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President Lungu urges Zambians to Vote for PF for continued development


President Edgar Lungu has today toured various markets in four constituencies in Lusaka. The President’s tour attracted huge crowds of people was in Mandevu, Matero, Lusaka Central and Kabwata constituencies as people jostled to catch a glimpse of the Head of State.

Dr. Lungu, who was accompanied by Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe and Patriotic Front (PF) parliamentary candidates in respective constituencies, distributed face masks to marketeers.

President Lungu started his tour with Katambalala market and Mandevu Big market both in Mandevu constituency. Dr. Lungu then proceeded to Mwamba Luchembe market and Lilanda market in Lilanda township of Matero constituency.

The Head of State later toured Simon Mwewa Lane market in the central business district which falls under Lusaka Central constituency followed by Chilenje market in Kabwata constituency.

And speaking to journalists after touring Simon Mwewa Lane market, President Lungu said there is need to upgrade most of the markets in the city.

Dr. Lungu also assured marketeers that his government will embark on upgrading the markets once re-elected.

“Development is a process, it is not a one day event. Slowly we are getting there but if you compare where we are coming from and where we are now, you have all the more reason to vote for us tomorrow,” he said.

The President also said he was impressed with the quality work by the Zambia National Service (ZNS) and the Zambia Army who built the some new markets.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has urged marketeers to continue following the Covid-19 preventive health guidelines.

Dr. Lungu said even as people cast their votes tomorrow, they should not drop their guard down in the fight against the pandemic.

“Mule fwala ama mask, ubulwele bwa Covid ubu ubwishileko. Nami letelako na sanitizer pakweba ati mule suba (You should be wearing your face masks in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. I have also brought you hand sanitizer for you to be applying)” he said.

And speaking at Chilenje market, DMMU National Coordinator, Chanda Kabwe said his institution has distributed face masks to all polling stations countrywide.

“All the 12,000 polling stations have been supplied. In all the stations, personal protective equipment has been distributed,” Mr. Kabwe said.

Meanwhile, Vice-president Inonge Wina has urged the people of Bwana Mkubwa Constituency in Ndola to retain Hon Jonas Chanda as their Member of Parliament. And Mrs Wina has said the PF governemnt was prioritising to better the lives of marketeers because a lot of members of parliament were raised by marketeers.

This came to light when Her Honour the Vice-president went to tour the new Mushili Market in Mushili township of Bwana Mkubwa Constituency on her one-day working visit in Ndola today.
Mrs Wina was checking on government projects and meeting governance stakeholders in Ndola.

Speaking when she toured the site, Mrs Wina said Hon Jonas Chanda had performed behind expectation when he served as Bwana Mkubwa MP for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) which led to President Edgar Lungu appointing him Minister of Water and Sanitation and later Minister of Health.

She said having worked with Him Chanda when she served as Leader of Government Business in Parliament, she was confident that Hon Chanda was going to deliver to the expectation of the people of Bwana Mkubwa again.

“I worked with this young man when we were in Parliament. He is a very good debater and capable representative for the people this Constituency,” Mrs Wina assured.

Mrs Wina has also encouraged them to go out very early and in large numbers to vote for President Lungu, Hon Chanda and other PF adopted candidates.

She has warned them against voting for independent candidates because they have failed to represent them well as they fail to lobby for development and others ended up frustrating Government efforts to bring development to the people so as to paint the PF government as a failure.

“Don’t vote for independent candidates. These will fail to bring development for you because they don’t have a president to lobby from. They are like orphans,” Mrs Wina advised.
And Mrs Wina has commended marketeers for playing a critical role in the development of the nation by raising individuals who ended up becoming political leaders who served the country at various l levels of governance.

She said the PF government recognised that fact and that was why it was bent on improving their livelihoods.

Meanwhile, Hon Chanda has urged the people of Bwana Mkubwa to vote for President Edgar Lungu in large numbers so that unprecedented development like the Mushili Market and many others should continue.
He has also expressed optimism to scooping the Bwana Mkubwa seat again owing to the development which he had rolled out in the area under the leadership of President Lungu and the Patriotic Front.

“Go out and vote President Lungu and PF tomorrow and continue seeing such development in Bwana Mkubwa,” Hon Chanda assured.

Earlier, Her Honour the Vice President was led around the market where she interacted with the traders and marketeers and bought their merchandise much to their joy.


  1. So you have freely campaigned in all the markets today without hindrance while the opposition is stiffled and not allowed to step anywhere and you are even boasting. Shame on you!

  2. HH got $100 000 from Vedanta an Indian company that tricked Mwanawasa and bought KCM for a song. Vedanta cheated us on tax. ECL has grabbed KCM and given it to the Zambian. At a conference in India Vedanta lectured that one can start a company without money. He gave an example of how he tricked Mwanawasa to get KCM. ECL has explained that HH is demanding another $200 000 from Vedanta so that he can take back KCM. ZAMBIANS you have a vote to say no to this irresponsibility. It gives you an insight of a man, HH. Vote ECL for better Zambia today and tomorrow.

  3. Zambians the time has come let’s give PF100%, ECL100%, Zambia overdrive100%, Elite Zambians100%, Peace100%, Empowerment100%, More money in your pockets with hard work 100% and Prosperity100%

  4. That’s his last campaign, after tomo2he will be former with his stinking yellow teeth, next week orange jump suite

  5. The man has no shame…he talks about development as if his govt has even the money to pay loans from previous projects. He thinks its hard work to get a half billion loan from the Chinese to build an airport…really laughable…he has no answer on what he is going to do with huge national debt.

  6. The man has no shame…he talks about development as if his govt has even the money to pay loans from previous projects. He thinks its hard work to get a half billion loan from the Chin-ese to build an airport…really laughable…he has no answer on what he is going to do with huge national debt.

  7. Looks like Lusaka Times has sold its soul to the devil – only shameless PF stories and not a word on anyone of the opposition. That’s something we won’t forget when it shows that Edgar China Lungu has LOST – and then you will prove to be a TURNCOAT!

  8. @ Garlic STOP with all the lies. if any of that was TRUE, ECL would have bounced at the opportunity years ago to keep HH behind bars. The mere fact that these alleged allegation are coming out days before the election reeks of a dying horse. Give credit to Zambians they are very smarter and know what is TRUE and Know what is LIES.

    Zambians have had enough, nothing anyone says is going to convince them to CHANGE their minds. Mind have already been made up. Zambians want CHANGE .

  9. comment is awaiting moderation. The principle of journalism is to have Fairness and Impartiality. My comments do not poses any swear words so why are you not allowing my comments. This is the reason why Zambia needs CHANGE. WE need reputable fair minded Journalists “MEDIA”

    Her is the summary of President Lungu’s record of success.
    – Fire tenders.
    – Tall gate scandal.
    – 48 houses.
    – load shedding
    – Gassing.
    – Corrupt Ministers.
    – Mukula Tree.
    – Expired drug and condoms.
    -2016 Election rigging.
    -Interference with court process.
    – PF cadre violence.
    – Condoning the violence.
    – Killing of innocent citizen.
    – Not firing the S.G
    – Appointment of 2 losing parliamentary candidates as minister Luo & Magarete 2016.
    – Soweto Market burning.
    -Tribal Cabinet.
    -Rwanda rebel funding
    -Condoning Presidential advicer’s behaviour KZ
    -Presidential jet.
    -Ritual killings & Ruth Mbangu’s scandal cover up.
    – Mukobeko Prison death cover up.
    – Association with Findlay.
    – Gold scandal.
    – Money printing at BOZ.
    -Reckless Chinese borrowing…

    -Financial Intelligence report.
    – Media houses closures and threats.
    -Retirees treatment
    -Pension house purchase scandal.
    – COVID-19 funds scandal.
    – Load shedding
    – undemocratic PF convention.
    -ilegal filling of nomination.
    – Unfair registration of Voters process.
    -Suspension of students meal allowance.
    – High cost of living & essential commodities.
    – High exchange rate.
    – Building in gazettes forest no. 27
    – non payment of mine workers redundancy.
    – Sale of key assets Zesco, Mines
    -Dubious Road contracts.
    -Appointments of unqualified con. court judges
    -Default on loan repayments.
    – Ilegal third term bid.
    – Threats of arrest to key -workers Residential doctors.
    – blocking HH. and political opponents from freely campaigning.

  12. Good list Red Square! Not complete, but it’s a good try! Now let’s get rid of the guy responsible for all this!

  13. By the way, haven’t heard anything from the UK based troll and imposter KZ for some days, what you think, has he finally be silenced by his former boss? That would be the first sensible thing that Edgar China Lungu has done during his entire presidency!

  14. Those 48 houses must be returned back to Zambia. Prior to becoming president ECL did not own 48 houses. People must be held accountable for their corrupt dealings.

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