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HH will not tolerate a scenario where political carders are the only ones having access to jobs and business opportunities


THE UPND Chilanga District Council (CDC ) chairperson candidate, Champion Tembo, has assured the people of Chilanga district that the UPND torch bearer, Hakainde Hichilema, will run a government that will make everybody feel to be part of Zambia.

Zambia goes to the polls this Thursday amidst an ongoing economic crisis and rising political tensions. The election is effectively a two horse race between Edgar Lungu’s PF and his long time political arch rival – Hakainde Hichilema – who political pundits say is the likely winner.

Speaking yesterday when he addressed Chilanga ward residents, Mr Tembo said a Hakainde led government will not tolerate a scenario where political carders are the only ones having access to jobs and business opportunities.

He said the UPND government is going to create wealth that will make it possible for every Zambian to have an access to quality education, quality health care and equal opportunities to jobs and businesses by ensuring that the country’s economic potential in agriculture, mining and other sectors is explored.

“Iyi boma ya Hakainde, izankala yosiyanako. Hakainde ali na vision yovumbulusa ndalama zili mu nthaka yathu, muma mines, muma forests, na muma rivers and lakes. [Hakainde’s government will be a different one. Hakainde has a vision of exploring the economic potential in our soils, mines, forests, rivers and lakes]. HH wants value addition in agriculture and the mining sectors. Instead of exporting maize, the country will be exporting mealie meal,” said Tembo. “The wealth that will be realised from a diversified agriculture, prudent mineral resource management, forests and savings from corruption will make it possible for everyone to have quality education, quality health care, jobs and business opportunities and this will make everyone feel to be part of this country.”

And Mr Tembo, who is also Chilanga district deputy party chairperson in charge of administration, has assured the people of Chilanga district that he is going to promote an open door policy for the residents in the district.

He said engaging the residents of Chilanga when they bring forward their challenges is what is going to make the council effective and responsive to the needs of the people.

And UPND Chilanga parliamentary candidate, Sipho Hlazo, has pledged to be an effective voice of the people when elected in office.

He said he is going to help enact laws in parliament that will improve the working conditions for all workers and also ensure that empowerment through CDF is accessible to every deserving person.
And Chilanga ward aspirant, Misheck Mweemba, urged the people to vote for UPND candidates only as they will all be working in line with the party manifesto which aims at improving people’s lives through quality development.

Meanwhile, Chilanga district chairlady, Lizzie Chanda, urged the women to take the lead in advocating for the change of government because they are the ones who come face to face with the everyday economic challenges.

She has since encouraged the women to go to the polling station very early in the morning so that their voice is expressed and go back to the station before the close of voting to ensure that their vote is counted.

In attendance were the UPND Chilanga district party chairperson, Chisambwe Chinyama, district IPS in charge of media, Chrispine Chambwa, and district deputy youth chairperson in charge of mobilisation, Hillary Halumbe.

Others were the constituency youth chairperson, Brandon Mutema, and constituency IPS in charge of media, Audrey Matale among others.


  1. Of course, the UPND government might be one where ethnic fellows and tribal cousins are the ones having access to jobs and business opportunities. HH has not told us how he will ensure that if ushered into power, political cadres that have become powerful in this country are displaced. UPND, just like PF, has political cadres who also want jobs and business opportunities. Therefore, one is inclined to think that probably PF and UPND political cadres will be replaced by ethnic fellows in a UPND government who will be the ones now to have access to jobs and business opportunities, should UPND form government. After all do we not hear UPND members in Public service from Southern and Western Provinces who contribute financially on a monthly basis to the UPND talk about becoming PS, Minister,…

  2. JUST KEEP QUITE YOU UNDER FIVE POLITICIANS WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GOVERNANCE. Ba LT don’t give these people hope that they can win, they stand no chance until they change their tribal way of doing politics. They at all costs want to use bembas and easterners to go to state house and then turn against them. Me and my clan are voting for ECL. Uulefwaya aikulike.

  3. All those rafian looking cadres that’s what HH been promising them….unfortunately Politics and cadrerism is now considered a career in Zambia and no wonder they’re killing themselves

  4. HH also has cadres and how is he going to look after them? His cadres will be waiting for a reward. Unfortunately nothing will happen because winning theliz NOOOOOOO!!!! Lungu Alebwelelapo pa mupando.

  5. And you have started mitigating your lies with “not only” cadres. When all this while you have being lying to your cousins that you will get rid of cadres. Why the last minute change?

  6. HH has promised cadres…Liswaniso,Imakando, Nawa….Cadre Hachipuka, and Cadre Sishuwa jobs….so what are you talking about and Cadre Larry mweetwa

  7. @5 Anonymous
    Innocent Ama Amelican Kalimanshi may be on the wrong side of the law; but neither Gilbert Mosquito Liswaniso nor William Tekere Banda is any different. Uncouth rogue cadres is what they all are . This overflowing cadrism needs to be nipped from the bud whether in opposition or ruling class.

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