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President Lungu pleads to traders not to drop the guard against COVID-19


President Edgar Lungu has appealed to traders not to drop the guard against COVID-19 pandemic which has disrupted the country’s economy and other countries across the globe.

President Lungu re-emphasized on the need for people to observe the health guidelines against COVID-19 pandemic as the virus is still prevalent in the country.

President Lungu said the evolution of the coronavirus is not yet known and that people should ensure the five golden rules are adhered to.

President Lungu made the remarks in Chingola yesterday when he distributed COVID-19 supplies to traders at the Chiwempala market.

He urged the market associations to work closely with the office of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit-DMMU to ensure face masks are distributed.

“COVID-19 is a very devastating disease that has impacted negatively on our people and it has disrupted our economy. What is important is for you to observe the five golden rules so that we fight this pandemic together,” President Lungu said.

And Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia (NATMAZ) representative, Leonard Katongo thanked President for being categorical in the fight against the pandemic.

Mr Katongo said the President has been so passionate about the fight against COVID -19 in market places and pledged to ensure traders adhere to the set health protocols.

“Thank you very much Mr. President for the support that you have rendered to marketeers in the country. We would also help you to help us with a market shelter here at Chiwempala market so that our traders can trade in conducive environments,” he said.

Meanwhile, DMMU National Coordinator, Chanda Kabwe said the unit has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with seven market associations on the Copperbelt to help with the sensitisation on COVID- 19.

Mr Chanda disclosed that each association has been given K100 thousand to help to reach every market, small or big to see to it that every marketeers has COVID-19 supplies.

“We have further released 20 million face masks to enable every market have access to face masks. We have as well signed another MOU called “Community Engagement and Risk Reduction at Community Level to help reduce the spread of the pandemic,” Mr. Chanda said.

He added that each province will receive at least 2 million face masks to be distributed in communities and schools.


  1. This shameless moron still carries on visiting markets but uses the police to stop his opponents doing the same!!

  2. “20 million face masks to enable every market to have face masks” seriously? first of all, it’s a market and face masks are easy to make for these marketeers so why not empower them to make and distribute themselves? Your job is simply to legislate against not wearing them in public places.

  3. Look at the shameless lier ,

    pleading covid while half of those at his road shows have no masks and there is no social distancing ……

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