Friday, March 1, 2024

Chanda Mbao Weighs in On State of the Nation


Award-winning Zambian Hip-Hop artist has returned to the scene with some thought-provoking work for music fans’ consideration. In light of the politically charged environment in the country, and in the build up to the national elections on August 12th, Mbao says he felt it necessary to release something that would inspire people to think deeply in this critical time. Interestingly, the video premiered just after the first part of the Zambian Presidential Debate which aired on Diamond TV.

The new record entitled ‘Zombies’ paints an interesting picture of the current state of the nation and, in the artist’s own description, is an attempt at tackling some endemic Zambian pathologies, in particular ‘groupthink.’ Chanda Mbao mentioned that some of his big concerns are the political violence and the tribal rhetoric that seems to have come to the fore in the current political climate, some of the worst types of groupthink in his opinion. The specific topic of tribalism is something he says he plans to tackle in further detail in coming releases.

On the new record, the artist tackles the core themes through a fictional character who is seen traversing various Zambian life scenes in a wonderfully executed animated video put together by young Zambian artist Chunsi Simbao. The record, produced by Zambian producer, Chase Iyan, paints a brooding soundscape driven by dark keys and synths. ‘Zombies’ is an appropriate follow-up to the artist’s ‘One Nation Project’ which selected and showcased young artists from all ten provinces of Zambia on a collaborative album to encourage Zambian unity. It seems the artist is maturing and taking an interest in issues of national importance, showing a spirit of patriotism.

The video starts off with a particularly interesting title screen which reads:

This is NOT a song about politics.

This is a song intended to challenge the spirit of ‘groupthink’ and fear that seems to be living in us. Make your choices in life with wisdom, through deep internal reflection and prayer, as well as courage.

Do not do things simply because your uncle said so, your pastor said so, or your village said so…YOU must believe they are right.

When the apostles were persecuted for doing what they believed was right (preaching the gospel in Jesus’s name), they were summoned and had to appear before the Court. This is what they said: 

‘We must obey God, not men.” Acts 5:29

Food for thought. Enjoy the new video below!


Download the song here : Zombies


  1. The lyrics , the message is on point.
    Unfortunately , the majority of Zambians think like Zombies and wont see any value in the song.

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