Thursday, July 25, 2024

President Lungu promises to revive Mupepetwe Engineering Company in Serenje


President Edgar Lungu has assured workers at Mupepetwe Engineering and Contracting Company of government support.

Speaking during the tour of the institution in Serenje yesterday, President Lungu regretted the fact that everything that was put up at the institution during the Kaunda administration was destroyed when UNIP left office.

He however assured that the Patriotic Front(PF) government was determined to take the institution back to its original status.

”What happened here is that when MMD took over, they destroyed everything Dr Kaunda had put up but here we are putting up things within a short period of time but we will be there,” he said.

And addressing staff at MECCO, President Lungu urged staff not to lose hope but that government was doing everything possible to ensure that the place regains its original status.

He promised the workers that government will procure new equipment by September this year.

ZANIS reports that MECCO General Manager Masiye Tembo led the Head of State and his Entourage on a conducted tour of the institution.

And President Edgar Lungu later met Chief Kabamba, Chibale and Chieftainess Serenje in Chief Kabamba’s chiefdom.

During the meeting, the President assured the chiefs that peace would be maintained in next week’s Presidential and general elections.

President Lungu also said K3 million had been released for youth empowerment programmes in central province and two Rosa mini buses have already been procured and stationed at the provincial administration.

Earlier Chief Kabamba thanked government for the continued development in the area.


  1. Blame MMD? Your pf has been at the helm for 10 years now sir. Only now with days to an election do you care about the unemployed in Serenje? Do not insult the collective intelligence of the Zambian people. Your time is up.

  2. Few days away from the national election the front runner from each party PF or UPND supposed to counter react, to minimize uncertainty. PF you like yourself too much. You don’t care about democracy.

    “Democracy is government in which power and civic responsibility are exercised by all adult citi- zens, directly, or through their freely elected rep- resentatives. Democracy rests upon the principles of majority rule and individual rights.”

  3. That’s what we need to create jobs Mr President. MMD destroyed everything UNIP did that’s why there’s no employment today. They auctioned off our industrial base. UNIP left employment at 55% and MMD brought it down to and maintained 10% employment and gave foreigners free will to loot our resources. Remember how these foreigners ravaged companies like QZ (Zambia Airways) which had more assets than the debt they owed?? MECCO can create employment together with the soon to be operational Kabundi Resources manganese mine in Serenje. We will vote wisely.

  4. It happened 20 years ago guys. Then add 10 of these confused fellas and you know this is just politics. PF must just be realistic and stop Stone Age politicking. It’s not fair on your citizens.

  5. If you want to know what performance is, see this – Road infrastructure developed in the country since independence. UNIP – 27 Years: 5,000Km, MMD – 20 Years: 2,008Km, PF – 10 Years: 15,136Km! What a splendid performance!

  6. He has given jobs to 14000 citizens through IDC. He will definitely revive Mupepetwe Engineering Company.

  7. He is very much focused on target. He is systematically working to achieve it and we are seeing the results also. He is creating thousands of jobs in different sectors. For instance, the eight industrial yards in seven provinces have created 4,000 jobs for youths and women.

  8. With skill development programmes for youths, ECL is creating a self reliant generation. He is creating job givers than job seekers!

  9. Employing more than 25,000 health workers was a great decision. It has eased the pressure on the health sector.

  10. @Tikki I don’t think so. Going by the way, UPND has started crying foul over election rigging, ballot box thefts and what not. This is the biggest sign that HH has lost it even before the battle could begin.

  11. @ Daniel Chisebwe If PF didn’t care for democracy, then whole of UPND and their slave media houses would have been in jail long back. Think before you speak.

  12. Mr RSA blogger posting under different names…what jobs are you talking about? You mean manual jobs supervised by unskilled Chinks from farms in China who beat workers. This bum promised a million jobs and you are talking about 4000 jobs by IDC portfolio of companies that has never recorded any profit.

  13. “Lungu also said K3 million had been released for youth empowerment programmes in central province and two Rosa mini buses have already been procured and stationed at the provincial administration.”

    7 years in govt he is still making promises …look at your friend Magufuli he came from opposition and left a legacy in TZ. This man doesnt have the capacity to revive anything from the ground, all he has is taxpayers money to bribe you for lunch and dinner. To him revival means calling his Chink paymasters to come and make slaves of you.

  14. Lets just admit sir that we have been failures for 10yrs…worsted 10yrs under pf and you as worst CEO…corruption through out…Its a shame that there are still morons who cant see how much damage you have done.WHERE were you all this time?Lets account all the money you people you have borrowed of which 60% if not 75% went in your pockets…And you can still insult us!Its really a shame…

  15. @Tarino-listen to yourself!! Magufuli left a legacy?? What do you call building the first power plant in 47 years?? Kazungula bridge?? 5 district hospitals and Levy University Hospital?? Whatever the RSA blogger with different names calls himself, he has put down major points you can’t counter. Oh, I forgot, you don’t even know what Zambia looks like anymore, you just depend on what you hear from the negative opposition gibberish in your masters’ adopted country.

  16. This govt has started blaming the MMD govt yet they have been in govt for 10 years and did nothing to activate the company (MECCO) I remember this company was left running by MMD and during the earlier party of Sata regime. The company has gone down because the y decided to import same products being produced by the company to gain from cuts. That is the fate of MECCO .In other countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Kenya and Sudan defense industries contribute a lot to their GDP. Mulungushi Textiles, NZC, Kafue Textiles have faced the same fate. Look at those military trucks they got from Russia, very old fashioned,(outdated) that was ex stock and how a sane person can procure those wheelbarrows, its just sheer corruption. Troops need very fast and reliable troop…

  17. Yeah, five district hospitals in Lusaka – without doctors, nurses, medication, power. I can build empty shells any time of day. White elephants! Similar to the Ndola airport and the upcoming KKIA airport: no airplanes because no airlines want to fly there!

  18. Yeah, five district hospitals in Lusaka – without doctors, nurses, medication, power. I can build empty shells any time of day. Wh!te elephants! Similar to the Ndola airport and the upcoming KKIA airport: no airplanes because no airlines want to fly there!

  19. ECL has demonstrated beyond any doubt that he can put a dream to reality, from what we have seen. Certainly, he will honour this promise. I wish to take this opportunity to ask HIS EXCELLENCY MY PRESIDENT AND INCOMING PRESIDENT ECL to fix township roads in Kitwe so that we can easily rent our houses and be able to pay taxes. The taxes, your excellence and incoming excellency, will help you to honour PF manifesto to some extent.

  20. @21-Which Level 1 hospital has no doctors, nurses or meds?? I took my uncle to Chilenje L1 and he was received by nurses and tended to by a doctor. Yes, some specialised meds had to be bought, be he recovered and was discharged. PF have recruited more doctors and nurses than the past 2 admins, there is still a challenge but the foundation has never been stronger. Levy’s MMD had 1 UTH which was bursting at the seams and health posts around Lusaka and women gave birth on floors-its a huge step forward my man!

  21. He can not enter the kingdom of God, why is he using ZNBC and public media to himself, is it his. I am PF but one always on the side of justice. Anyway Zambians want change, and you have no choice. Leave that seat to somebody who has the capability, competence, integrity and intellect. I urge all my PF colleagues to vote for progress and that progress is real change, bread and butter issues and not the raised roads in Lusaka. And here in Eastern we don’t believe that is his bedroom, his bedroom, how.

  22. Whether it is LT or feeble office of the President “moderating” and removing genuine and polite comments here which are anti PF, it does not matter, Most Zambians are not voting for PF on Thursday. PF is on its way out because of the economic misery inflicted on Zambians, they can chew their Lusaka fly over bridges

  23. It is only few days from victory and someone will cry for not winning. By the way every competition has only one winner and he will be reviewed after 12th August.
    Thanks to those who came in to show the world that Zambia has democracy by joining the race and lose the race.

  24. Yes, any govt. can build ‘structures’ – even through lots of debt. But for me, the structures should mostly be built from own generated resources, should be well equipped and ‘manned’, maintained and have a bearing on uplifting the lives of many people. It’s been anything but that with the PF ‘structures’.

  25. Zambian Citizen – The first power plant that you dont even own as it is a Chink loan which you’ll have to pay up with more increased tariff.
    Kazungula you mentioned was only a success because of the prudence of Botswana…if it was PF govt it would have been twice the cost and deliberately delayed to this week. You would also used Chinks instead of South Korean…you forgot that PF was struggling to raise a mere $18m per month for this bridge.

  26. Listen to all these PF cardes supporting blindly. Can one of you deny and refute the below;
    1. Corruption is now at the highest level in Zambia.
    2. The development has been focused on buildings and road because it was been the easiest to steal. All projects are over priced by 200%.
    3. MOH has another scandal where it paid $85 million for 1500 bicycles. Has anyone been fired.
    4. ECL is using state offices to block HH campaign freely. When he hears HH is coming to Copperbelt he makes a trip
    5. is it not ECL that sold Cold Storage of Zambia
    6. Was ECL suspended by Law Association of Zambia for eating a widow’s money.
    7. If you don’t have a relative in high office, PF cards, bribe govt offical min of k15000 can you be employed.
    8. The youth empowerment funds are being given out by…

  27. # 33@Bwafya
    Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that all the time. If you use your own resources to build infrastructure it can even take 50 years without any tangible development. The rule of the thumb is to critically analyse the project viability and work out the cashflow to determine capacity to pay. For instance if the industries require 3000megawatts of power and you only have 2000, would you wait until you have raised necessary resources locally to build a power plant? What about the opportunity to generate wealth lost ? PF is investing in infrastructure in order to expand the economy and accelerate growth.

  28. @Timba
    lets wait and see hey
    I have not been blinded by Pf
    been in the country 10 days nowe to vote and follow zambian events daily
    Lungu will get votes from the distant vlligages but not line of rail
    Lets discuss this in a few days when its all over
    Then i will say to you I TOLD YOU SO :)) :))

  29. Why didn’t you open it for 3 months like you are doing to everything else:
    Mulungushi textiles open for 3 months
    NCZ open for 3 months
    Debt swap for 3 months
    Cooking oil duty suspended for 3 months
    No fuel increases for next 3 months
    No electricity increase for 3 months
    Empowerment funds for 3 months
    No depreciation of kwacha for 3 months
    Etc…etc…etc… 3 months policy….

  30. We have thus far devoted a great deal of time and space to PF failures to address the unprecedented levels of poverty, inequality, unemployment, corruption, national debt, declining economic growth, and so forth. The Republican president, however, has devoted his time to commissioning and re-commissioning projects initiated during the reign of other presidents and funded mainly by our development partners, threatening to cage his political opponents on imaginary charges, showering gifts and donations on chieftains and other members of society, and soliciting for endorsements of his candidature from chiefs and members of the clergy. The people’s quality of life, though, extends beyond these issues. I am right now watching the Olympics in Tokyo – a young lady by the name Sifan Hassan,…

  31. … Kenyans, Ethiopians, and athletes from other countries are competing at their highest levels. But Zambians cannot enjoy such luxuries due to the fact that most of them do not have TV sets and those who have such electronic devices are trapped by ZNBC that has a monopoly on nation-wide programming. Talk about the general lack of places or parks where citizens can go for relaxation and rejuvenation! Socialist institutions like the IDC (an imitation of INDECO) cannot invest in the provision of such facilities; and neither can private investors for fear that the government may eventually decide to nationalize or expropriate their businesses. Whither my beloved country?

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