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PF administration pays more attention to their carders than it pays to professionals, school-going children and ordinary Zambians


THE UPND Lusaka Province chairperson, Obvious Mwaliteta has charged that the Patriotic Front (PF) administration pays more attention to the ruling party carders than it pays to professionals, school-going children and ordinary Zambians.

And Champion Tembo has tipped the people of Chilanga ward that this year’s elections are about rejecting poverty.

Speaking at a campaign meeting yesterday in Chilanga, the UPND Lusaka chief said the current administration has no regard for school-going children and professionals.
He said that it is heartbreaking to see a scenario where PF carders drive expensive vehicles while professionals such as teachers and doctors report for work on foot.

“This PF government doesn’t even care about the education of young people. The education of young people is nothing to them,” said Mwaliteta. “What they are interested in only is to see our children become thugs and turn them into PF carders and empower them. Today a PF carder drives a Range Rover while a doctor goes for work on foot. Today a PF carder drives a Ford Ranger while a teacher goes for work on foot. This is heartbreaking!”

And UPND Chilanga District Council (CDC) chairperson candidate, Champion Tembo, has tipped the people of Chilanga ward that this year’s elections are about rejecting poverty and other ills.

He implored on the people to charge of their destiny by voting for UPND candidates and Hakainde Hichilema so that their lives can be valued.

“Aya masanko niyo kana njala. Aya masanko niyokana carderism. Aya masanko niyokana ma call out yaku chipatala [These elections are about rejecting poverty. These elections about rejecting thuggery. These elections are about rejecting prescriptions],” said Tembo. “You need to vote for UPND candidates and Hakainde Hichilema because we value people’s lives.”

And Mr Tembo also took the opportunity to commend the Chilanga ward aspirant, Misheck Mweemba, for introducing the Human Habitat program in the ward during his first term in office which saw the building of over 50 houses for the aged and the vulnerable.

Meanwhile, UPND Chilanga parliamentary candidate, Sipho Hlazo, has pledged to be a servant to the people and not a ‘boss’ to the people when elected into office.
He said he is going to represent their needs in parliamentary and ensure that their lives are uplifted by empowering them with businesses.

Present at the meeting were the Lusaka province chairlady, Rosa Zulu, deputy provincial chairlady, Angela Muuka, Chilanga district chairperson, Chisambwe Chinyama, district chairlady, Lizzie Chanda, district IPS in charge of media, Chrispine Chambwa and deputy district chairlady, Ebony Chuuka.

Others present were the deputy constituency chairperson, Alex Cheelo, constituency IPS in charge of media, Audrey Matale, and constituency trustee, Exildah Mweemba among others.

Zambia goes to the polls next Thursday amidst an ongoing economic crisis and rising political tensions. The election is effectively a two-horse race between Edgar Lungu’s PF and his long time arch-rival – Hakainde Hichilema – who has been tipped to be the likely winner.


  1. What some people in this political arena should understand is that cadres are also very part of the Zambian population. Why do you like to draw distinctions between these social classes. And you Mwaliteta is a UPND cadre eyeing for those contracts to supply and build once your relative is elected.
    So when empowered as a white color cadre, it will be your responsibility to look after your friends and family.
    In short sir that’s how life is. Like it or not.

  2. It’s true! In Kanakantapa twelve criminal PF cadres were given land. Thankfully it’s no-man’s-land in swamp areas where the rains will transfer the land in waste high MUD!

  3. This PF thing is just a bad taste for this country. I am non partisan but this PF has just been a disaster for this country, how else can one describe this economic degradation, our neighboring countries have had covid but their currencies are still worth while, and because of very low standards and small dreams, strangely somebody should celebrate appreciation of K2 to the US dollar

  4. PF does not like professionals, it does not respect the working class. To make money under this regime, you need to have connections in the party and where ever else. Doing things straight does not work. It’s who you know and what they can do. But all Zambians can’t be members of the PF. This is why the economy has collapsed, because very few people have almost everything in the country. Any way, it is only six days to go.

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