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President Lungu assures Zambians of adequate security tomorrow


President Edgar Lungu says adequate security has been put in place as the country goes for polls tomorrow August 12, 2021. President Lungu explains that the deploying of police officers and other defence wings is meant to curb lawlessness during the election period.

The Head of State has since assured the public that tomorrow’s voting will be conducted in a peaceful and conducive environment.

He stressed that there is a government in place even as people exercise their democratic right tomorrow adding that He will only hand over power after the election results are announced.

“ There is a government in place even as people exercise their democratic right tomorrow. I will only hand over power after the election results are announced,” he said.

President Lungu furthermore urged the contenders in tomorrow’s general elections to allow Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ ) to do its job professionally.

In his speech today during the last PF virtual rally held at Mulungushi international conference centre, President Lungu dwelt mainly on the need to uphold peace before, during and after the election results are announced.

He advised political parties taking part in tomorrow’s polls to emulate the PF for not resorting to violence after having lost the 2001, 2006, and 2008 elections.

“ The then PF leader late Michael State restrained members from engaging in political violence after losing the elections three times in a role, “ he said.

He counseled the victors of tomorrow’s polls not to habour anger or vengeance against the losers of the general elections.

Meanwhile President Lungu took a swipe at people who have been approaching him to accept defeat in tomorrow’s polls.

President Lungu wondered the motive of the people who have been asking him to accept defeat even before the votes are cast.

“ How the PF administration can lose the elections after having delivered development in parts of the country, “ he questioned.

Citing the energy sector his administration has invested massively in a bid to curb power blackouts in the country, President Lungu said the country now has enough energy to even export in the sub-region.

And speaking earlier at the same event, President Lungu’s running mate Professor Nkandu Luo has urged Zambians to vote for the PF party in tomorrow’s general elections.

Pro Luo implored women, men and youths to turnout in large numbers tomorrow and vote President Lungu for another term.

Meanwhile, -Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says 12, 152 police officers will be deployed across the country to police all the polling stations during the general elections on Thursday, August 12, 2021.

Mr. Kanganja said despite the inadequate number of police officers, the Zambia Police is ready to enforce the law in order to ensure peace prevails during Thursday’s general elections.

The Police Chief explained in a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today that all the 12, 152 polling stations will be manned by one police officer and other reinforcements.

Mr. Kanganja said that Zambia falls short of the international policing standard of one police officer to 250 people noting that the country has a ratio of one police officer policing 1,000 people.

He said this compelled the police service to seek reinforcements from other state security agencies such as the defence force, Zambia Correctional Service, Immigration and Zambia Wildlife Authority, who will maintain security within the 400 radius of the polling stations.

Mr. Kanganja explained that the presence of military personnel is not intended to intimidate the electorate and members of the general public but to maintain law and order, save life and property and uphold human rights.

“The police service and the defence force are working towards a common goal in this election, that of ensuring that people cast their vote in a peaceful environment without any intimidation from anyone and ensuring that communities are kept safe during and after the election,” he said.

He further said reinforcements will help the police to quell pockets of political violence being recorded across the country and ensure that heinous crimes committed by political cadres in the 2016 general elections are prevented.

He said the political violence has led to loss of lives and property hence the police will not let that to recur and disrupt the electoral process.

Mr. Kanganja has since urged political parties to comply when the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) closes campaigns on Wednesday at 18 hours.

He said police and the military have been directed to arrest anyone campaigning after the deadline as it is a breach of the electoral code of conduct.

The Police Chief reiterated that no political party regalia and loitering at polling stations within 400 metres will be allowed at polling stations and that no illegal public gatherings will be entertained.

He said police officers have been directed to be vigilant, alert and firm and use the provisions of the law to deal with law breakers during this election period.

Mr. Kanganja assured the general public of safety and urged the electorate not to fear and shun the polls but turn up in large numbers to vote.

The police chief warned people against alarming the nation by posting unverified statements and results on social media.

“I am warning individuals and groupings with such tendencies that they risk being arrested once found. Police will closely work with ZICTA to ensure that such individuals are caged,” said Mr. Kanganja.

He urged peace loving Zambians to work with the police and report all malpractices and violence, and make usage of the toll free lines of 9010 and 9011.


  1. But shortly thereafter Lungu has promised to destabilize the country by illegally arresting HH over privatization.

  2. Here some of us are already celebrating ECLs victory. We have over 100 bottles of champagne and have already started celebrating. The results are already known. HH has already started claiming rigging. Very childish under 4

  3. The verbatim is much detailed if you give us the full transcript all I can say as my last comment on the matter before results

    “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.”

  4. Why do Zambians need security? Until you came into power, we always had peaceful elections. Bwana, your people are the ones causing havoc. Tell them to behave and we should have no security issues.

  5. Bye…And that was the end of this segment. I hope you enjoyed your presidency…People don’t eat roads and bridges. You failed to do the simple things, putting food on the table of Zambian’s. Your advisers didn’t do a good job. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  6. He was contradicting himself, at one point he said he wondered the motives of people who was telling him to accept defeat which he doesn’t think he will lose, but at the same time he was urging potential losers to accept defeat. He sounded so confident of winning, indeed, the man is far away from reality.

  7. Hopefully Lungu will start by arresting Kaizar Zulu who’s always threatening to use volence on political opponents.

  8. Lets keep the peace before ,during and after the elections bcoz Zambia is bigger than all these political players who tend to use selfish politicking.

  9. As usual he was speaking PF virtual rally addressing the nation..this sums up one Edgar Chagwa Lungu he was never a Head of State but a PF Party President. People do you want to continue with 5 years of this mediocrity…a leader who never stands up when it matters!!

  10. HE CANT END HIS TENURE WITHOUT CONTRADICTING HIMSELF, ATI “He counseled the victors of tomorrow’s polls not to habour anger or vengeance against the losers of the general elections.” SO HE HAS FORGOTTEN THAT A FEW DAYS AGO HE WAS THE ONE ISSUING THR.EATS.
    THIS MAN, kwena zo ona….

  11. You can tell he has lost…President says something and nobody is commenting…that means he has become a nobody…he’s now a commoner…his speeches don’t matter anymore Bandit President Edward chagwa lungu

  12. Zambians vote this Adada out of office with his cadres and dull ministers…do you really want Bowman Lusambo, Chitotela, Dr Chilufya to come and finish stealing with impunity.
    I also want to take sabbatical from LT and its outdated platform …do me a favour and release me!!





  14. So 12,152 police officers are going to provide security for 7,126 polling stations over four days? Who has been doing the maths on this one? Let me guess: the incompetent corrupt PF government?

  15. I got my voters and NRC ready. I vote, PF wins, I head back to France.
    Thanks PF for putting up a spirited and special fight.
    When all is said and done.

  16. |…..He will only hand over power after the election results are announced….” I just wanted to point that out, we have voted and we are have flown again.

  17. Thanks for the assurance Mr President. No wonder we have a huge turnout at polling stations. That’s great leadership.

  18. Perhaps let me say a people we have taken many things God gave us for granted…a great climate, people of hugh potential thriving in neighboring countries and abroad…a country endowed with four great rivers, rich soils and immense wealth…we even took peace for granted…we needed what we have experienced so that anyone who takes the reigns of this great nation must know you do so on behalf of a people…by the end of today the Zambians will have spoken…

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