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President Lungu attends prayer service for elections


President Edgar Lungu today joined hundreds of Christians who gathered at the National House of Prayer grounds to pray for the nation as Zambians prepare to vote in the next four days.

President Lungu, who is Partners in Mission Works patron, also toured the construction site of the National House of Prayer soon after praying for the country.

The Head of State was accompanied by Secretary to Cabinet Simon Miti, Service Chiefs and other senior government officials to the prayer service which was organised to pray for peace and security before, during and after August 12, presidential and general elections.

The prayers that were organized by Partners in Mission Works, were characterized by singing, sermons and prayer points from the clergy and traditional leaders.

In his sermon that was from the book of Mathews 6 verse 33, Lusaka Dioceses Catholic Archbishop Alick Banda emphasized that peace is an attribute of God before it becomes a human task.

Bishop Banda has therefore called on the general citizenry to learn to forgive and embrace unity at all times.

He underscored that those instigating violence for political or ritual expedience should halt such brutal acts.

“We are not asking but directing those who instigate violence for political or ritual reasons to stop and see every person as their brother, sister or child. We are calling for the end of violence of any kind today for us to continue having a better Zambia,” the Bishop stressed.

And Pentecostal Assemblies of God Overseer Joshua Banda said in his sermon taken from the book of Psalms 133, said the nation should continue looking to God for security.

Bishop Banda explained that all the 16 presidential candidates and those contesting local government and parliamentary seats should strive to be ambassadors of peace and unity in the country.

He envisioned peace after the August 12 polls, adding that the 15 presidential candidates should honour the one who will emerge victorious in the elections.

The sermons were preceded by testimonies of results of disunity from delegates of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The duo, who are former refugees, recollected how they left all what they laboured in their countries as a result of the Genocide of 1994 in Rwanda and the civil war in the DRC.

They have since urged the general populace in Zambia to guard the peace jealously.

Meanwhile, the Forum of Traditional Leaders in Africa observed that people should co-exist to foster national peace and unity.

Traditional Leaders Forum member chief Chikanta stated that violence has no room in a country like Zambia that has been peaceful since 1964.

Chief Chikanta has meanwhile called on the registered voters to choose leaders that are credible, reliable and ambassadors of peace.

“We should all condemn violence and do not give room to divisions based on one’s political affiliation, region, tribe or colour. We are all one and we all heard how violence degenerates into war in other countries. I pray for peace, unity and prosperity of our nation, before and beyond August 12th polls,” Chief Chikanta emphasized.

The Big Sunday church service at the National House of Prayer, was held under the theme, ‘peace and security before, during and after August 12, general elections’.


  1. I wish i could understand this but I dont
    Pray for something in church then do the opposite out side
    I am sure Im not alone here ?

  2. Pray for elections then go lie,pretend ,issue illegal threats and give false promises. Gosh ,Lungu’s ASTOUNDING HYPOCRISY stinks all the way to planet Jupiter.

  3. We need to pray for deliverance from this evil, thieving PF regime! As for peace, there will be peace as long as the will of the people is respected and there is no vote tampering.

  4. A whole tent full of hypocrites. They all claim to live by the ten commandments – and then trespass on each one of them – every day. Thieving president, corrupt government – and they want to be re-elected! No way!

  5. Oh its Sunday …time to pretend to humble and holy Monday back to insults and shamelessly cheating people!!

  6. Ba Shetani,Abana Ba Ndoshi,you hold Prayers then go home to secure the Loot you’ve robbed from the Zambian People.
    What you President Lungu should be doing is Apologising to the Zambian people for all the Scandals
    The Fire tenders theft ,the social cash theft ,the $1.5 Billion Dollar Lusaka Ndola dual carriageway Theft . The list goes on.
    Go hold Confession & Apologise

  7. Ready with a Bible in his back pocket, to dupe the masses , after having them pray………

    back at statehouse , the moron is issuing commands to his thugs to brutalise opposition and block them campaigning

  8. God helps those who are prepared to help themselves. Don’t continue commit sins and expect them to be wiped every time you pretend to pray. Let right be done and the truth shall set you free.

  9. Yesterday he threatened to arrest someone, but today he attends prayer for elections. What a contradiction displayed by a small dictator.
    The pastors should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. 5 years on they are back on the construction site still no building yet they said they will build a pointless church from well wishers….where is the money now Joshua Banda? Lazy Lungu is there with no shame standing in that makeshift….the only thing they can build is via loans which they put on our unborn children

  11. Crafty Lungu. He has banned opposition from gathering so he can be the only one asking God for a victory. Let us all pray

  12. Mr President reconcile with HH and that is
    When prayers are accepted.Forgive him if he
    Has committed any wrong.let god decide
    Through the voters who he wants as president.

  13. Awe sure, you can’t help but laugh.

    Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    Let us bring back sanity and respect to mother Zambia.

    Vote wisely.

  14. Edgar Lungu reminds me of colonialists who came preaching with Bible in one hand and guns to rob Africans of their lands in the other hand.God doesn’t like hypocrites.

  15. Where’s the other hypocrite Kaizar Zero who is “born again” but full of insults and violent threats? LT should’ve banned him long ago.

  16. The Oscar goes to…. Lungu!
    Dear Mr President, please do not mock God. Just yesterday you were issuing illegal threats and telling lies about your political opponent and today you are busy pretending to pray. We know that Bishop Joshua Banda’s younger brother is in Intelligence.. He and his cohorts are feeding you lies. The Bible you do not read and obey, says that if you have anything against your brother, before you bring your gift to the altar, go and first be reconciled to your brother and then come and offer it. What steps have you ever taken to reconcile with HH? Your predecessor reconciled with Levy. It was Levy who took the initiative, not Sata. So, Mr President stop being an actor for once/

  17. In bemba we say uyu ena nibubimunda! Yesterday he was using hate speech and today he is pretending to be humble in church. Lesa alakanda!

  18. Little devils commentaries.
    Read through the comments and sense the serpent’s agents.
    May the Lord God have mercy on your bitterness and gullibleness.

    And the rest was history.

  19. God need not to be mocked but unfortunately this has become the PF flagship to hide in sheep skin. But Zambians are smart now. They will vote PF out no matter how many tricks you do. Zambia shall be Saved.


  21. Bishop Alick Banda have you told mr Lungu to forgive and learn to live in unity and peace with other. A question for the clergy in attendance pretending to be really praying. Why did mr Lungu threaten to arrest HH after the 12/8/21. This is the problem with some of our clergymen surrounding mr Lungu. They are not very honest with their leader. Please don’t sell us for the sake of enriching yourselves with the brown envelopes. You are accountable to God. Ala naifwe tulapepa and he has heard our cries.

  22. This President must go, apart from dividing the nation, stifling democracy using the Police, the man has completely failed to perform, bringing the economy to its knees and starting to blame covid.

  23. Even in football we substitute, Lungu should be substituted, the man has left us in serious debts as a country

  24. UNZARALU that union of intellectuals from the University gave proper guidance for us not to vote for PF which has purely failed. Our youths don’t have jobs and somebody wants us to continue on that path, how

  25. The watermelon formula is working well, three quarters of the people in that tent won’t vote for him. Vote for him on what basis, no jobs, country in debt, governance at its lowest, FIC report which is a government report says it all, campaigning and stopping others, what kind of behavior is that

  26. Bunch of hypocrites who have already partly rigged or are busy scheming to rig this Thursday’s elections. God Himself is seeing through you. Time to account is coming

  27. The Axe cuts both ways. If ECL loses this Election will he concede defeat and handover Power smoothly and peacefully? With Macmillan’s wind of Change blowing across Zambia People are crying out for a change of Govt. ECL must prepare himself for this eventuality and negotiate handing over Power Peacefully and smoothly.

  28. You are the worst hypocrite I’ve ever seen in the history of Zambian polities. For starters, which church do you even belong to? We know HH to be a Seventh Day Adventist, Nevers Mumba is Pentecostal, Sata was Catholic, Mwanawasa was JW and KK was UCZ. Nomba imwe mupeoa kwi? You’ve truned church leaders and traditional leaders into your cadres. You are busy threatening HH of arrest, allowing your minion Kambwili to preach hatred and tribalism and you pretending to be holy than thou. Then the same Christians calling for Zambians to pray and fast have already endorsed you as their preferred candidate. You have a group of hypocrites calling themselves as Christian For Lungu praising you like you are a messiah. Even the name of the organization ati ‘Christians For Lungu” sounds blasphemous…

  29. for we are all sinners in the eyes of God…true some are too big to humble themselves before the Lord but those are not the ones Christ came to save…this year under 5 alala again…..and oh watch how many of his mps will fall because they are imposed just like uja utamnaga naye

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