Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Kateka calls for peace


The New Heritage Party presidential candidate, Chishala Kateka has called on Zambians to uphold the peace and unity the country has enjoyed over the years.

And Ms Kateka has expressed confidence of winning this year’s general election scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 12, 2021.

She noted that Zambia has always been a beacon of peace in the region and beyond hence the need to preserve the country’s peace.

Ms Kateka stated that she has a lot of support from both men and women country wide.

“Our party has done all the ground work and is hopeful of carrying the day because electorates have confidence in its ideologies,” Ms. Kateka narrated.

Ms. Kateka said this in an interview with ZANIS at Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Kasama shortly after mass yesterday.

She also appealed to other presidential candidates to accept the outcome of the Thursday polls.

“My appeal to all the aspirants is to respect the will of Zambians because they can only be one winner at a time,” Ms. Kateka said.

The Heritage Party President is on a campaign trail in Northern Province, ahead of the August 12 general elections.


  1. Oh my goodness, Chishala! Don’t give politics a bad name by hallucinating in this way. Donating to charity the money u hv spent on politics this year would hv been a more noble act.

  2. We need a law in Zambia to help ECZ how to determine which presidential candidates must be on the ballot. Or adopt British system of parliamentary democracy. To have 19 candidates is a bit clownish and shows lack of seriousness. Some of these candidates can not even win at ward level.

  3. Yaba…kwena kuti waseka… naba bamayo balikwata ama donors whom they want to impress…just find something more meaningful to do with your life madam…you getting old…and start preparing for retirement

  4. Nineteen candidates for president on the ballot! paper! @ Mercury, indeed a law is needed to stop this joke or a process that weeds out non viable candidates! As being experienced only Edgar’s, Fred’s, Hakainde’s, Nevers’ and, Sean’s are the only parties being mostly heard about through these leaders making the waves! Of course as after thoughts New Heritage Party and UNIP will shout “I am here too!” Anyway let’s understand that the crowding of parties is all about sourcing personal wealth!

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