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Political parties concerned with storage of ballot papers in Ndola

Feature PoliticsPolitical parties concerned with storage of ballot papers in Ndola

Ndola Town Clerk Cosmas Chalusa has assured political parties representatives and stakeholders that the ballot papers will be kept safe until election Day.

Mr Chalusa said this after a conflict resolution was held with political party stakeholders who were not in agreement with the led down procedure of having state police to man the premises where the ballot papers are being kept.

Mr Chalusa explained that the challenge had been resolved and that ballot papers are secure as the police will help with security as stipulated by the law.

“We are ready to keep the ballot papers safe until Election Day and we are working with the police because everything has to be done according to the stipulated Zambian laws,” he said.

A misunderstanding erupted in the process of offloading ballot papers by political party representatives and stakeholders who had gone to witness the offloading and securing of ballot papers at the Ndola skills training center which arrived at 09:40 hours.

Ndola central constituency returning officer Joseph Kaweche had a tough time coming to tames with stakeholders and political parties who seemed uncomfortable with the procedure but eventually reached a consensus of opening heavy pallets inside the truck.

The stakeholders where uncomfortable that ECZ truck which brought the ballot papers from Lusaka to Ndola was suspected not to be locked which raised concerns among stakeholders.

And The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has delivered ballot papers for the August 12 general elections, to Nchelenge district in Luapula Province.

Different stakeholders, who included the political parties and members of the media, were on hand to witness the offloading of the ballot papers in the district.

Speaking when he addressed the stakeholders, Nchelenge District Electoral Officer Emmanuel Sikanyinka assured that the ballot papers will be stored in a secure place.

Dr Sikanyika also disclosed that the deployment of 738 poll staff, as well as dispatching of electoral materials to various poling districts will commence on August 9th, 2021.

He has since appealed to political parties to continue co-existing, adding that Nchelenge should be a model to other districts.

Nchelenge Constituency has a total of 71,866 registered voters.


  1. I don’t think there will be any rigging of Elections. Whoever wins, Wins. Just go and cast your vote in peace. No violence’s for Zambia is a Christian nation. Please my people don’t disappoint us. We are here waiting for you guys. God keep you well my people.

  2. This reaction just goes to show that the mood on the ground is that of suspicion. People have lost confidence in the ECZ and police because of their biased decisions and actions. Anyway, I hope and pray that we come together after these elections, but if blatant rigging is observed, I am afraid the peace we sing about might just disappear.


  4. With the Zambian police being the MOST CORRUPT on the African continent, and with all ECZ officials appointed by the most corrupt president ever, I wouldn’t trust my mother to them, let alone ballot papers!

  5. Even donald said there was rigging continue with your fb campaign you didn’t see it coming … continue crying foul…first it was eligibility…then ballots…the police…development projects… now its rigging…come next week you will ran out of excuses imwe…you will sent into oblivion mukakose

  6. We have thugs in our political set up. The people have lost confidence in their own police service. Why?

  7. Characteristics of a loser….losing these elections and its been happening for the past 5 elections….nothing new….HH always wins online Zambian watchdog…in reality Mmembe will do better than HH…Mmembe will come second from Edward chagwa lungu and HH will come 4th

  8. Since the flagging off of the distribution of ballot papers will invite stakeholders,it will be easy to follow the till it arrives at the required storage until to the polling stations.

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