ECZ Suspends UPND Campaigns in Kanyama as the opposition party claims one of the victims was their member

ECZ press briefing in Lusaka
ECZ press briefing in Lusaka

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has with immediate effect suspended the UPND campaigns in Lusaka’s Kanyama constituency. This follows the killing of two PF cadres in the area last Friday, in a rival political group clash.

ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager, Patricia Luhanga has confirmed the indefinite suspension in a statement, issued in Lusaka today. Ms. Luhanga has said the commission had instituted investigations into the murder of Davies Kabunda, aged 37, and Danny Kasongo, aged 30.

She has explained that the commission’s decision is in pursuant to Article 229 of the Republican Constitution. To this effect, Ms. Luhanga said that the UPND will not be allowed to conduct any form of the campaign in Kanyama and police have been informed to enforce the ban.

And in another twist, UPND has claimed that murdered Danny Chingangu, of Lusaka’s Kanyama compound, is their member contrary to information shared by the Zambia police service and the Patriotic Front, suggesting the deceased was a PF member.

United Party for National Development (UPND) Elections Chairperson, Garry Nkombo
United Party for National Development (UPND) Elections Chairperson, Garry Nkombo

This is according to UPND alliance chair for elections, Garry Nkombo, who addressed the media in Lusaka today.

Mr. Nkombo has further accused the Zambia Police service and the electoral commission of Zambia of applying double standards and dramatizing the death of the two youths.

Meanwhile, the Commission has extended the accreditation exercise for the second time by two more days and will end on Wednesday, August 4th, 2021.

Ms. Luhanga said the extension of accreditation is meant to clear institutions that have already applied and received approval letters from the Commission.

She said that the Commission will not receive fresh applications as the deadline for submission and approvals of applications was July 30th, 2021.

Below is the full statement from ECZ

The Electoral Commission of Zambia on 31st July 2021 issued a statement over the incident in Kanyama Constituency in Lusaka in which lives of two Patriotic Front supporters were lost under gruesome circumstances.

The Commission also indicated that it had instituted investigations in the matter and appropriate action would be taken.

The Commission has pursuant to Article 229, Sub-article 2 (e) of the Republican Constitution and Subparagraphs 4 (1) (c) (d) (i) and 11 (d) of the Electoral Code of Conduct suspended indefinitely, subject to review with immediate effect all manner of political campaigns for the United Party for National Development (UPND) in Kanyama Constituency, Lusaka District.

In this regard, the concerned political party will not be allowed to conduct any form of campaigns in the said jurisdiction.

In the same vein, the Zambia Police should not allow any political activities by the affected party.

Patricia Luhanga
Corporate Affairs Manager
For/The Chief Electoral Officer


  1. So what did the speedy investigation reveal? If indeed one of them is UPND member, what does that mean? Who killed him? And another video circulating is a minibus full of PF that went on damaging property. Will ECZ suspend PF also? The job of ECZ is that of a referee and should be fair not be seen to take sides.

  2. Our leaders of yesteryear are turning it their graves at the poor leadership of both parties especially the Head of State

  3. It matters less which Political party they belonged to…just killing each other over Politics doesn’t make any sense…and just poor souls and probably the only thing they received from their so called “Political Partys” is Tshirts and hats….

  4. Mazoka was the right person for UPND , upnd will go nowhere with HH, why is it that Zambian political landscape has become so bitter when HH he hijacked UPND?

  5. How can the whole government machinery lack credibility and common sense! Before investigations you are apportioning blame! There is so much incapacity in this nation.

  6. Thank you ecz for doing what is right. This afternoon I visited the two deceased’s family homes and I was so sad to see them mourning. Families relied on these two young men..******

  7. Most of the Commission’s functions are administrative and geared towards providing a level playing field for the elections. Neither the Constitution nor the electoral act actually seems to give direct powers to investigate and ban a Party. These appear to be inferred by the words; “do all such other things as are necessary or incidental to the performance of it’s functions” Very far fetched and open to abuse in connivance with the govt. of the day. The turnaround in this case appears very quick, especially in the determination that it was only the UPND members involved.

  8. Mr. Nkombo has further accused the Zambia Police service and the electoral commission of Zambia of applying double standards and dramatizing the death of the two youths. The wording ‘dramatizing the death of two youths” is un-Zambian and can only come from the mouth of a heartless person. It all starts from HH. He has no feelings for other persons but himself. One thing is clear, Mr NKombo, they are neither your children or relatives, if they were your children, I am certain you could have used the right words.

  9. PF and UPND time out, the situation we are in right now in Zambia, the only solution is interim president.

    “The problem of dirty hands concerns whether political leaders and those in similar positions can ever be justified in committing even gravely immoral actions when “dirtying their hands” in this way is necessary for realizing some important moral or political end, such as the preservation of a community’s continued existence or the prevention of imminent societal catastrophe.”

  10. Keyboard warriors…let’s be civil…we are Zambians at the end of the day….we all want a better Zambia for all Zambians….don’t over-promise…we know it’s all Politics…stop promising cadres heaven…they will end up killing each other..

  11. Anderson Mazoka was way better than HH…very peaceful and patriotic Zambian…HH is not a good person…

  12. As ECZ suspends these kwindis mumpoto in Kanyama, dear Zambians, lets suspend these hooligans at the polls by not giving them a vote to State House.
    When message can’t be delivered to electorates, they resort to violence and murder.
    Hopeless Mapatizya formula thuggery.
    Bamundye mundye ba puti

  13. Funny how Mazoka (MHSRIP) is now an angel that never was given opportunity to prove his worth as president of Zambia! How Mazoka’s campaigns were treated by the party in government is in most ways similar to what HH is experiencing though there was comparatively some civility in obeying the law! There were accusations as Mazoka stole cattle as well as he couldn’t be a leader because his political career did not start from branch level and when he tried to contest at such levels for Bauleni, those old enough to remember will recall the demeaning invectives he got! Zambians especially those that have tasted the corridors of power never want to pass on the baton even when failure is visible and felt! Many will call HH names or describe his character when they know “shishi” about him!…

  14. ECZ is just too eager to please PF. We don’t even have all the facts yet; no formal police report as far as I know and they move to quickly ban the opposition….beware, there will be consequences for your bias.

  15. @ 22 flag Blago August 2, 2021 At 11:18 pm
    Zambians elect trash leaders then turn to God for help. Can God heal foolishness?

    You are right on the money bro…really does it make sense? God is not interested in foolishness. He is a God of order and justice.

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