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ZESCO Explains Power Blackouts experienced in some parts of the country


Vandals have brought down a Zesco limited interconnected power system located near Kankundwe area in Kabwe, central province.

Zesco Limited Public Relations, Hazel Zulu, tells The Speech Analyst that the incident occurred on Sunday 25th July 2021 at 08:15hours representing into a system disturbance.

Mrs. Zulu explains that vandals removed bolts and nuts thereby weakening the tower structure which led to its collapse following heavy winds experienced in the area.

She says repair works that have since commenced will cost the corporation about K2.5 million.

“We however wish to remind the public that despite the sufficient capacity of the remaining transmission lines between Kabwe and the Copperbelt province to meet the requirements of the two provinces, our customers may experience intermittent load management in selected areas on the Copperbelt and Northwestern provinces in the event of any system overload during repair works. ZESCO Limited will continue to keep the public informed and updated on the matter. The inconvenience this has caused is deeply regretted” she said.

Mrs. Zulu says repair works are expected to be completed by Saturday, 31st July 2021, further adding that the cooperation is deeply saddened by this retrogressive act and hopes that the culprits are quickly arrested.


  1. How long did it take you to respond to this? These are lies …you mean the whole country is connected by one grid line

  2. It looks like she just edited an old statement but forgot to change the date. Which areas were affected because even those outside of the 2 provinces complained about loss of power? When you walk around these pylons you feel some static electricity so I can’t comprehend how a vandal can have courage to climb up such high voltage transmitters just to remove bolt and nuts. It doesn’t add up to

  3. Thank you Hazel for the information. Please leave her alone and out of politics. She is just doing her job as PR. Technical details come from engineers.

  4. Some one was stealing ballot paper, can’t put any past this id1ot Lungu and his pathetic Foools party of thevings and id1ots

  5. On point @1 and@2! This is believing in your flawed PR. So who is a fool now? There is a critical mass of silliness in these institutions now.

    Silence works sometimes!

  6. Ayatollah – vandalising a high voltage power grid cannot be done like chopping down a Mukula tree you would be killed on the spot the moment that pylon hits the ground, its either it was done gradually then structurally failed. All this is lies ….Zesco PR dept stated system failure.

  7. Presumably Zesco will be open-minded enough to show a picture of the pylons that were vandalised. This sort of thing has happened before and I want to sympathize with Zesco when such a thing happens.

  8. The public has lost confidence in a very expensive commodity in Lazy Lungu’s govt…its called TRUST. I wouldn’t be surprised if the nation is hit with a blackout late in the evening on 12th August so the rats can get to work on the ballot papers!!

  9. Desperation has now crept into the upnd camp. Their bloggers politician everything. We are getting fed up. Even voters who are not leaning towards PF are now irritated with such attacks.
    Can upnd tell us that if they were to take over power, Zambia would never experience a power blackout?
    This is pettiness of the worst kind!

  10. Just stop..we are not children…that was a test run…what ever you guys are planning remember everyone is watching. You will not turn Zambia into another Uganda…the time is up.

  11. Zesco should not be used by PF to deliberately disrupt the flow of power through out the country. There is no way a colapsed tower can take 2 weeks to repair. We know senior management have been getting bribes from contractors hence their evil desire to disrupt power supply system to aid PF rig elections as th entire country will be pluged in total darkness. Those who are being used to interfer with a credible electoral process being achieved will be individually held responsible. Urging our friends at Zesco to do riggt things because Zambia’s interest should come first. Let the Zambian voters decide through the ballot box leaders of their choice. Do the right thing. We know more about repair works so please desist from issuing misleading statements.

  12. @Tarino Orange, I think the correct work she should have used was sabotage not vandal. There’s a political party that has a specialist in the UK who was last time suspected to have been behind the blowing up several pylons. Why would a vandal remove bolts and nuts from a pylon?

  13. Don’t blame Zesco. Blame the thieving government of Edgar China Lungu, who has continuously stolen Zesco’s income for his own pocket – leaving Zesco without sufficient funds to maintain the network.

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