time your theft will be legitimized then you are dead wrong.” ”

    Why are the perpetrators not being persecuted ???

    Is it because lungu also sold cold storage board of zambia ??….???

  12. When the PF say lungu is a caring humble leader , what they saw was like when lungu took his whole cabinet and other party officials , a full plane , to China to sign the digital migration arrangement, and again he took the whole cabinet to Israel.

    Also when he just became minister , lungu went on a world tour including the Vatican with a whole group of PF officials……..

    Yes, those enjoying free shopping trips around the world with lungu will say he is very giving however with no regard to tax payers money, the results we are seeing today……..

  13. When HH was recently asked to explain his wealth, a question that used to upset him very much in the past, he said he built a house in some komboni while staying at UNZA. He said people laughed at him. Ati when he moved to the UK to further his studies he put the house in komboni on rent and the was getting rent grew. That was in answer to the question how he got rich… question is how did get he rich unless he invested his money from privatization in cattle and shares he allocated himself in privatization deals? I dont trust him. BUT the choice is your

  14. $10000 was given to Canicius Banda, that’s what interglete cost in Zambia, $10000. To work for PF for 1 month.
    $10,000 was salary for Micho, chipolopolo coach. So if Canicius wants $10000, there is open vacancy at FAZ for football coach.

  15. One Faith, One Saviour and that Saviour is Jesus Christ( try to check the book of Acts). This where the One Zambia , One Nation came from and then ba BulawayoMHSRP, expanded it to One Zambia, One Nation,One leader, and that leader,……”THink about this people!!

  16. You were his Vice President all the while you knew this. It goes to character your honour. This man is insincere and not being truthful. All the statistics that the PF people quote when fact checked are all lies. Lungu inherited $3 billion. He spent it all and went on to borrow $20 billion. He has spent $23 billion in 10 years and what has he got to show for it? MMD found MINUS $7 billion in 1991. By 2011, they had raised $3 billion with a lot of projects in the pipeline. Even if we ignore the debt that was written it means that MMD had less money at their disposal to work with.

  17. @The Saint: You are right. infact most of the projects PF is boasting about were started by MMD, EG all the hydro power stations. They did more and better roads, all the comboni hospitals in Lusaka and other cities including Levi Hospital, Mutanda Chavuma Road, All provincial roads, a lot of schools nearly in every comboni to mention but a few and left 3 Billion plus a great credit rating for PF.

  18. I am vey disappointed by the statement attributed to Dr, Canisius Banda that HH is unpatriotic to rule this country and that he under valued the companies that were privatized during MMD regime. Late M.C Sata was right when he stated that educated Zambians are the most cowards when it comes to making change of govt. Dr. Banda is out there flirting with the once Mighty PF for his own preservation nothing else. He has no interest or share in the suffering. No one chased or flushed him out of PF instead he was inpatient. Everything has its own time. Dr. Banda you soon swallow your pride with a tail down in between your legs.

  19. Yaba ati a lot of projects in the pipeline Kikikikikik.and US3billion in reserves after 20 years honestly? Ati they built a lot of schools and hospitals and ECL borrowed over 20 billion. Get your facts right MMD may have left US3Billion but also a debt of US 4billion and a very weak economy with no industrial base after together with the most intelligent economist Zambia has ever produced ransacked what KK built at a great cost.

  20. When know Njala yami nyokolani ba Banda, PF has bought you together with Chishimba and GBM deep down you heart you know the only person who can clean this country is HH. My advise, please eat the money you have been given and don’t include us mufyebupuba. No matter what the three of you will nothing is going to change our mind we want Hakainde to be the president after August 12. PF are scared of HH, because they know the man is principled and he can not be bought with piece of silver, and mostly there are scared of going to prison because they have plundered massively.

  21. Its very important to be serious when analysing the economy of the nation and we’re in this situation because people want to give credit over failure. You can’t have a Govt that had zero pressure from the opposition and after 20 years of inheriting a strong industrial base all you can boast about is US3billion in reserves and projects in the pipeline and huge unemployment levels and literally no direction to talk about and offloading a jewel in KCM to Indian merchants for nothing . If you’re sincere with yourselves PF has performed beyond expectation considering the political environment, alert citizenry and unprecedented external shocks yet the economy has weathered the storm.

  22. Privatization yawn! Yawn! Yawn! Nothing to talk about again so playing the same record. Pilgrim why no one wants to employ you when you are qualified doctor. Is it trust issues?

  23. This Banda guy is a plotical nonentity, even for UPND, to have elevated him to that position was mistake, no issue based campaign, just anti Hakainde crusade, very dul

  24. Of all people Canisius should be the one to tell us who to vote for and who to not to vote for, how mwebanthu, why do these people overate themselves so much. Totally unbelievable. Bwana, the party where you have gone to hide your leadership incompetency has expired and Zambians will not be renewing.

  25. …all I can say is whatever they are paying this bootlicker to make a cameo here and there is too much…an unnecessary burden on the taxpayers…even if it’s one ngwee.

  26. Just like people give excuses for their lateness so are PF giving excuses for their failure on incidences that happened 25 years ago. Mwanawasa bettered the economy that you as PF have now destroyed and put the country on regression. We need another leader like mwanawasa.

  27. PF are really a party full of buffons, the paid so called PF member voices like GBM, CK and now Canisious Banda really makes sad reading, pure politics of the belly on display. GBM’s Amazon lost business bcoz of PF, CK’s Mwamona lost 90% of its business bcoz PF interference, now Dr. C Banda a desperate failure in politics hired by the PF bcoz of the position he held in UPND and being used to mudsling HH. Anyone can see as Its all in black and white. By the way In your sober correct judgement, putting politics aside is ECL really fit to rule Zambia? The last 8 years has been HELL to Zambians under his rule except for a few individuals flashing their Gold encrusted Rolex watches worth thousand of pounds to waste.

  28. HH took advantage of the sleeping MMD Government, he did not care about the Zambians. He made himself rich from privatisation. Foolishly, he claims he was not in charge but a business man. We have also come to learn that he dribbled deceased farm land although he had plenty of land. Again foolishly, he says He made sure he followed the law. Not fit to challenge wrong laws. Mr Banda assessment of HH leadership is correct. Mr Banda and others did well to stay away from a selfish person. VOTE ECL and PF for a better tomorrow.

  29. Dr. Canisius Banda is one of the educated unpatriotic and scared to be honest about the current state of our nation. He just rants without thinking. Even a Grade 10 is able to understand when you explain that HH did not sell anything. Most of educated people are a let down to the nation. They can’t stand the heat of making our nation to stand for the truth. Sink so low.

  30. Yes Cainisious Banda you are right , Hichilema has no qualities to lead people in addition to being unpartiotic! Fortunately he can’t win on August 12 because his votes are based on Southern province! This year he’s losing in Western and North-Weatern provinces! Abash crook Hichilema , Abash! Viva Edgar Lungu, Viva!

  31. The so called educated people in zambia are pathetic. How can a person called Dr Verbose such nonsense when he knows the truth about those mines?

  32. Canisius Banda ,Another SHAMELESS,BROKE & HUNGRY Zambian Political Nomad joining KAMBWILI, GBM & NAWAKWI selling thier Souls for a few pieces of Silver

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