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Stay away from partisan politics, N/W civil servants cautioned


Northwestern Province Permanent Secretary Willies Mangimela has implored civil servants in Manyinga district to avoid partisan politics but instead focus on upgrading their qualifications and developing the communities they are working in.

Speaking when he met civil servants in Manyinga yesterday, Mr. Mangimela said professional excellence starts from humble beginnings not at the top in urbanised towns.

“You have to make a mark here in Manyinga,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary warned civil servants to be wary of the election period by being nonpartisan and avoiding risking their jobs at the expense of partisan politics.

“My dear civil servants, this time around desist from indulging in partisan politics ,keep your jobs, it will be very unfortunate to see anyone of you lose your jobs after elections are over, ” he said.

Mr. Mangimela added that government remains committed to rewarding and promoting loyal and hard-working civil servants.

He has meanwhile reiterated that the debt swap initiative is not a political move, but a government initiative meant to motivate and empower indebted civil servants across the country.

Speaking earlier in a separate meeting with civil servants, United Teachers Union of Zambia Secretary General Temo Ngonga, who spoke on behalf of the civil service labour movement, said the debt swap initiative is meant to cushion the financial burdens among civil servants who are highly indebted.

“The debt swap initiative is a positive move meant to remove and reduce your financial challenges emanating from your loans and debts which you have had over the years,” he said.

Mr. Ngonga said the labour movement has continued to engage government to ensure that all civil servants benefit from the debt swap initiative.

“We are aware that some of our members are yet to benefit from this initiative, especially those whose loans are being deducted directly from the banks, we have engaged government through the Public Service Management Division to ensure that the situation is normalised this month,” he added.

He has since implored civil servants to reciprocate this gesture by being productive and dedicated to work in order to develop the nation.

And speaking on behalf of civil servants in the district, Education Board Secretary Kenneth Solochi commended the government for relieving the civil servants from financial troubles through the debt swap initiative.

“We are happy that the government has brought this initiative to bail us out of financial troubles. This is a motivation to us, we thank you so much,” Mr. Solochi said.


  1. Every citizen has the right to vote but not every citizen has the right to proclaim or support the political party because of their nature of work.
    Those who want to be active in politics should resign from being civil servants but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to vote.
    We are all Zambian. It is just Jehovah’s Witness, no one can force them to vote.

  2. They have the right to be disgruntled if development in the area is not happening at the same pace as the extraction of natural resources from this region. They are simply demanding for a share of the cake and shouldn’t ruffle a few feathers.

  3. A lot of Jehovah’s witnesses have enrolled as presiding officers, election agents and monitors. What is the interest if they dont like voting?

  4. Ba PS should stop intimidating workers and accusing govt workers of being partisan, you spoiled the good encouragement that they must improve on their education. If there is a person who is partisan then it is the PS Willies Mangimela. I remember this man was a cop at one time. He did some engineering course at Nortec, Ndola. If I recall well. Civil servants like any other Zambians have a right to vote a candidate of their choice and there are not hard rules.

  5. Strange….
    So civil servants shouldn’t vote for HH? Anyone voting for HH is partisan and will lose his job, that’s what uyu xhikala saying.

  6. Unfortunately, this is already partisan. Let’s exercise inclusivity and not intimidate civil servants that voting one way may lead to job losses. That is not how to address and promote neutrality. We are one people united by the slogan of one Zambia one Nation.

  7. PF inflation 22% MMD 6%
    PF exchange rate to a dollar K23 MMD K6
    PF Fuel per liter K17 MMD K6
    PF Reserves 1 month MMD 1 Year
    PF Price of Mealie meal K130 MMD K30
    PF Unsustainable debt MMD Sustainable debt
    Due to lack of space I cant continue, but these facts don’t need to be moderated because they are all correct

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