Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Nkandu Luo accuse HH of bringing in mercenaries to destabilize peace in Zambia


The ruling Patriotic Front Presidential running mate Professor Nkandu Luo has disclosed that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has brought in mercenaries to destabilize peace in the country.

Speaking when she met Governance interest groups in Kafue today, Professor Luo said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema does not love the people of Zambia and is bent on shedding innocent blood.

She said the mercenaries hired by Mr. Hichilema do not value life and will stop at nothing but kill innocent people who are sympathetic to the PF.

“Some leaders don’t love you and they don’t care who dies. Two young boys were killed in cold blood in Kanyama and to some opposition leader it was normal. President Lungu has the heart for the country, he has worn big shoes of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda who was a peace-loving leader,” Professor Luo said.

“Hakainde Hichilema is driven by envy and hatred for President Lungu and his preoccupation is go to State House by any means. I urge those still supporting UPND to vote for PF.

And Professor Luo said Zambians have an opportunity of voting for a party that has brought development in the country.

“Two days to vote for a party that has brought development. The youth should do the right thing,” Professor Luo said.

“The UPND dont understand economics, they say, they will not eat roads but good roads enable economic activities,” she said.

Meanwhile, Professor Luo urged the people of Kafue to vote for all PF adopted candidates saying the previous crop of UPND representatives were total failures.

“The Kafue former MP is a total failure she never built anything even when she was receiving K1.6 million CDF,” Professor Luo said.


  1. It would be good to give us a message of hope not talking about HH and that MP who didnt work. What is your message

  2. “Hakainde Hichilema is driven by envy and hatred for President Lungu…..”
    BUT WHAT WE SEE IS THE ENTIRE PF, WHO ARE OBSESSED WITH HATRED FOR ONE PERSON, JUST BECAUSE THAT PERSON IS USING HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO STAND FOR PRESIDENCY. Since when is the constitutional right turned into being Hatred for LUNGU? What a load of SH!T from an educated person like LUO, this is LOW LIFE accusations. Only Do.nkeys can buy into this? You have the Kambwilis, Nawakwis, Fatboy GBM, ECL, LUO all of them lined up and competing who spews the most HATRED message on one person, YET WE HAVE NOT HEARD Anything evil from HH towards ECL. Just 2 days ECL was threatening HH, so who is EVIL between the two? Such statements are dividing Zambians.

  3. The Luo, ECL and PF will start telling the truth is when will appreciate that they have learnt their lessons..there is no development PF has brought to Zambia. The Zambian society is sick and dying because leaders like Luo can not tell the truth! Which mercenaries?

  4. This ugly one is useless like her ka stup1d boss, nothing to say but lies, this woman is ugly…. . Never in life have I ever seen such an ugly both out side and inside, she took away student Meal allowances… Shetani umubi

  5. That claim needs real balls because hiring mercenaries is not a small thing. Can we swiftly have the evidence and please produce the perpetrators before court? No? Then Shut The F@@k UP!!!

  6. To what length do these people want to go telling us lies after lies. From what I see after reading this, ba Luo is you are simply telling us what you(PF n Edgar Lungu) have done and that u still want to kill Zambians. You have just revealed what you are doing behind closed doors. Thanks now we know your intentions n have taken note. God shall judge you and your entire group.

  7. Isn’t this supposed to be a top security secret? If it can be handled this way, just know it’s just a PF truth.

  8. So HH has hired mercenaries who are invisible t everybody except loo-O? This level of desperation and fear-mongering is unprecedented in our history. Just what type of alien species spawned our leaders?

  9. UPND listen to this; “The UPND don’t understand economics, they say, they will not eat roads but good roads enable economic activities,”

  10. With this lying, something must itch.
    You are the government and you control the borders, so how can these mercenaries enter?
    This is good evidence for a petition. I hope someone has the tape.

  11. @Garlic,
    You are quoting your “chikopo prof, “, which is unfortunate, you don’t seem to get the facts on your own, and I am saying this as a NON-UPND, if the “…roads enable economic activities”, those activities should be of benefit to the people. No one refutes the benefit of roads, the question has been the cost at which they have been built, and the fact that only are few have benefited through overpricing. That is what the opposition criticizes, but it appears you have your own twist with your professor.

  12. We have seen large crowds following HH on his Campaign trail. Thats a sign that HH is loved by the People. If Luo thinks HH’s supporters are mercenaries then needs Medical attention at Chainama Hospital. Luo has been hypnotized by the large crowds she has been seeing at HH’s Campaigns. Luo is smelling defeat hence she is busy hallucinating. Let her dream on.

  13. General K, before you argue with someone ask yourself if they have the mental maturity to understand the argument or concept being discussed , if not, there is no point!

  14. How did this lady become a professor?
    This is embarrassing…you would think that time is of essence…for her and the PF apparently the brain is not connecting.
    Auto pilot as usual….
    The End is Near Mama….

  15. Shetani Luo ,where did you get this information?
    Why hasn’t the defence forces & army acted on that information?
    Nkandu Luo as ugly inside as she is on the outside.if the nightmare comes true this is the person who could be our Vice President .

    God help Us

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