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Zambia commits to supporting the national education sector

General News Zambia commits to supporting the national education sector

Zambia has committed to supporting the national education sector by protecting and increasing the share of the national budget dedicated to education towards the global 20 percent benchmark.

According to a press statement released to the media by Abigail Chaponda, the First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom,
Ministry of General Education Permanent Secretary, Jabbin Mulwanda made the commitment in a video, during a two-day Global Partnership for Education (GPE) summit held in South-West London.

“The Republic of Zambia is committed to supporting our national education sector by protecting and increasing the share of the national budget dedicated to Education towards the global 20% benchmark. The education shares in 2021 was 11.8 percent, in 2022, it will be at 13.19 percent and by 2023, we commit to increasing this by 14.25 percent. These projections are aligned to the country’s medium term expenditure framework,” he said.

The Summit was attended by a host of developing world leaders and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK had pledged £430 million last month to the global partnership for education (GPE) in the face of “difficult financial circumstances” after the coronavirus pandemic.

GPE has launched an ambitious financing campaign to raise at least US $5 billion over 5 years to change children’s lives through education. The funds will help transform education systems in up to 90 countries and territories, which are home to more than 1 billion children and more than 80% of the world’s out-of-school children. An equally important campaign goal is to ensure that domestic education expenditure is protected.

Fully-funded, GPE will leverage the partnerships and mobilize the resources needed to enable 175 million girls and boys to learn, reach 140 million more students with professionally trained teachers, enroll 88 million more children in school – including 46 million more girls – and help governments save $16 billion through more efficient spending.

GPE calls on countries to prioritize, protect and increase domestic financing towards the global benchmark of 20% of total public expenditure to leave no one behind and mitigate potential for huge losses in human capital.

GPE is also calling on countries to ensure education budgets are more equitable, allocated and spent to reach the most marginalized, and efficient, every dollar spent goes as far as possible to improve learning.

Issued by: Abigail Chaponda (Mrs.)
First Secretary | Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom.


  1. Edgar China Lungu has been in power for over SIX years, and now – two weeks before the election – this horrible thieving government says it will look after education. Bit late, don’t you think??? What a terrible government is this, incredible. And they really think Zambians will re-elect them? Don’t think so!

  2. At the moment the PF government only spends 2% of the national budget on education. This is below the African average of 4.8%. Zambia is in the same group as DRC, Central African Republic, Somalia and Chad. These are countries that are unstable. The so call ‘Christian and peaceful nation under the humble leadership of ECL’ is nothing but a disgrace.

  3. If you want to know why Education is important, then look at the comment above by this ignorant hyena called no corruption

  4. Now all these morons in the civil service think they are ministers and politicians…surely where is he even getting these figures, how can you be proud of 2.5% increase over 5 years in education whilst Defence is increasing by double figures? In fact you have reduced commitment in higher education have you seen the state of our schools? Mr PS you think British dont know what is happening there on the ground in Zambia in fact they have more data that you have

  5. 2 International crimes of the week.
    1. Cargo sea vessels with Zambian registration.
    2. Personal Electronics cargo on a Chartered cargo plane flight, paid for by ECZ hired to ship ballot papers.
    @KZ is right, these opposition parties are bunch of fvckers. All these pvssies are saying is RIGGING, and not CRIMES by these PF friends.

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