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Veep urges civil servants to come up with district development ideas

General News Veep urges civil servants to come up with district development ideas

Vice President Inonge Wina has challenged civil servants in Luano district in Central Province to come up with ideas that would help the government to quickly develop the new districts.

Speaking yesterday when she addressed civil servants in Luano, Mrs. Wina said those working in rural districts must be proud that their names will go down in history as being among the founding people of the newly created district.

“Cadets from Cambridge were spending nights in the bush to create districts, even you must be proud because you will go into the history of the creation of the new district which will become a city,” she said.

The Vice President said civil servants must work with the government of the day to successfully implement government policies.

“People may not understand policies like the social cash transfer because they will think it is manna from heaven and yet there is a purpose for this programme which must be explained,” said Mrs. Wina.

She added that public workers did not come to the district in a vacuum but to serve the people by implementing the government policies.

“Covid-19 has also paralysed the economic activities for both big and small businesses and there is need to accelerate the social protection policy,” she said.

Mrs. Wina has further challenged civil servants to also participate in agriculture and cut down the cost of products which can be produced locally.

And Zambia Civil Servants Initiative Association Luano branch chairperson Msana Mulenga said a new dawn has come for the civil service through the debt swap.

“We thank the PF and President Edgar Lungu for giving a debt relief to the civil service and we shall always be loyal to the government of the day,” he said.

Zambia Civil Servant Initiative (ZACIA) during the meeting with the Vice President Inonge Wina at twikatane primary School in Luano District
Zambia Civil Servant Initiative (ZACIA) during the meeting with the Vice President Inonge Wina at twikatane primary School in Luano District

Meanwhile, Vice President Inonge Wina has urged the provincial administration in Central Province to prioritise the completion of infrastructure development in some areas that were declared districts in 2012 and 2013 by the late President Michael Sata.

Mrs. Wina said once infrastructure is completed in the new districts, civil servants will be motivated to work and stay in those places.

The Vice President said it was not by accident that Ngabwe and other new districts were created but that it was because the government wanted the people in the area to enjoy the government services.

She was speaking this afternoon in Ngabwe district in Central Province during a meeting with Ngabwe District Commissioner, Willard Rundale.

And Mrs. Wina said she was glad to learn that government programmes have been introduced in Ngabwe district and that they are progressing well despite the challenges faced as a new town.

Meanwhile, Ngabwe District Commissioner Willard Rundale said the new district has already started receiving its share of national development.

Mr. Rundale disclosed that health facilities have been constructed in the area which will help improve people’s access to health services.

He added that a lot of farmers have also benefited from the Farmers Input Support Programme (FISP) and the Food Security Pack (FSP0 among other empowerment programmes.


  1. Wht’s their job if they’re not doing that already? Is the Vice-President really talking about wht she means?

  2. Clever move from the veep: she doesn’t make any promises that government is not going to keep, and it doesn’t cost any money! Edgar China Lungu can learn something from that! But it will prove to be too late for these elections I’m afraid!

  3. Government cannot make you rich or successful. We provide the foundations and then it is down to you as individuals to use those for your benefit.

  4. This is a senile old grandmother who will be retiring in 12 days just ignore her..she doesn’t understand your role in govt.

  5. KZ what if those holding big positions in government only give lucrative opportunities to themselves, what then is left for an ordinary citizen with no political connections?

    Don’t downplay this, a lot of citizens have been disadvantaged simply because they have no one to politically connect them.

    That is why, government must stand for each and every citizen and not just cadres.

  6. Lazi – You might as well try to reason with the nearest wall as that is troll and an impostor only here to distract you for its own amusement.

  7. Shameful all around and the room they are sitting in says it all, shameful, shameful, shameful. Off you go mama with your mediocre party

  8. Tikki and lazi that is exactly what lazy people say. As for tarino you are not happy when no one is paying you any attention. You are like a Male b.i.t.ch, a mitch

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